10 Best Healing Stones and Crystals for Calming Anger and Irritability

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to the best crystals for anger

Do you have trouble controlling your temper? These ten crystals have a calming effect on anger, so you can express yourself calmly and honestly.

Anger is an instinctive human emotion – and it’s not always a bad thing. If you express it in a healthy way, anger can bring positive change and help you set boundaries.

Unfortunately, as we all know, anger often isn’t handled constructively.

If your Throat Chakra is blocked, or there’s an imbalance in your Root Chakra, anger may cause negative or excessive reactions. It’s a “fast” emotion, so it can make you say things you’ll regret. Anger can also cause aggressive or violent behaviour, which are destructive to any relationship.

So, how can crystals help?

Healing crystals can soothe angry emotions and help you to communicate in a compassionate way. They can also reduce internal resentment, bring inner peace, and relieve suppressed feelings of frustration. Here are ten of my favourite stones for anger.

Which are the Best Stones for Anger?

Blue Lace Agate

1. Blue Lace Agate (Stone of Articulation)

Colour: Pale Blue
Morocco, Brazil, India, Czech Republic, USA

Blue lace agate is one of my favourite crystals for anger. It dissolves the urgent need to react, giving you time to choose a more appropriate response.

It’s a high vibrational crystal that aligns you with a higher state of consciousness. This means you can respond with grace, rather than aggression.

This Stone of Articulation can also neutralise angry words. If you often struggle to make your point in a kind manner, or feel rushed during an argument, blue lace agate is a wonderful crystal to use.


2. Aquamarine (Stone of Courage)

Colour: Pale Blue/Green
Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Russia, Mexico, India, Afghanistan, Mozambique

Aquamarine is one of the most powerful stones for stimulating and cleaning the Throat Chakra, the Chakra of Communication.

When this Energy Centre is unbalanced, it can be hard to control your temper. Harsh words and behaviours are often the result.

By surrounding you in a calming energy, aquamarine unblocks the Throat Chakra and releases anger. As a result, you become less judgemental and more tolerant.

With renewed sensitivity and compassion towards others, aquamarine promotes peaceful communication.

Rose Quartz

3. Rose Quartz (Stone of Unconditional Love)

Colour: Pink
USA, Japan, India, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico

Rose quartz has a wonderful ability to encourage self-love.

Negative self-talk can make us feel unworthy. This leads to self-sabotaging behaviours that can impact your relationships and outlook on life.

By seeing the beauty in yourself, you’ll be able to forgive yourself and others. This releases anger and resentment that you’ve stored over years.

Rose quartz also radiates compassion. Use this healing crystal to bring unconditional love to relationships and relieve stress-induced arguments.

Tip for Using Rose Quartz: If you feel angry when going to sleep, place rose quartz beside your bed or under your pillow. This relieves tension and angry thoughts whilst you sleep.

Blue Kyanite

4. Blue Kyanite (High Vibration Stone)

Colour: Blue Streaked with White
Throat, Third Eye
USA, Italy, Brazil, India, Austria

Blue kyanite is another of my favourite crystals for anger. It resonates beautifully with mental awareness and logical thought, which allows arguments to be resolved diplomatically.

Being a stone for the Throat Chakra and Third Eye, it gives clarity when in an argument. This defuses anger and frustration, whilst enabling you to remain on topic. As a result, you’ll be able to give a more considered response.

If you want to speak your truth in a thoughtful and non-confrontational way, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect crystal than blue kyanite.

Note: Blue kyanite doesn’t hold negativity so will not need to be cleaned.

Tip for Using Blue Kyanite: Carry a stick of blue kyanite in your pocket to bring mental awareness and honesty throughout the day.

Lapis Lazuli

5. Lapis Lazuli (Stone of Friendship, Truth and Total Awareness)

Colour: Deep Blue
Afghanistan, Russia, USA, Chile, Egypt, Middle East

Lapis lazuli, a Stone of Awareness, helps you to remain calm during anger-inducing conversations.

Pent up anger and frustration can result in losing your temper. It’s a bit like a ‘pressure cooker’ effect. When the next disagreement happens, this buildup makes it impossible to contain the anger any longer – and so you shout.

This doesn’t help the situation or allow your true feelings to be expressed. By activating the Throat Chakra and Third Eye, lapis lazuli can release this anger.


6. Peridot (Study Stone)

Colour: Green
Heart, Solar Plexus
Brazil, USA, Egypt, Russia, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Canary Islands, Afghanistan

Peridot is a must-have crystal for anger management. Known as the ‘poor man’s emerald,’ there’s nothing inferior about this stunning crystal.

When you’re feeling jealous or angry, it’s hard to respect the good in others.

Peridot’s light energy encourages you to be happy with the life you’ve been given. This makes it easier to let go of jealousy, so you can live with inner love and confidence.

Peridot is also good for shielding your heart from hurtful comments made by other people.


7. Chrysocolla (The Goddess Stone)

Colour: Green, Blue
Sacral, Heart, Throat
USA, Peru, UK, Mexico, Russia, Chile

Knowing how to listen is often more important than what you say – and this is where chrysocolla’s energy excels.

It helps you to know when it’s the right time to speak. But, more importantly, it teaches you when listening is the best course of action.

Chrysocolla also stimulates compassionate understanding of the other person’s viewpoint. This allows you to communicate from a heart level, rather than from your head.

Smoky quartz untumbled

8. Smokey Quartz (Stone of Cooperation)

Colour: Light to Dark Smokey Grey/Brown
Root, Crown

Smokey quartz is an excellent stone for anger, as it dissolves emotional blockages in the Root Chakra. This helps you to let go of feelings of mistrust, resentment and other negative emotions that hold you back from ‘seeing’ the truth.

Negativity and anger can weigh heavily on the aura. So, use smokey quartz’ high vibrational energy to ground this to Earth, together with any excess energy held within the body.

Also, during times of grief, you may experience anger, guilt and despondency. Allow smokey quartz to wrap its healing energies around you to act as a buffer.


9. Rhodonite (Stone of Self Love and Unconditional Love)

Colour: Pink, Red
Heart, Root
Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Brazil

We all find it hard to remain compassionate towards people who we feel are overstepping boundaries or being rude. Feelings of anger make it almost impossible to solve a situation, however, as both parties feel defensive and misunderstood.

Rhodonite reveals why the other person might be behaving this way. Even if you don’t agree with their reasons, it always helps to understand the other side of an argument

We all make mistakes, so don’t hang onto this negative energy. Instead, learn from the experience and offer yourself, as well as others, forgiveness through this healing crystal.


10. Amethyst (Stone of Spirituality, Contentment and Meditation)

Colour: Purple to Lavender
Crown, Third Eye
USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Britain, Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia, Africa

Amethyst is a brilliant crystal for anger, particularly if your emotions are unstable. It’s a high vibrational gemstone with an outer-worldly energy that relays a calming influence.

Through stabilising your emotions and clearing away unkind vibrations, you’ll regain composure, which will help to stem any aggressive or violent tendencies.

Use amethyst for fair decision-making and for controlling your temper.

Tip for Using Amethyst: Amethyst is wonderful for helping you to relax. Wear it in jewellery, such as a necklace, to have it with you throughout the day.

BONUS CRYSTAL – Turquoise Howlite (Stone of Communication)

How could I discuss crystals for anger without including this stone?

Howlite teaches patience and calms uncontrolled anger, which is why it’s one of my favourite crystals for patience. It dissolves self-hatred and hate you may feel towards others.

It’s naturally white, but is also beautiful when dyed a turquoise colour. This colour aligns with the energy of communication, whether spoken or written, and is often mistaken for genuine turquoise.

Turquoise howlite is a phenomenal crystal for times when anger and disagreements need to settle.

Turqoise howlite

Other Tips for Using Crystals for Anger

Crystal healing is wonderful way to soothe anger. These stones and crystals provide calming support when you’re feeling angry, stressed, or frustrated.

Here are a few ways that you can use anger crystals:

  • Elixirs are a good way to absorb the healing energy of crystals. By sipping this throughout the day, or an hour before a difficult meeting, you’ll feel calmer and in a better frame of mind. Please note that not all crystals are suitable to be used in elixirs.
  • Jewellery keeps the energy of a crystal within your auric field. Aquamarine and lapis lazuli are lovely in necklaces and earrings, as they balance the Throat Chakra. You could also wear peridot and rose quartz in jewellery around the Heart Chakra.
  • Meditation is a wonderful way to calm anger. Place a blue crystal on your Throat Chakra during your meditation. Or lay a grid around you using some of the stones for anger in this article.
  • Place crystals around your home or office, particularly in argumentative environments. These can soothe negative emotions and help to release anger in a more constructive way.
Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated with Anger?

The angels I like to invoke when feeling symptoms of anger are:

  • Archangel Melchisadec (Melchizedek) – This angel is wonderful for helping with extreme emotions such as anger, rage and frustration. He is the Priest of the Violet Flame and invoking Him can transmute anger. Use amethyst with this angel.
  • Angel Phalag – This is the Angel of Anger Management and is known as the Olympian of Mars.
  • Archangel Raphael – This is the Angel of Healing. He releases negativity and emotional hurt from the past. Archangel Raphael resonates with the energies of emerald and malachite.
  • Archangel Uriel – This angel is called ‘The Fire of God.’ He grounds your energy through the Root Chakra. I use amber, red jasper or hematite when invoking Him. Archangel Uriel brings a lovely sense of lightness and joy that neutralises the heaviness of anger.


Anger is an emotion that requires you to take action. Whether that involves speaking your truth or setting new boundaries, it needs to be done constructively.

This is where healing crystals can help. By clearing blockages and rebalancing the Throat Chakra and Root Chakra, you’ll gain distance from emotive situations. You can then communicate effectively and with understanding.

Please note that severe or prolonged anger issues should be addressed by the medical profession.

My favourite crystal for anger is blue lace agate. It has a warm, nurturing element that fills me with self-confidence. This helps me to step back from an argument so I can form my response more effectively.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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