9 Best Healing Crystals for the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to the best crystals for aquarius

Do you want to enhance your Aquarius qualities? Or are negative traits, such as shyness or being prone to stress, interfering with your life? These nine crystals for Aquarius may help.

If you were born between January 20th to February 18th, you fall into the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This air sign, with a water bearer symbol, is ruled by two planets, Saturn and Uranus.

People born under the Aquarius sun sign value justice and human welfare. With the ability to foresee the future, you make choices that improve both your own life and the lives of those around you.

Like all zodiac signs, Aquarians also face challenges. Known for being deep thinkers, with a love of helping others, they can be prone to stress. Independent and at times unpredictable, Aquarians can also sometimes appear blunt or insensitive.

Crystal healing is a wonderful way to re-balance your Aquarius traits. Aquarius stones can enhance your positive qualities and dampen unwanted characteristics. Here are my nine favourite crystals for Aquarius.

Which are the Best Crystals, Stones and Gemstones for Aquarius?


1. Aquamarine (Stone of Courage)

Colour: Pale Blue/Green
Throat Chakra
Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Russia, Mexico, India, Afghanistan, Mozambique

Aquamarine is a beautiful birthstone and ascendant stone for Aquarius. It’s also my favourite Aquarius stone.

With its calming energies, aquamarine balances and stimulates the Throat Chakra. It also forms a bridge to the Heart Centre. This connection helps to relieve stress, something people born in Aquarius are prone to.

It’s also easy to feel frustrated or angry when overwhelmed by responsibility. Aside from being an unpleasant feeling, frustration makes it impossible to follow your natural desire to help others.

Aquamarine’s cool colours quieten the mind, so you’ll gain mental clarity and peace. This will help clear negative thoughts and soothe feelings of frustration.

Tip for Using Aquamarine: Aquamarine stones are wonderful for calming down in stressful situations. Rub a smooth palm stone with your thumb to reduce stress.


2. Moonstone (Stone of New Beginnings)

Colour: White, Cream, Yellow Milky Sheen
Crown Chakra
Sri Lanka, India, Australia

Moonstone is another of my favourite crystals for the sun sign of Aquarius. With its connection to the lunar cycle and everything feminine, it teaches how to flow with life’s ever-changing rhythms.

This is important for Aquarius, as their desire for the world to be a certain way can sometimes cause problems. By stabilising the emotions, moonstone shows that, like the moon waxes and wanes, we too need to respect life’s cycles.

With renewed confidence you’ll be able to ‘go with the flow.’ Your heart will open to compassion as you become emotionally settled.


3. Magnetite (Stone of Stability)

Colour: Brown, Grey, Black
India, Canada, USA, Mexico, Finland, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Germany

Magnetite is a fascinating mineral that aligns to Aquarius. As the name suggests, it’s naturally magnetic, so it can attract and repel energies. It works through the meridians of the body, aligning the Chakras and inducing emotional stability.

Due to its magnetism, this mineral is excellent for balancing opposite characteristics (polarities.) For example, it can energise while inducing relaxation, or balance both sides of the brain. It also grounds excess energies so you can remain calm and effective.

Note: Highly magnetic magnetite is also known as Lodestone.

Tip for Using Magnetite: Magnetite is a powerful stone for manifestation, so use it to attract what you want in life.


4. Celestite

Colour: Blue
Crown, Throat
UK, Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Madagascar, Poland, USA

Celestite is a beautiful Aquarius birthstone, as well as a crystal for Moon in Aquarius. This heavenly vibration connects you with the angelic realms and encourages spiritual development.

This is particularly helpful for Aquarians, as spiritual development can be challenging with Saturn and Uranus as the ruling planets. Saturn pulls towards conforming and a more rigid outlook, whereas Uranus is about being eccentric or chaotic.

Celestite helps master these two powers. With its soothing energy, Saturn will relax its stringent hold, while Uranus will calm its disorderly nature. This softer influence will allow you to remain flexible and balanced.

Note: Do not put celestite in direct sunlight as it will fade.


5. Clear Quartz (The Master Healer)

Colour: Clear

Clear quartz is a stone for your Moon in Aquarius. It’s an energy amplifier and inspires clear focus and thought.

Known as the Master Healer, this powerful stone regulates energy by balancing the Chakras. This eases any fears of change while boosting self-belief. You’ll gain greater insight into how to help others and reach your true potential.

As a stone for abundance, clear quartz also magnifies your intention to help mankind. It’ll bring new opportunities, propelling you forward to greater success.

Tip for Using Clear Quartz: This powerful crystal is easy to program and will magnify the healing properties of other gemstones.


6. Amethyst (Stone of Spirituality, Peace & Meditation)

Colour: Purple to Lavender
Crown, Third Eye
USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Britain, Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia, Africa

Amethyst is a birthstone for February, as well as the Zodiac sign for Aquarius. It’s a high vibrational crystal that stimulates memory formation. As a Stone of Peace and Transformation it also promotes inner reflection, making it a wonderful crystal to use when meditating.

Due to Uranus, people born in Aquarius can sometimes feel nervous. They may even come across as abrupt or stubborn at times, particularly when making plans for the future. Amethyst’s frequency will help you to analyse your decisions and behaviours, so that you’re more open and relaxed.

As one of the most spiritual stones, amethyst’s calming effect will allow you to regain inner comfort. It promotes emotional balance and helps you to keep focused and motivated when taking on new challenges.

Black Onyx

7. Black Onyx (Stone of Inner Strength)

Colour: Black
USA, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Italy, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Germany

Black onyx aligns with the Aquarius nature and energy.

As a stone for the Root Chakra, black onyx’s protective and grounding properties calm excess energy. This will help to reduce stress and anxiety caused through over-work or self-doubts.

Besides being a natural protector of emotional pressure, this crystal will help you to release past trauma held in the aura. By supporting you as you release the emotional pain, you can then learn from the experience.

Tip for Using Black Onyx: Place black onyx in your work space to help bring structure to thoughts. This will ease stress as you complete difficult tasks, leading you to make wise decisions.


8. Sodalite (Harmonising Stone)

Colour: Blue with White Flecks
Throat, Third Eye
Greenland, Brazil, Romania, France, Canada, India, Namibia

Sodalite is an amazing crystal for hard working Aquarians. Time-keeping and managing a busy schedule can be challenging at times, but sodalite keeps you focused and on target.

With its mind-centred energy, sodalite stimulates creative ideas and clears mental confusion. This will enable you to concentrate and improve your memory.

As well as boosting organisational skills, sodalite will also promote friendship. When feeling self-conscious, it’ll support you to get involved with like-minded people.


9. Cavansite

Colour: Blue, Green
Throat, Third Eye, Crown
India, Brazil, New Zealand, USA

Cavansite is a revitalising gemstone for Aquarius. With rosettes of colour that sit on crystals such as apophyllite and stilbite, it makes a stunning display.

This is an excellent stone for enhancing your psychic abilities. Born from calcium, vanadium, and silicate, it powers your three highest Chakra. This will help you to understand the wisdom of higher realms.

Through increasing your intuition and internal sight, you’ll also see the bigger picture. This will encourage you to look further into your subconscious, leading to discoveries that could improve your life and those around you.

Tip for Using Cavansite: Place cavansite under your pillow to bring clarity of meaning to dreams.

BONUS CRYSTAL: Garnet (Stone of Health and Commitment)

Garnet is a gemstone for January as well as a birthstone for Aquarius. It has a light optimistic sparkle that awakens your life force (chi).

As a Stone of Commitment and Loyalty, it inspires devotion in relationships. If you’re feeling insecure about a love relationship, garnet will help to bring balance and peace of mind. Before long, you’ll gain renewed passion and confidence in the relationship.

Aquarius symbol

Other Crystal Healing Tips for Using an Aquarius Stone

Healing crystals are a fabulous way to deepen Aquarius qualities and reduce their less desirable traits.

Here are some of the ways you can use an Aquarius stone:

  • Crystals aligned to Aquarius will deepen your meditation practice. I like to place a crystal grid around me before I start. You can also hold a crystal in your hand or place it on the corresponding Chakra. Amethyst and celestite are particularly lovely for this, but you can use any that resonate with your intention.
  • Place crystals on your desk to improve concentration and stimulate new ideas. Aquamarine, amethyst, cavansite or sodalite are great for this.
  • Elixirs are a wonderful way to take the energy of the crystal directly into your body. You can sip elixirs throughout the day for a quick boost. Please be aware that not all crystals are suitable for elixirs.
  • Wear crystals for Aquarius in jewellery. This will keep you in close contact with the crystal’s energy throughout the day.
  • Healing stones around your home are wonderful focus points and give their healing vibrations to everyone who lives there. Place amethyst or celestite in your bedroom. Amber, which is another stone for Aquarius, is lovely in your lounge.
  • Crystal singing bowls tuned to the frequency of A# (Third Eye) resonate beautifully with Aquarius.

For more information about crystal healing, take a look at my list of crystal guides. I’ve also written other zodiac star sign crystal guides, such as crystals for Pisces and Aries crystals.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated With Aquarius?

I like to invoke these Angels for Aquarius:

  • Archangel Cambiel – This is the Ruling Angel for Aquarius. He supports your humanitarian efforts and unique perspective of the world. Use blue or purple stones such as amethyst, aquamarine or sodalite when you invoke Him to promote your ambition.
  • Archangel Cassiel – As the Guardian Angel of the planet Saturn, Cassiel brings harmony between extremes. Call on Him when you are balancing the pulls between Saturn and Uranus energies. Black/white agate, rutilated quartz and snowflake obsidian all align with His energy.
  • Archangel Ariel – Ariel is the Archangel of Air, Aquarius’ element. Invoke him when feeling hampered by indecision or uncertainty. I like to use pale pink crystals, such as rose quartz, when invoking Ariel.

Summary and My Favourite Aquarius Gemstone

As an Aquarius, the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Ruling Planets all have an influence on your qualities and traits. Different crystals resonate with each of these influences.

By using the right Aquarius crystals, you can strengthen the wonderful aspects of this zodiac sign and reduce undesirable ones.

My favourite crystal for Aquarius is aquamarine. It’s soft, cool colours help to streamline my feelings and thoughts when I become stressed. By making sense of my inner turmoil, I can express my thoughts compassionately to others.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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