9 Crystals for Empaths: Stones That Shield Against Negativity

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to crystals for empaths

Do you feel the pain or emotions of others, as well as your own? Whether you attract energy vampires or find social situations exhausting, these nine crystals can help.

Empaths, being highly sensitive and intuitive, absorb both positive energy and negative energy from other people and their surroundings.

This can be a blessing and a curse. Empaths naturally want to love and care for people, but they can become drained emotionally as a result.

Crystals, with their unique vibrations, healing properties, and characteristics, can help with this. The best crystals for empaths protect your energy field, shield you from negative emotions and keep you grounded.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by other people’s emotions, or find crowds and noisy situations uncomfortable, these nine crystals for empaths will help.

Which are the Best Stones for Protecting Empaths?

Black Tourmaline

1. Black Tourmaline

Colour: Black
Chakra: Root
Origin: Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Black tourmaline is probably the most powerful, all-round protector against negative energy. It’s also one of the best stones for soothing anxiety, along with crystals such as citrine (which links with the Solar Plexus chakra) and kyanite.

This gemstone’s metaphysical power is likened to an electrical force around your aura. This stops lower vibe energy and psychic debris from attaching to you and transmutes it into positive energy. So, this is a great crystal for empathic healers.

If you’re attracting negative people, feel ungrounded or need a boost in positivity, black tourmaline, with its altruistic ability to heal on all levels – physical, mental, emotionally and spiritually – will help you.

Tip for Using Black Tourmaline: Keep a piece of black tourmaline in your pocket when at work or in a social situation. This ensures the gemstone’s protective energy is near your body at all times.

Hematite stone

2. Hematite (Stone for the Mind)

Colour: Silver, Black, Red with Metallic Sheen
Chakra: Root Chakra
Origin: Italy, Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil

Hematite, once polished, takes on a black mirror-like appearance. It acts as a reflective shield that deflects unwanted energies and vibrations.

As it’s rich in earth energy, hematite is one of the strongest stones for grounding. This helps empaths from becoming overwhelmed emotionally.

If you feel a black cloud is hanging over you, need to remain centred or want to avoid draining people, hematite is one of my favourite protective stones. It’s also one of the best crystals for empaths if you want promote clarity of thought.

Tip for Using Hematite: Wear hematite jewellery as a necklace, pendant or bracelet to gain the most from its protective energy and healing effects.


3. Malachite (Stone of Transformation)

Colour: Green
Chakra: Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra
Origin: Romania, Zambia, Russia, Germany, Middle East

Malachite, with its rich green energy, not only has the power to clear and release any stagnant energy, but allows you to be yourself.

As an empath, you take on the emotional pain of others as if it’s your own. This unbalances the Heart Chakra, which is one of the reasons empaths often feel overwhelmed. Malachite can restore this balance and strengthen your sense of compassion.

A quick word of warning though – this is a powerful empath crystal and can be toxic in its raw form. Even so, malachite is great for enhancing intuition and is an excellent crystal after a long day with people.

Note: Malachite needs to be regularly cleansed. You can use a selenite plate or moonlight for this, but avoid water or salt when cleansing malachite. Make sure you set an intention to remove negative energy before starting the cleansing process.

Tip for Using Malachite: Carry a malachite tumble stone in your pocket when at work or around people. You’ll benefit from its healing properties throughout the day.


4. Amethyst (Stone of Spirituality and Contentment, Stone of Meditation)

Colour: Purple to Lavender
Chakra: Crown Chakra and Third Eye
Origin: USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Britain, Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia, Africa

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones and has a high vibration that protects your energy field. It’s great for aura purification, so you can harmonise outside influences effectively and remain calm.

As an empath, you need to trust your intuition. This Stone of Spirituality will boost your psychic ability and sharpen your empathic intuition by opening the Third Eye Chakra.

Many empaths also work with amethyst when meditating to gain higher states of consciousness.

Tip for Using Amethyst: Keep an amethyst cluster in your office or home to block negative energy. You can also place it in the bedroom to benefit from its protective healing properties while sleeping.

Lapis Lazuli

5. Lapis Lazuli (Stone of Friendship and Truth, Stone of Total Awareness)

Colour: Deep Blue
Chakra: Throat
Origin: Afghanistan, Russia, USA, Chile, Egypt, Middle East

Lapis Lazuli can help you trust your intuition about other people. This is vital for empaths, as you’ll naturally attract people who need help. The crystal also teaches you how to respond to this information appropriately.

With its innate ability to protect, repair and strengthen your auric field, lapis lazuli can also provide a full auric maintenance programme.

If you’re looking for a stone that can offer complete protection whilst allowing you to speak your spiritual truths, look no further than lapis lazuli.

Tip for Using Lapis Lazuli: Wear lapis lazuli in jewellery around the Throat Chakra.


6. Fluorite

Colour: Rainbow of Colours
Chakra: Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye
Origin: Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Norway, USA, Britain, China, Peru

Fluorite’s beautiful array of colours reflects its ability to balance several chakras. This heightens your psychic and intuitive abilities, while neutralising harmful or negative energies.

In its natural form, fluorite is an octahedron. This structure makes it perfect for grounding an empath’s energy, which helps you to keep healthy boundaries and overcome dramas.

Tip for Using Fluorite: Place fluorite in your home to absorb and neutralise negative energy.

Black obsidian

7. Black Obsidian

Colour: Black
Chakra: Root
Origin: Worldwide

Formed from volcanic eruptions, black obsidian has a fiery protective energy that is helpful to empaths. It keeps unwanted negative energies at bay, and provides a barrier from outside influences and emotionally needy people.

Aside from being one of the most powerful protective crystals, black obsidian helps see the truth in a situation without the need to take sides. Whether you’re battling your own shadow aspects and imbalances, or are affected by those of other people, black obsidian brings them to the surface so they can be released.

If you’re feeling heavy from negative energy, are experiencing shock or trauma, or sense someone is negatively talking about you, the potent grounding energy of black obsidian will help.

Black obsidian is also a protection stone that’s associated with manifestation and abundance, making it a versatile crystal for your collection.

Tip for Using Black Obsidian: Wear black obsidian in jewellery, or carry it in your pocket, when you’re going to an energy-depleting social situation.


8. Lepidolite (Stone of Transition, Stone of Peace)

Colour: Purple, Pink
Chakra: Third Eye, Throat, Crown and Heart
Origin: Czech Republic, Brazil, USA, Dominican Republic, Madagascar

Some of the most overwhelming emotions that empaths absorb from others are stress, fear, and anxiety. Lepidolite, with its lithium content, can help reduce these and bring a calming influence.

Lepidolite acts like filter paper for toxic energies. It can filter outside influences so that you become less affected by other people’s dramas and general negativity. This can be really helpful if you’re an empathetic healer or work in the caring industry.

This stone is also wonderful for supporting emotional imbalances. You’re only too aware of how other people’s emotions can affect you, but are you aware of the state of your own? Lepidolite will restore any emotional imbalance you may be experiencing and promote positive energy.

Tip for Using Lepidolite: If sensing the stress of other people’s energy, place lepidolite under your pillow for relief whilst sleeping (you can also try crystals for sleep). For additional stress relief, consider stones such as rose quartz or blue lace agate.

Smoky quartz untumbled

9. Smokey Quartz (Stone of Cooperation)

Colour: Light to Dark Smokey Grey/Brown
Chakra: Root
Origin: Worldwide

For highly sensitive people who often absorb negative energies, smokey quartz is one of the best empath crystals. It transmutes unlimited amounts of negative energy.

It’s also one of the most efficient grounding stones for empaths, as it connects the Root Chakra and earth. This encourages you to let go of feelings, thoughts and emotions that aren’t serving your best interest.

Tip for Using Smokey Quartz: Place smokey quartz around your home to dispel negative energy and bring harmony to a space. This also ensures everyone in the household can benefit from its healing powers.

Crystals in a bowl

Other Tips for Using Crystals for Empaths

Empaths are naturally attuned to subtle changes in energy and negative emotions. This makes using the right crystals in the right way particularly important.

Here are a few ways you can get the most from your gemstones:

  • Wearing protective stones for empaths in jewellery can make social situations or other stressful environments more bearable. Healing crystals in jewellery can also clear blockages from the seven chakras of the human body, which provides a range of benefits.
  • Use crystals to enhance your visualisation skills and renew your own energy. Imagine roots growing out from your feet, going down into the earth below, as you hold a grounding crystal. You can also imagine scissors cutting emotional ties with people.
  • Meditate with crystals to deepen your practice and induce a sense of serenity. This will help you attune to your higher self and develop better intuition.
  • Place a selection of crystals around your yoga mat to aid healing and growth during your practice. Crystals can also bring positive energy to your yoga sessions.
  • Place grounding crystals near your head as you sleep (you can also use a crystal grid). Crystals can also help to improve your sleep quality, with some of the best options being amethyst, selenite, and angelite.
  • If you’re looking for a versatile crystal, then consider clear quartz (known as the Master Healer). It can be programmed for any intention, including personal growth and shielding against unwanted energy.

Besides using protective stones and crystals, empaths may find that time management can be helpful. By setting limits to the amount of time you spend with draining people, the more time you’ll have to create a fulfilling life that’s full of joy. Learning the art of saying a gentle “no” to people with negative vibes can also be important.

There are also many alternative therapies that can help empaths with stress. For example, reiki is a positive energy technique that can relieve stress and promote healing.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated With Empaths?

Angels are wonderful to invoke when empaths are struggling with overwhelming feelings and negative energy.

These are the ones I most associate with empaths:

  • Archangel Gabriel – for the healing ray of silver for developing your intuition.
  • Angel Phuel – for balancing your emotions when overwhelmed with people’s problems.
  • Archangel Muriel – Patron Angel of Empaths


Empathy is a wonderful trait. But as an empath, you often take on the emotional pain of others as if it’s your own. This means it’s vital to protect yourself from negative energy.

These nine healing crystals are amongst the best for empaths. They are protective stones that keep you grounded and less affected by negative emotions, whilst ensuring you stay connected intuitively.

My favourite crystal for empaths is malachite. Its heart-felt energy is a perfect pick-me-up when emotionally deflated by other people’s problems.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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