Spirit Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties & Metaphysical Attributes

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to spirit quartz

Spirit quartz is a powerful healing crystal that comes in four distinct colours. It’s associated with the Crown Chakra and spirituality, and has a range of healing properties. Keep reading to learn more about this stone.

Spirit quartz is a high vibration crystal with many small points that reflect energy in all directions. It forms in four natural colours – amethyst, citrine, smokey, and white – each with unique attributes depending on the related Chakra.

All types of spirit quartz are linked to Universal Love, which is an expression of harmony with the universe. This spiritual crystal also resonates with the Crown Chakra and supports psychic development.

In this article, I’ll teach you about spirit quartz’s healing properties and related Chakras. You’ll also learn how to care for this crystal and some tips for using it in your crystal healing practice.

Basic Spirit Quartz Meaning, History and Formation

ColorLilac, White, Electric Blue, Yellow, Grey
ChakrasCrown, Higher Crown, Third Eye, Solar Plexus
OriginSouth Africa
Zodiac SignsVirgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Hardness7 (Hard)
ElementAir (Storm)
Chemical FormulaSilicon Dioxide (SiO2)

Spirit quartz is a rare crystal found in South Africa’s Magaliesberg mountain range. It develops in four colours that are mined from hundreds of small pits, up to 30 meters in depth.

Formed in a candle shape, a spirit quartz crystal is surrounded by many quartz-terminated points (also called druzy crystals.) The central crystal contains wisdom, while the smaller crystals magnify this healing effect by radiating a powerful vibration in all directions. The more tiny crystals there are, the greater the energy generated.

Note: Due to its unusual appearance, this healing gemstone is also known as cactus quartz, pineapple quartz, porcupine quartz, barnacle amethyst, or fairy quartz. 

Overview of Spirit Quartz Colours

An overview of spirit quartz crystal colours

Spirit quartz comes in four distinct colours. All provide the healing properties of quartz, but with different enhancements depending on the crystal’s colour and vibration. 

Here’s an overview of the four colours of spirit quartz. It’s important to note that the names “amethyst spirit quartz” and “citrine spirit quartz” only refer to the colour of the crystal – the crystal doesn’t actually contain amethyst or citrine.

Note: Spirit quartz variations that have been artificially enhanced, such as angel aura and flame aura spirit quartz, are not included in this article. 

Amethyst Spirit Quartz

Amethyst spirit quartz has a purple colour and is the most popular variety of spirit quartz. It opens the Crown Chakra and Higher Crown Chakra, making it the perfect crystal for working with spirit guides.

This crystal can dissolve self-imposed limitations and boost confidence. It’s also a powerful stone for both spiritual protection and protection against electromagnetic fields (EMF’s.)

Citrine Spirit Quartz 

Although this variety of spirit quartz doesn’t actually contain citrine, the lovely yellow hue mirrors many of its properties.

Citrine spirit quartz resonates with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra, aligning your will with Divine Will. This encourages self-empowerment and enables you to fulfil your deepest purpose. 

Like citrine, this variety of spirit quartz has a strong manifesting energy. It’s also a marvelous stone for raising self-esteem and enhancing creativity.

Smokey Spirit Quartz

As a grounding crystal, smokey spirit quartz resonates with the Root Chakra. It also aligns the Root Chakra with the Third Eye. This offers a protective and grounding energy, while stimulating higher awareness.

As well as offering protection, smokey spirit quartz dispels negativity. So, if you’re feeling stressed, it’ll ease your worries and bring clarity to the situation. It’ll also help release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

White Spirit Quartz 

White spirit quartz is the most powerful colour of spirit quartz. This strength allows it to connect all the Chakras, open a bridge to Higher Consciousness, and even attune the auric field in preparation for the Ascension Process.

Along with supporting personal evolution, it cleanses and rebalances the energy system to aid your development. White spirit quartz also has a peaceful and calming influence, making it useful when you’re suffering with anxiety. 

The Healing Properties of Spirit Quartz

The healing properties of spirit quartz

Many of spirit quartz’ metaphysical properties are related to spiritual growth and development. This is due to the stone’s high frequency of vibration, strong link to the Crown Chakra, connection with the spirit realm, and resonance with Universal Love.

These attributes make spirit quartz a brilliant stone for astral travel, dreamwork, and shamanic rituals.

Spirit quartz also has a compassionate energy that can eliminate negativity. This means it’s suitable for a wide range of intentions, from building confidence to soothing grief. Here are four of my favourite uses for spirit quartz.

Spiritual Development 

Spirit quartz is a stone that’s brilliant for spiritual growth. This is because it opens the Crown Chakra and Higher Crown Chakra, giving you access to Universal Consciousness. It also increases inner awareness, which is vital for feeling at one with the universe.

As well as helping you receive communication from guides and Angels, spirit quartz improves your psychic abilities. Skills such as Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) are enhanced when the crystal is near you. 

Additionally, this stone helps to unlock past life memories and gives access to the Akashic records. By linking you to a past that may need healing on an etheric level, spirit quartz encourages self-forgiveness, spiritual evolution, and brings clarity to your soul purpose.


One of my favourite ways to use the healing energy of spirit quartz is as part of my meditation practice. By magnifying the body’s natural energies, it’ll raise your vibration when meditating and develop access to your inner self. This helps you to reach Higher Consciousness and connect with those who guide you.

While all colours of spirit quartz are wonderful crystals for meditation, smokey quartz provides the added benefit of grounding you to earth. This is vital when using meditation for setting intentions and connecting with your energy field. I also find that smokey quartz helps with focus and intuition when meditating.


Negative energy and karmic debris can build up in our auric field over time. Spirit quartz has a strong cleansing effect, so it can remove this negativity and even soothe painful emotional memories.

The crystal’s cleansing effect is why many people feel refreshed when they spend time near spirit quartz. A cleansed aura also helps you to maintain mindfulness and a positive outlook.

With its cleansing effect and energy amplification, spirit quartz is also a great crystal to use for cleansing other crystals.

Confidence & Courage

Spirit quartz can dissolve self-imposed limits, which boosts your confidence and allows you to achieve your full potential. It can also help you to let go of past events that are holding you back.

Along with boosting your all-round confidence, spirit quartz is particularly effective at reducing feelings of loneliness or shyness. This is because it harmonises the Chakras and Meridians, helping you to gain emotional balance and feel more confident in social situations.

Tip: One of the great things about spirit quartz is that it’s a cluster crystal, so it radiates energy in all directions. This means you can use it to boost the cooperation and courage of everyone in a room, particularly in environments that are often negative.

Which Chakras Are Associated With Spirit Quartz?

Chakras related to spirit quartz

Spirit quartz can cleanse and energise the Chakras it’s linked with, which can provide a range of benefits.

All forms of spirit quartz are strongly associated with the Crown Chakra. Each colour is then linked to one or more other Chakras, which is why it’s important to know your intention before choosing a spirit quartz colour.

Crown Chakra 

The Crown Chakra is a centre for enlightenment and spirituality. It enhances your spiritual nature and filters Universal Energy through to the other Chakras. 

Amethyst or white spirit quartz re-align this Chakra. They will free you from self-limiting thoughts and destructive behaviours that could be making you feel tired, fearful, or cynical.

Third Eye

The Third Eye is associated with both intuition and spirituality. It’s indigo or violet in colour, and links the Universal Energy to the physical world. This centre is also associated with wisdom and intellectuality.

Amethyst spirit quartz opens your Crown Chakra, while activating the Third Eye, creating a doorway between the two. By linking these two Chakras, it helps to attune your intuition with higher energies. 

When your Third Eye is balanced and open, it also helps to keep you mentally sharp and focused. 

Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow in colour and is associated with your personal power. If you’re lacking confidence or enthusiasm, then a Solar Plexus blockage could be the problem.

Citrine spirit quartz resonates with the Solar Plexus. It restores balance and cleanses this important Energy Centre. This helps you to overcome fears, while providing emotional control and self-belief. It also assists with resolving conflict in family and group situations.

It’s important to have a motivated mindset for attracting what you want in life. Citrine spirit quartz is a wonderful crystal for supporting this intention by using the ‘fire’ energy of the Solar Plexus. 

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is associated with creativity and emotional wellbeing. When this Chakra is unbalanced, you may overreact to situations, find it difficult to cope with change, or struggle with a lack of emotion.

Citrine spirit quartz vibrates with this Chakra. By balancing the Sacral Chakra, it can remove negative emotions that cause lack of confidence or creative blocks. 

Root Chakra 

The Root Chakra is where your primal energy associated with instinct and survival is seated. It connects with the Earth for grounding and transmuting negative energies into positive.

Smokey spirit quartz activates the Root Chakra and gently dissolves emotional blockages. This crystal also aligns the Root Chakra with the Third Eye, which provides grounding, protection, and a strong connection to your higher self.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Associated With Spirit Quartz?

Zodiac signs related to spirit quartz

Spirit quartz isn’t always the first stone that comes to mind when discussing Zodiac signs. However, it’s still an important crystal for Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.


Spirit quartz is a birthstone for the Zodiac sign of Virgo.

Virgoans use enormous energy to support friends, colleagues and loved ones. Spirit quartz supports these values and encourages harmony in social situations.

Like all Zodiac signs, Virgoans can also face challenges. If the Chakras are unbalanced, they may lack confidence, be too harsh on themselves, or take on too many projects. To help with this, you can use the supportive energy of spirit quartz to promote calm and self-forgiveness.


As an Earth star sign, Capricorn strongly resonates with the grounding energy of spirit quartz.

This resonance helps Capricorns discover their true purpose and develop a healthy work-life balance. Spirit quartz also has a loving energy that reduces self-criticism and limitations, which are often caused by a lack of confidence.

Additionally, spirit quartz inspires patience with yourself and others. This allows a Capricorn’s natural leadership qualities to shine through.


Many Aquarians struggle to cope when overwhelmed by responsibilities. Spirit quartz can help by easing negative thoughts, stress, and frustration. This stone also inspires focus and an openness to new ideas.

Spiritual development can be challenging for Aquarians. Spirit quartz balances and opens the Chakras and facilitates access to Universal Consciousness. This will give you greater inner awareness and help you to reach your life purpose. 


Pisces care deeply about those around them, but supporting others can sometimes become overwhelming. Amethyst spirit quartz provides inner peace and serenity when times are tough.

Additionally, a closed or unbalanced Third Eye can cause a Pisces to feel unsettled or confused. Spirit quartz stimulates this important Chakra. It opens your mind to new ideas and improved focus, while quieting distracting thoughts. 

How to Care for a Spirit Quartz Cluster

Spirit quartz is a hard mineral, so it’s less prone to scratching than softer crystals.

With that said, it’s still important to care for your crystal. They are conduits of energy and we want to keep them looking beautiful!

It’s best to avoid displaying a spirit quartz cluster in direct sunlight, such as on a sunny windowsill, as this can cause fading. As spirit quartz has many crystal points, I also like to use a soft make-up brush to dust it without causing damage.

These quartz points are also likely to damage softer crystals if they are kept in the same pocket or storage container. To protect other crystals, I like to wrap a piece of natural material around the spirit quartz.

If you wish to cleanse your crystal, I suggest using moonlight or geodes. Or you could choose from one of the other methods mentioned in my article How to Cleanse Healing Crystals and Gemstones.

Can Spirit Quartz Get Wet?

Spirit quartz is a seven on the Mohs Scale of Crystal Hardness. The maximum is ten, and anything above five can be cleansed in water (as long as it doesn’t contain toxic, metal, or water-unsafe inclusions.)

This makes spirit quartz a hard crystal that shouldn’t be damaged by water. It can also be used in elixirs.

How to Cleanse Spirit Quartz

Crystals can absorb negative energies, so it’s important to cleanse them. Here are some methods I use for a spirit quartz crystal cluster:

  • Moonlight – Moonlight is a lovely way to cleanse and energise spirit quartz. Place the crystal either on the earth or on a natural surface where it’ll be in direct moonlight (although it’s fine to do this on a cloudy night.) 
  • Larger Crystals – Amethyst geodes make excellent gemstones for cleansing spirit quartz. I find the best method is to place the spirit quartz inside the geode for at least 24 hours. This will cleanse and recharge it.
  • Smudging – Smudging is an ancient cleansing method that uses the smoke of burning herbs. Place the herb or bundle in a natural fire-proof dish. Once lit, waft the spirit quartz over the smoke for 20-30 seconds. 

How to Use Spirit Quartz to Cleanse Other Crystals

With its exceptionally high vibration, spirit quartz has a strong cleansing effect on other crystals. 

To use this cleansing ability, I place spirit quartz in a bowl of other crystals for twenty-four hours. This removes any negativity and recharges the stones.

Tips for Using a Spirit Quartz Crystal

  • As spirit quartz channels higher frequencies, it’s an excellent stone to deepen your meditation practice. Hold a piece in your hand or lay a grid around you before you start your practice. You can also place spirit quartz on your Third Eye during meditation.
  • If you need help falling asleep, place spirit quartz beside your bed or under your pillow. It’s also a lovely crystal for developing a healthy sleep pattern and enhancing dreams.
  • As spirit quartz aligns with Universal Love, placing a piece over your Heart Chakra for ten minutes can fill you with a deep sense of peace. This is particularly useful after a stressful day.
  • Spirit quartz acts as a shield, protecting your aura from negativity. This is useful when you’re around people who drain your energy, or if you’re sensitive to negative energies. 
  • As spirit quartz is the Stone of Harmony and Alignment, it’s a beautiful crystal for easing tension between family members or colleagues. It radiates a peaceful energy in all directions, which changes the energy of the room.
  • A lovely way to enhance a mantra is to lie on the floor and place a spirit quartz stone above your head, just touching the Crown Chakra. Place another on your Third Eye. As you repeat the mantra, you will feel the energy flow into these two Chakras.
  • Place a spirit quartz grid around the bed of someone who is dying. This will help to bring comfort and assist them in their transition. I like to use amethyst and smoky spirit quartz for this purpose.

Note: As spirit quartz is a high vibrational crystal, ensure you remain grounded while using it. If you’re sensitive to its energy and find it draining, try using the stone for shorter periods until you adapt to its vibration.

Can Spirit Quartz Be Used With Other Healing Crystals?

Spirit quartz is a powerful crystal, but it can become even more effective for specific intentions by combining it with other stones.

Aside from other members of the quartz family, here are two crystals that I think work well with spirit quartz:

  • Moldavite – Moldavite increases receptiveness, while spirit quartz can open the Crown and Higher Chakras. Combining these two stones can enhance your psychic skills, such as ESP, lucid dreaming, shamanic journeying, and astral travel.
  • Beryl – Spirit quartz and beryl are a powerful combination for boosting confidence when tackling new challenges. Beryl helps you to focus on your goals, enhances courage, and relieves stress. Spirit quartz dissolves self-limitations. This combination allows you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.
Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels Are Associated With Spirit Quartz?

Spirit quartz is a high vibrational crystal that carries the vibration of Archangels. The Angels I most associate with spirit quartz are:

  • Archangel Gabriel – When invoking this Angel for grief, I like to use smokey or amethyst spirit quartz. Gabriel also develops intuition and the feminine aspects of your character. So, use either amethyst or white spirit quartz for this purpose. 
  • Archangel Jophiel – Jophiel is an Angel for Patience, Wisdom, and Illumination. He’s on the Golden Ray of Wisdom and citrine spirit quartz resonates with him. I invoke Him when I need to understand my true purpose or develop a more positive mindset.

Guides Where I Recommend Spirit Quartz


Spirit quartz is a high energy crystal with a distinctive appearance. It balances the entire Chakra system, aligning the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

With its intense vibration and strong link with the Crown Chakra, spirit quartz can be used for many purposes. These include developing psychic abilities, deepening your meditation, and encouraging harmony in group situations. It’s also a wonderful stone for dissolving self-limitations and boosting your confidence.

Mary Ancillette

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