9 Healing Crystals and Stones for Meditation

By Mary Ancillette |

Crystals for meditation

Do you want to enhance your meditation? Crystals can reinforce intentions, deepen your practice and help you access higher spiritual levels. Here are nine of my favorites.

There are many benefits to regular meditation practice. Aside from a sense of calm and relaxation, meditating can develop intuition, focus and insight. Many people also find that meditating teaches them to stay in the “now,” rather than worrying about the past or future.

These benefits require consistent and high-quality practice though. While there is no substitute for regular meditation, crystals can deepen your practice and enhance the beneficial effects.

Each crystal has a unique frequency and abilities. Depending on the crystals you use, they can open spiritual doorways, raise consciousness, and provide a new perspective.

So, if you want to gain more clarity and focus, need help to achieve a specific outcome, or want to protect your energy field, these nine crystals for meditation are a great choice.

Which are the Best Stones for Meditation?


1. Clear Quartz (The Master Healer)

Colour: Clear
Chakra: Crown
Origin: Worldwide

Clear quartz is a master of disguises when it comes to its energetic properties. Used for centuries as a Master Healer, its true proficiency is its ability to magnify the body’s natural energies – or the energy of other crystals. This makes it a perfect choice when meditating.

Quartz is easily programmable and great for setting your meditative intention. It’s also wonderful for filtering out distractions.

As it’s said to be able to “take you up to the stars,” clear quartz will raise your vibration, enabling you to connect you with those who guide you. This will enhance your intuition and psychic ability.


2. Amethyst (Stone of Spirituality, Contentment & Meditation)

Colour: Purple to Lavender
Chakra: Crown and Third Eye
Origin: USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Britain, Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia, Africa

Amethyst is said to be the most spiritual of stones, so it’s an easy choice as a meditation crystal.

Used for centuries as the doorway to other worlds, its high vibrational energy enhances spiritual progress and strengthens intuition.

Its calming nature also has an almost tranquillising effect when you use it during meditation. It quietens the head-mind chatter and reduces stress, allowing peaceful grace to flow into your practice.

Additionally, amethyst guards against psychic attack and is a marvellous gemstone for tapping into higher levels of consciousness.

Tip for Using Amethyst: As amethyst is a powerful calming crystal, meditate next to an amethyst geode for a serene practice.


3. Selenite

Colour: Pure White, Translucent
Chakra: Crown
Origin: England, Russia, Greece, Austria, Mexico, France, Germany, USA, Poland

Selenite is one of the most restful crystals for meditation work. Its ethereal quality brings a whole new level of wisdom to your practice, protecting your energy field in the process.

The pure white vibration is amplified during meditation, opening your crown and higher chakras. This gives you clarity of mind, angel consciousness and accurate psychic insights.

Before meditating, cleanse your body of negative energies and energy blocks using a selenite wand. Then allow selenite’s high frequency vibrations to flow through you, balancing the energy created through your practice.

Note: Selenite will dissolve if left in water, so be careful if you want to wash it.

Blue Topaz

4. Blue Topaz

Colour: Blue
Chakra: Third Eye, Throat
Origin: Mexico, India, USA, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Japan

This beautiful stone is a must have for your meditation collection. The clear truth that emanates through its vibrational frequency is almost palpable!

This means it’s excellent for deepening meditation or for when you want to attune with your higher self.

Don’t be mistaken though, this energy is gentle. It won’t give you a huge buzz when you meditate with it, but it’ll gently energise you, bring mental clarity and calm your emotions. Blue topaz is a psychic magnifier so it’s also great for attuning for inner guidance.


5. Angelite (Stone of Awareness)

Colour: Blue and White
Chakra: Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Origin: Mexico, Peru, Germany, Britain, Poland, Egypt, Libya

Angelite, as the same suggests, is a wonderful stone for connecting with the angelic kingdom.

It has a lovely soothing energy that will calm and comfort over-wrought emotions. It’s a Stone of Awareness and will deepen any meditation practice.

This is a lovely stone to use for polarising your physical body, bringing balance between the physical and spiritual levels. Angelite is a powerful tool for quietening your mind and bringing inner awareness.

Note: Angelite may be damaged by water. Make sure you keep it dry!

Black Tourmaline

6. Black Tourmaline

Colour: Black
Chakra: Root
Origin: Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Black tourmaline is a protective stone that absorbs negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. This makes it great for meditating if you often struggle with unwanted head-mind clutter.

It also provides a grounding energy that keeps you balanced and safe during your meditation.


7. Moldavite (Extra-Terrestrial Stone)

Colour: Dark Green
Chakra: Heart
Origin: Czech Republic

If you want to travel to far-away places when meditating, Moldavite’s extra-terrestrial origins make it an excellent choice. It’s an energy amplifier, so helps accelerate spiritual growth whilst also acting as a protector.

Moldavite is closely linked to the Heart Chakra, but it resonates with the other six Chakras too. This makes it great for keeping all your Chakras open and balanced throughout your meditation.

Meditating with moldavite also helps you develop psychic abilities and align your destiny.

Rose Quartz

8. Rose Quartz (Stone of Unconditional Love)

Colour: Pink
Chakra: Heart
Origin: USA, Japan, India, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico

I couldn’t talk about the best crystals for meditation without including rose quartz. It’s the Stone of Unconditional Love and is a perfect example of the spiritual truths we stand for.

Love is the gateway to inner bliss. Rose quartz, with its hugely effective energy, can lift your heart to resonate at a higher frequency.

By meditating with rose quartz, you’ll feel its warmth wrap around like a fluffy pink blanket, allowing your intuitive centres to open and blossom. This will enable a better understanding of yourself and allow love and compassion to flow into you.


9. Azurite (Stone of Heaven)

Colour: Blues
Chakra: Throat, Third Eye
Origin: Australia, Chile, Peru, Russia, USA

What could be better than meditating with the Stone of Heaven?

Thought for centuries to be a powerful healing stone, azurite has the superlative power of allowing easy access to the quiet space or void experienced meditators are always seeking. This allows inner travel or enhanced psychic experiences.

Azurite’s beautiful blue colour also activates the Third Eye Chakra and stimulates intuition, creativity and clairvoyance.

Meditating outdoors

Other Tips for Using Crystals When Meditating

Crystals have a unique frequency that interacts with your natural energy field. When your body is in a heightened state, such as during meditation, the resonance with crystal energy is even more powerful.

The great thing is that you don’t need expensive crystals or complicated techniques to benefit from this stronger resonance. Here are some tips for getting the most from your practice:

  • Meditation crystals are brilliant when you have a specific intention during your practice. You just need to ensure you’ve chosen a crystal with the properties most relevant to what you want to achieve. If you’re not sure which to choose, have a look at our guides here or my in-depth guide to choosing a crystal.
  • It’s always helpful to use crystals when creating a calming mind and environment. This will ensure your meditation practice has the greatest effect.
  • Certain crystals have specific skills such as protecting, amplifying or raising consciousness. These can be used together or separately depending on how you feel.
  • Hold the crystal in your left hand if it’s small enough (right hand if you’re left-handed).
  • When performing crystal meditation, you can place several crystals around you to amplify their energies. A crystal grid can also enhance your meditation session.
  • Crystals can be placed on the Chakras whilst you meditate. This will help to open, balance and stimulate them.
Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated With Meditation?

All angels can be evoked when meditating, as there aren’t any specifically for this purpose. Whether you want to be guided through your meditation by an angel, or you wish to attune to a specific angel whilst meditating, the process is similar.

By using crystals to support your intention or specific question you’re meditating about, evoke an angel that is best affiliated to that subject.


Meditating allows us a moment of stillness away from our daily lives. It can also improve our focus, reduce anxiety, and enhance well-being.

You can meditate with almost any crystal to deepen your practice. The nine in this article are a great place to start, but there are many others you may want to experiment with. Try to make sure the crystal you choose aligns with your specific purpose though.

My favourite crystal to meditate with is Amethyst. It draws out stress, clears my mind and helps me feel centred through my practice. This enables me to gain a deeper level of spiritual insights.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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