Blue Calcite: Healing Properties, Spiritual Meaning & Uses

By Mary Ancillette |

Blue calcite

Blue calcite is an energy amplifier that’s associated with psychic development and communication. Here’s Angel Grotto’s guide to blue calcite’s healing properties and uses.

Blue calcite resonates with both the Throat Chakra and Third Eye. It has a calm energy, while being energetically inspiring. This makes it a great choice for communication, sleep and developing your spiritual gifts.

In this article, I’ll talk about blue calcite’s healing properties and how to use it for crystal healing. I’ll also discuss blue calcite’s Chakras and how it compares to similar colour gemstones.  

Basic Blue Calcite Meaning, History and Formation

ColourPale Blue to Brighter Blue, Blue-Grey
ChakrasThroat, Third Eye
OriginMexico, Pakistan, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, UK, Iceland, Peru, Russia, USA, Australia, South Africa
Zodiac SignsCancer
ElementFire, Air
RarityAbundant, but only in specific countries
Chemical FormulaCaCO3

Calcite is one of the most common crystals in the world. It’s naturally white, but blue calcite is formed when there are inclusions within the stone. 

Blue calcite often forms in sedimentary rock, where it’s found in wide veins and large blue masses. These sources of blue calcite are usually in Mexico, but if your stone is darker blue then it’s probably from Pakistan.

Blue calcite forms in a rhombohedral shape and has a waxy surface when in its raw state. Once polished, this crystal has a shiny surface, opaque appearance, and internal refraction.

The Healing Properties of Blue Calcite

Healing properties of blue calcite

Psychic Ability

Blue calcite is associated with the Third Eye and is an excellent stone for psychic gifts. 

With its amplifying energy, blue calcite expands your spiritual attributes, such as intuition, telepathy and focus. Along with boosting your psychic gifts, blue calcite will help you to delve deeper into the true aspects of yourself when working on spiritual development.

Another attribute of blue calcite is that it’s spiritually calming. It wraps a protective layer around your auric field which filters out unwanted incoming energies. This is useful when astral travelling or for out of body experiences.  


As it’s associated with the Throat Chakra, blue calcite can clear blockages in this Energy Centre. This makes it one of the best crystals for developing clear communication and listening skills.

In particular, resolving blockages in the Throat Chakra can make it less likely that you’ll overreact or say something you’ll regret. Blue calcite’s calming energy also helps you to put across your point in a considerate manner, which is difficult in pressurised situations.

Additionally, blue calcite provides protection against other people’s drama. It can even prevent you from ruminating on negative feelings due to other people’s comments.

Sleep, Nightmares and Dreaming

Blue calcite has a soothing energy that calms your mind, so you can enjoy a more restorative sleep. It’ll help you to let go of worries that can otherwise keep you awake. 

As well as helping you to sleep, this stone can prevent nightmares. Bad dreams disturb our sleep quality, which can affect how we feel the following morning. Blue calcite will protect you from negative energy that may cause nightmares.

A bonus of protecting against nightmares is that blue calcite also enhances our dreams and makes them easier to interpret. Dreams often contain important messages, so keeping blue calcite next to your bed makes it less likely that you’ll forget them in the morning.

Which Chakras Are Associated With Blue Calcite?

blue calcite Chakras

Throat Chakra

Blue calcite clears blockages in the Throat Chakra and improves the flow of energy through the meridians. The Throat Chakra is your centre for communication and self-expression, so unblocking it provides a range of benefits.

Resolving a blockage in the Throat Chakra, for example, can make it less likely that you’re lost for words in a social situation. You’ll also find it easier to notice social cues, which reduces the chance of accidentally being inappropriate or talking over others.

An additional benefit of blue calcite’s healing energy is that it brings the Throat Chakra into alignment. Many people find that an aligned Throat Chakra helps you to be more honest when communicating, without resorting to anger.

Third Eye

The Third Eye is the Energy Centre associated with our intuition and spiritual strengths. Blue calcite contains powerful spiritual properties that align with this Chakra. It removes blockages and stimulates psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, or inspiration.

So, if you’re looking for a crystal to improve your spiritual abilities, blue calcite is a wonderful choice.

The Third Eye isn’t just related to spirituality though – it also plays an important role in memories and learning. By clearing this Energy Centre, blue calcite can improve your memory and make it easier to learn new skills. It can even clear artistic blocks by dissolving blockages that interfere with creativity.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Associated With Blue Calcite?

Blue calcite Zodiac


People born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are often creative. Blue calcite, through its link with the Third Eye Chakra, can boost your creative thoughts.

Blue calcite can also help a Cancerian to speak their truth. It’ll fill you with the confidence to focus on your own desires and express them clearly.

Cancerians like being busy. Blue calcite’s calming energy will help you to relax after a hard day. You’ll feel the benefit as you go to sleep more peacefully.

Tip: I’ve written a full guide to crystals for Cancer if you’d like to learn more about this Zodiac sign.

How to Care for Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is a beautiful healing crystal, but it’s a relatively soft stone that’s easy to damage.

It also has cleavages, which are weaknesses within the crystal. If it’s dropped, blue calcite is likely to split along these cleavages.

Here are some tips for caring for your blue calcite:

  • Blue calcite is a good stone to keep with you during the day, but avoid putting it with other stones in a pouch or pocket.
  • When storing your blue calcite, wrap it in a soft natural material to protect it from getting damaged by harder stones.
  • All calcite crystals should be kept away from harsh household cleaners, acid, salt and vinegar.  You can use an air duster or soft cloth to clean it, and for more stubborn marks a damp soft cloth. 
  • Never use a steam cleaner to clean a calcite crystal.

Can Blue Calcite Get Wet?

You should avoid getting blue calcite wet during cleaning or cleansing. Calcium carbonate is stable in water, but it’s a soft crystal that may be damaged if submerged for an extended period.

The occasional splash of water probably won’t harm a blue calcite crystal though.

How to Cleanse Blue Calcite

Blue calcite needs to be cleansed after each use, as it absorbs negative energy quickly.

As it’s not water safe, I like to use smudging to cleanse a blue calcite crystal. Smudging is a Native American technique that uses smoke to clear negative energies. You can use smudge sticks, white or clary sage, incense sticks or herb bundles.

Here’s how I use smudging to cleanse blue calcite crystals:

  1. Choose your material. I like to use white sage, but choose a material that suits you.
  2. Select a fire-proof container. This will catch the ashes and make the process safe. Alabaster shells are perfect for this.
  3. Choose where to perform the ritual. Ideally you should smudge outside, unless it’s windy or raining. If you’re smudging indoors, open a window to let the smoke and negative energy out.
  4. Light the material. Hold your chosen bundle upside down and light it. Then quickly blow it out. This will cause the material to smoke. You may need to blow on it a few times to get a red glow.
  5. Hold blue calcite in the smoke. With the bundle smouldering, hold your blue calcite crystal in the smoke. Do this for about 30 seconds or longer if you wish. You can use a feather to waft the smoke around the crystal. Feathers symbolise connecting with the divine, which adds a beautiful element to this practice.

Besides smudging, there are other methods you can use for cleansing blue calcite.

  • Brown Rice. Bury your stone in organic brown rice and leave it for 24 hours. This draws negative energy out of the crystal into the rice. Do not eat the rice afterwards as it will contain negative energy.
  • Selenite. Selenite is a powerful cleanser of negative energy. You can use a selenite bowl, wand, slab or tower. So long as the blue calcite stone has some contact with the selenite, it’ll cleanse within 24 hours. 

How to Charge Blue Calcite

After you’ve cleansed your blue calcite, it’s a good idea to charge it. Charging restores the stone’s healing energy and highest vibration.

There are several ways you can charge blue calcite, such as:

  • Selenite. Selenite has a high vibration which restores a stone’s natural vibration. Blue calcite can be charged at the same time as it’s cleansed using this method.
  • Moonlight. Blue calcite resonates with the moon, which makes this a perfect method for charging it. Leave your blue calcite out during the full moon, resting it directly on the earth or on natural material. Remember to cover it with a glass bowl to protect it from moisture.
  • Tibetan Quartz. Take four terminated Tibetan quartz crystals and place your blue calcite at the centre. Make sure the points are pointing inwards.

How to Activate Blue Calcite

When you activate blue calcite (also known as programming), you’re informing it of your specific intention. This helps to make the healing effect more successful. 

Here is how to activate blue calcite:

  1. Remember to cleanse and charge your blue calcite before activating it.
  2. Make sure your intention aligns with the healing properties of blue calcite.
  3. Find a peaceful place where you can program your crystal without distractions.
  4. Ask the Angels to support you. 
  5. Say out loud (or in your head if you prefer) ‘I program this crystal for… (fill in with your intention).’
  6. Always finish with the words ‘for the highest good.’ 
  7. Repeat points 4 & 5 three times.
  8. Thank the crystal. Your blue calcite crystal is ready to be used.

Can Blue Calcite Go in the Sun?

No, blue calcite should not go in the sun, as its colour will fade. This won’t happen instantly, but it’s best to avoid putting the stone in sunlight even for a short period.

Blue calcite’s cleavage means that sunlight may also cause it to crack or become brittle.

How Do You Polish Blue Calcite?

Blue calcite is a soft mineral that’s easy to polish. You can shape and polish rough blue calcite to bring out the colour, smooth its edges, or to make it shiny.

  1. Choose a rough stone that’s not pitted or fractured. This will help to gain a satisfying end product.
  2. (Optional) If you want to shape the crystal, then you should do so before polishing. You can use a Dremel tool or a hammer and chisel for this. Make sure you wear a mask and glasses.
  3. Give the stone a quick wash. Usually you shouldn’t get blue calcite wet, but it’s fine as you’re going to be polishing it anyway.
  4. Use sandpaper to start polishing your crystal. Start with coarse paper and gradually work down to very fine. You may need to occasionally dip the stone into water to clean off any dust. Allow the stone to remain damp during the sanding process.
  5. Apply a powdered stone polish with a soft cloth. This will remove any fine scratches left on your stone by the sandpaper or grit.
  6. Rub your blue calcite on a strip of leather to buff it up and give a soft lustre.

If you don’t want to polish blue calcite manually, you could always use a tumbler. This takes longer, but saves you from the physical work of doing the sanding.

Make sure you check blue calcite daily when using a tumbler, as it’s a soft stone that can be easily damaged. Smaller barrels are gentler on soft stones.

How to Wear Blue Calcite?

Wearing blue calcite is a lovely way to benefit from its healing energies. As this crystal activates the Throat Chakra and Third Eye, use jewellery that keeps its energy close to these Chakras.


Necklaces keep the healing energies of blue calcite close to your centre of communication. Wear a blue calcite necklace if you want to speak more honestly and openly.


Blue calcite earrings energise both your Throat Chakra and Third Eye. By wearing blue calcite earrings, you’ll benefit from enhanced inspiration and focus.

Wearing blue calcite earrings also balances the two hemispheres in the brain. You may notice that your mental and emotional health improves when wearing these earrings.

How to Use Blue Calcite Crystals for the Best Results

Using blue calcite

Blue calcite’s healing energy resonates with communication, peace, and enhanced psychic gifts. Here are some ways that you can use blue calcite for these intentions:

  • As blue calcite resonates with both the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye, place a raw stone on each of these Energy Centres. I find the raw crystal is slightly more powerful. The effect will pull the two Chakras into alignment, stimulating them into action.
  • Blue calcite is calming, so it’ll help you to sleep. Put a grid under your bed or leave a piece on your bedside table. If you want to recall dreams, place one under your pillow.
  • Blue calcite resonates with your centre for communication and is a great crystal to use for supporting affirmations. 
  • When working on enhancing your psychic gifts, place a blue calcite grid around you before you meditate. You’ll feel protected while you expand into your spiritual self.
  • If you or your child feel stressed or overwhelmed, keep blue calcite in rooms where you sit as a family.
  • If you want a reconciliation, place blue calcite next to a picture of the person you wish to reconcile with. Send them love every day.

Blue Calcite Compared With Other Crystals

Caribbean Calcite vs Blue Calcite 

Caribbean calcite and blue calcite are both members of the same family. They are also both associated with the Third Eye.

The main difference is that Caribbean calcite also contains white and brown aragonite. These inclusions provide the Caribbean appearance – along with some additional healing properties.

For example, the brown aragonite in Caribbean calcite activates the Sacral Chakra, encouraging creativity and passion. White aragonite also opens and activates the Crown Chakra, which helps focus and higher consciousness.

Angelite vs Blue Calcite

Angelite and blue calcite are both pale blue in colour. They resonate with the Throat Chakra and Third Eye, although angelite is connected with the Crown Chakra too.

The high vibration of angelite aligns the three spiritual Chakras and connects with the angelic realm. It’s a wonderful stone to use for meditation, compassion, or improving spiritual awareness. 

Blue calcite has the ability to promote psychic strengths, but has less of an angelic resonance. So, this stone’s strengths lay more with communication and calming emotions.

Blue Celestite vs Blue Calcite

Blue celestite and blue calcite can look very similar. The easiest way to tell them apart is by their weight, as celestite is heavier.

Both crystals resonate with the Throat Chakra, but celestite connects to the Crown Chakra instead of the Third Eye.

It’s this connection to the Crown Chakra, along with celestite’s pure energy, which gives it a heavenly vibration. The result is that celestite can encourage spiritual awareness, peace, and a higher level of consciousness.

In contrast, blue calcite’s link with the Third Eye makes it more effective for encouraging honest communication and promoting psychic skills.

Blue Kyanite vs Blue Calcite

Raw blue kyanite looks different to blue calcite, due to its bladed appearance. Blue kyanite is a rare gemstone as opposed to blue calcite, which is more abundant. This will reflect in their value.

Unlike blue calcite, blue kyanite resonates with all the Chakras. It’s a high vibration crystal, with a calm earthy nature that helps you to express your true beliefs. 

Can Blue Calcite Be Used With Other Crystals?

Yes, blue calcite is a gentle crystal that can be used with other crystals. It works well with all types of calcite, but here are some other stones to try: 

  • Obsidian. Obsidian clears negativity from your auric field. When used with the vibration of blue calcite, it promotes a deeper meditation practice.
  • Turquoise. Turquoise and blue calcite are both stones of communication. Together these stones let you speak from a higher sense of consciousness. 
  • Chariote. Charoite is a stone of transformation. Combined with blue calcite, you’ll develop greater intuition and be able to progress your psychic gifts. 


How to Tell If Blue Calcite Is Real

Blue calcite is a beautiful soft-blue crystal. It’s commonly available throughout the world and is inexpensive to buy. That said, there are some fake blue calcite stones around which may look pretty but won’t offer the healing benefit.

Here are a few facts about calcite that will help to tell if your blue calcite is real or a fake:

  • All raw calcites have a waxy or soapy surface.
  • Blue calcite is a soft mineral, measuring 3 on the Mohs scale. It can be scratched by a knife, but not a finger nail.
  • Calcite forms in a perfect rhombohedral cleavage. That means this stone won’t have 90-degree angles. 
  • This stone tends to be brittle. 
  • Blue calcite has a white streak.
  • Calcite has double refraction. When looking through the stone, you should see a double image.
  • Real calcite reacts to a weak acid and vinegar.
  • Calcite glows under a UV light.

Is Blue Calcite Rare?

No, blue calcite isn’t rare. The main veins of this crystal are mined in Mexico, but blue calcite is present in several other countries.

Blue calcite isn’t as widespread as other forms of calcite though, making it one of the rarer forms of this common crystal.

How Much Is Blue Calcite Worth?

Blue calcite is a common and abundant mineral. This makes it relatively inexpensive, especially compared to rare crystals.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels Are Associated With Blue Calcite?

The Angels I most associate with blue calcite are:

  • Archangel Michael – Michael is an Angel for communication. I use blue calcite when invoking Him to help me find a voice, so I can communicate honestly. 
  • Guardian Angel Adnachiel – This Angel helps guide our intuition and perception. I use blue calcite when I invoke Him for spiritual expansion, increased optimism and focus.
  • Angel Sahaqiel – Sahaqiel is the Angel of the sky. Pale blue calcite resonates with Sahaqiel. He helps me reach for my spiritual potential.


Blue calcite clears negative energy and has a gentle nature. It’s associated with the Throat Chakra and Third eye, making it useful for psychic development and developing good communication skills. 

As a Stone of the Mind, blue calcite is also great for calming your mind and helping you sleep.

Do you have any questions about blue calcite healing properties? Please get in touch using the comments form below. You may also want to read my guides to orange calcite and green calcite.

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