Septarian Healing Properties, Meanings and Uses

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Septarian healing properties

Septarian is a Root Chakra stone that’s associated with grounding and patience. It’s also closely linked to the Earth, making it a wonderful crystal for improving your connection with nature.

In this article, I’ll go through septarian’s healing properties and meanings. I’ll also teach you how to care for this natural gemstone.

Septarian Meaning

Septarian’s meaning is associated with grounding and balance, due to its connection with the Root Chakra. 

It has a nurturing energy that helps you to feel safe and protected. Septarian nodules also emit a caring essence, which encourages reflection and a deeper understanding of life lessons. This combination of protection and wisdom makes it a useful crystal when past experiences are holding you back.

Along with its grounding and nurturing properties, septarian is a Stone of Wisdom and Communication.

This is why septarian is one of my favourite stones for public speaking. I find it improves my self-confidence by grounding excess energies, giving me a greater sense of stability when I’m speaking. Septarian also helps me to build a rapport with the audience.

Septarian Healing Properties and Benefits

Septarian healing properties

1. Grounding and Earth Connection

If you’re looking for a crystal to both improve your connection with Mother Earth and assist with grounding, then septarian is a wonderful choice.

This is because septarian contains several minerals (namely calcite, aragonite and limestone) that make a powerful combination for grounding. It also has a strong link to the Root Chakra, which improves your connection to the earth.

There are many advantages to using septarian to develop a stronger connection to Mother Earth. For example, it can help you learn past-life lessons, benefit from emotional healing, and assist with future decision-making. By balancing the Root Chakra, septarian can also make you feel nurtured, protected, and secure.

Additionally, septarian is an ancient stone that is said to contain the memories of everything that has happened to the planet. It can clear negative energies from the environment and is one of my favourite stones to use when meditating on healing our planet.

2. Patience and Tolerance

Septarian, working through the Root Chakra, improves patience and tolerance. It also helps you to understand your feelings and gain emotional clarity.

As this stone has a calming and grounding influence, this introspection will help you break negative patterns. It’ll also encourage a more compassionate attitude towards yourself and others. 

When I feel overwhelmed with emotions, or when life becomes challenging, I meditate with septarian. This helps me to feel more calm, patient and balanced. With a greater sense of self-awareness, I’m able to be less reactive to stressful situations and make better decisions.

3. Communication

As a Stone of Wisdom and Communication, septarian helps to improve your communication skills. 

It achieves this by balancing the etheric bodies. By encouraging equilibrium between the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, septarian helps to improve confidence when speaking. Therapists, teachers, team leaders, or public speakers can all benefit from this stone’s energy.

Through connecting with ancient wisdom, septarian also helps your words flow with truth, openness and empathy.

4. Auric Cleanser

Difficult emotions, such as anger or grief, can leave an energetic footprint on your aura. Septarian releases these negative imprints, so you can feel more balanced, confident and secure.

This stone also places a protective shield around your aura to prevent negative energies from attaching to it.

Metaphysical Properties

Associated Chakras

Septarian chakras

Septarian is associated with the Root Chakra. It cleanses and balances the energy in this Chakra, which improves grounding and your connection with Mother Earth.

This strengthened connection is why septarian can boost your self-confidence and patience towards others. With a renewed inflow of Earth energy, septarian’s link to the Root Chakra can also help you to understand your feelings and thoughts.

Besides being a Root Chakra stone, septarian also aligns with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra. The result is that septarian can bring the lower three Chakras into balance and encourage a healthy flow of energy through your body. 

Associated Zodiac

Septarian Zodiac sign

Septarian is a birthstone for Taurus. This stone supports a Taurean’s desire for stability. It also helps people of this Zodiac sign to remain grounded, while giving them the confidence to move forward and achieve their dreams.

How to Use This Crystal

Septarian spheres

Septarian is a beautiful grounding stone to use in crystal healing. Here are some of the ways I like to use it:

  • Meditate with septarian. I love meditating with septarian as it gives a deep, earthy connection to my practice. Its ancient energies can also cleanse your aura while you meditate on releasing emotions or behaviours that no longer serve you. 
  • Carry or hold septarian when public speaking. Septarian is a great stone if you want to have more eloquence when talking. It helps to boost confidence, particularly when you’re feeling nervous, and builds rapport with your audience. 
  • Place septarian over your Root Chakra. Septarian opens and balances the Root Chakra. Carry a stone in your pocket to benefit throughout the day. Alternatively, lay on the ground and place septarian over the Root Chakra for 15 minutes. 
  • Walk in nature while holding septarian. This is a brilliant way to reconnect with nature while grounding excess energies. Self-esteem and confidence will get a boost as you refresh your mental and emotional bodies.

How to Care for Septarian

Septarian on a wooden table

Septarian rates as 3.5-4 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it susceptible to scratching and damage, so it’s important to be careful with this crystal. Its soft structure also means it may be damaged by water.

For these reasons, I don’t recommend cleansing septarian in water or carrying it in a pocket without protection. It’s also best to avoid placing septarian in direct sunlight, as the heat may damage the stone or alter its colour.

I don’t recommend using water or sunlight to cleanse septarian. Instead, use gentler methods, such as smudging or moonlight.

Like all crystals, septarian can absorb unwanted energies. As water isn’t an option, my preferred method for cleansing and charging septarian is moonlight. You can cleanse the crystal on either a clear or cloudy night, to restore your stone to its fullest vibrational energy. 

Although septarian is a relatively soft stone, it can be wiped with a damp cloth if dirty. Pat it dry with a soft cloth straight afterwards. When you’re storing this stone, wrap it in a cloth to protect it from other crystals. 

Related Questions

Why is Septarian Called Dragon Stone?  

Septarian is sometimes called dragon stone due to its egg shape. It also has a distinctive pattern that resembles dragon eggs.

Additionally, this crystal dates back to the Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs were on our planet.

Is Septarian a Natural Stone?

Yes, septarian is a natural stone. It typically forms in sedimentary rock or soil. Septarian is classified as a rock as it’s made of different minerals.

What is a Septarian Nodule?

The terms septarian and septarian nodule are often used interchangeably. Septarian nodule is the more correct name, as these crystals have hard spherical concretions and tortoise black appearance.

Properties Table

ColourYellow, Brown, Grey
OriginNew Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, USA, Canada, Spain, England
Zodiac SignsTaurus
PlanetSun, Earth
RarityEasily Accessible


Septarian is associated with the Root Chakra and is known as a Stone of Wisdom and Communication. It’s useful for grounding, confidence, patience, and public speaking.

This healing stone also cleanses negative emotions from your aura, leaving a protective shield around you.

I meditate with septarian when I want to gain a deeper understanding of myself. It gives me a sense of comfort as I connect with Mother Earth. I also carry a septarian crystal in my pocket, so I can stay close to its energetic vibration during the day.

Do you have any questions about septarian healing properties or meanings? Please let me know in the comment section – I would love to hear from you!

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