Pink Tourmaline Healing Properties, Meaning and Uses

By Mary Ancillette |

Pink Tourmaline Healing Properties, Meaning and Uses

Pink tourmaline is a Heart Chakra crystal associated with love and relaxation. It’s also a powerful stone for healing emotional wounds, especially if they have roots in your childhood.

Like most healing crystals associated with the Heart Chakra, pink tourmaline is a feminine stone that ranges from light rose to raspberry pink (and even red). The darker shades are sometimes known as rubellite, but they have similar healing properties.

Pink Tourmaline Meaning

Pink tourmaline’s meaning is associated with emotional healing, due to its connection with the Heart Chakra. 

This makes it a powerful stone for identifying negative behaviours or patterns. It also creates a sense of joy, bringing passion into your life. Carrying pink tourmaline can even make work or chores more enjoyable!

Pink tourmaline’s meaning is associated with emotional healing.

I also use this crystal to attract love into my life. With its gentle, heart-centred energy, it inspires you to see the beauty in yourself, while helping you to feel safe to love again.

Pink Tourmaline Healing Properties and Benefits

1. Emotional Healing

If you’re looking for a crystal to help with emotional healing, then pink tourmaline is one of my top picks.

This is because pink tourmaline releases emotional pain and helps to prevent destructive behaviours. These issues could stem from your childhood or more recent heartbreak.

Pink tourmaline also encourages emotional balance. By bringing awareness to your negative emotions, the stone makes it’s easier to control your reactions and see the truth in a situation.

Additionally, pink tourmaline is one of my favourite crystals for empaths or sensitive children. It has a nurturing energy the strengthens the aura and protects against other people’s negative energy. It also contains lithium which helps to reduce overwhelming emotions.

2. Joy

Pink tourmaline, working through the Heart Chakra, is a great crystal for promoting joy and enthusiasm. By changing your attitude, pink tourmaline can even make everyday tasks much more pleasurable.

If I’ve got a tough day ahead, or I’ve become frustrated at work, I always keep a pink tourmaline close to me. It helps me to feel lighter and more energised.

3. Attract Love

As a Stone of Unconditional Love, pink tourmaline can bring love into your life, improve existing relationships, and even help attract a soul mate. Here are some of the ways pink tourmaline achieves this:

  • Pink tourmaline teaches the importance of self-love, so you make healthy choices and stop self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • This crystal will help you to trust that it’s safe to love again.
  • As a stone that releases emotional suffering, pink tourmaline attracts love into every day of your life. 

4. Peace, Relaxation & Forgiveness

Pink tourmaline radiates divine love. This provides a range of benefits, including promoting peace and relaxation. Through cleansing the emotional body, this stone can also calm your emotions and ease symptoms of anxiety.

As well as creating a deep sense of peace, pink tourmaline facilitates forgiveness. If you’re finding it hard to let go of feelings of anger, guilt, or fear, then pink tourmaline can provide a soothing effect. This will help you to forgive yourself or others.         

Metaphysical Properties

Associated Chakras

Pink tourmaline is associated with the Heart Chakra. By balancing the energy in this Chakra, pink tourmaline inspires you to be more compassionate towards others. It can also unblock the Heart Chakra which may be causing you to hold onto emotional stress. 

Depending on the shade of your pink tourmaline, this crystal can also influence other energy centres.

For example, deep raspberry red stone activates the Root Chakra. This increases passion, abundance and courage. Bubble-gum pink tourmaline also strengthens the link between the Heart and Crown Chakra, which opens your heart to unconditional love.

Associated Zodiac

Pink tourmaline is a birthstone for Libra and a stone for October.  This crystal opens a Libra’s heart and reinforces self-love. It also helps Librans to become more emotionally balanced.

This crystal is also a birthstone for Aries. When used by this Zodiac sign, pink tourmaline boosts confidence, passion, and self-worth. It also helps an Aries to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Cancer is another Zodiac sign that benefits from pink tourmaline. The crystal’s nurturing energy allows Cancerians to release emotional wounds from their past, while also reducing stress.

How to Use This Crystal

Pink tourmaline is a beautiful stone to use in crystal healing. Here are some of the ways that I like to use it:

  • Meditate with pink tourmaline. Meditating with pink tourmaline brings a deep sense of love, compassion and joy to the practice. Hold the stone to your Heart Chakra and visualise a pink light radiating from the stone, encompassing your whole body.
  • Release suppressed emotions. Place a clockwise spiral of pink and green tourmaline around the Heart Chakra, with black tourmaline over the Base Chakra. In a spiral pattern, circle a pink tourmaline wand over the pink and green stones to release emotional suffering. 
  • Wear pink tourmaline to release stress. I love wearing pendants of bracelets to reduce stress, but you can also carry a piece in your pocket.
  • Use a crystal grid to attract love. Grids are a powerful way to attract your desires. You can add rose quartz and kunzite to your grid to make it more powerful.

How to Care for Pink Tourmaline

Caring for pink tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is a hard crystal that rates as 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it relatively scratch-resistant compared with many crystals. Pink tourmaline can also tolerate water, but you should avoid placing it in direct sunlight as the heat may damage the crystal or alter its colour.

My preferred method for cleansing and charging pink tourmaline is moonlight. Whether you’re cleansing on a clear or cloudy night, your stone will be restored to its fullest vibrational energy. You can also cleanse your pink tourmaline crystal using sound, selenite or smudging.  

As pink tourmaline is tolerant of water, you can wash it in a mild soap and warm water. When you’re storing this stone, wrap it in a soft cloth to protect it from damaging other crystals. 

Note: Fake pink tourmaline stones exist. These are often made from glass or a cheaper mineral.

Related Questions

Pink Tourmaline vs Rose Quartz – What’s the Difference?

Pink tourmaline and rose quartz are two of the Heart Chakra Trinity Stones (kunzite being the third). Rose quartz is a baby pink hue, while pink tourmaline ranges between rose pink and raspberry red.

Both of these crystals carry the energy of love, peace and forgiveness. There are some differences in their healing properties though.

Pink tourmaline aligns with the Crown Chakra. It releases emotional wounds, energises, and induces joy. Rose quartz provides loving support through grief and is more calming than pink tourmaline.

Who Should Wear Pink Tourmaline?

Pink tourmaline is a beautiful heart-centred crystal that can be worn by everyone.

It’s particularly effective for people looking to heal emotional imbalances or attract love though. Pink tourmaline is also associated with Libra, Aries and Cancer, making it an excellent jewellery choice for these Zodiac signs.

Due to its connection to the Heart Chakra, wear pink tourmaline in a pendant or bracelet. As well as encasing you within its heart-felt energy, it will seal your aura to protect against other people’s emotions. 

What Does Pink Tourmaline Attract?

Pink tourmaline attracts love. This could be a new relationship, a soul mate, or infuse an existing relationship with romance. Pink tourmaline also attracts self-love, compassion, tolerance and tactfulness. 

Properties Table

ChakraHeart, Crown
OriginUSA, Brazil, Madagascar, Africa, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Portugal
Zodiac SignsLibra, Aries, Cancer
ElementWater, Fire
PlanetVenus, Sun
RarityFairly Common to Rare Depending on Intensity of Colour and Quality


Pink tourmaline is associated with the Heart Chakra and is known as a Stone of Unconditional Love. It’s useful for releasing old emotional wounds, teaching the importance of self-love and for attracting love into your life.

I often use this crystal to balance negative emotions that may be affecting my life. Once the emotions are released, this stone helps me to value the importance of making healthy choices and to believe it’s safe to love again. 

I achieve this transformation by using pink tourmaline in my meditation. I then carry it with me throughout the day to remain close to its healing properties.

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