9 Healing Crystals for Anxiety: Feel Calm and Less Stressed

By Mary Ancillette |

Crystals for Anxiety

Do you wake up feeling panicky, get ‘jelly legs’ or often avoid anxiety-inducing activities? These crystals can soothe feelings of worry and provide relief from stress.

When humans were evolving, our ‘fight or flight’ response protected us from danger. Tigers, snakes and other humans were just a few hazards that needed an immediate response.

There are far fewer dangers in the modern world, but our brain’s alarm system still identifies “threats” – even in seemingly mundane situations. These feelings of anxiety and stress can strike at any time, but are common in social situations, large crowds, when travelling, or any time we might “fail.” Sometimes they may even lead to panic attacks.

Using crystals can be a gentle and holistic way to overcome these feelings of anxiety and relieve stress. Crystal healing can ease symptoms such as stomach churning, tense muscles and loss of self-confidence, allowing you to enjoy life more. Here are nine of the best crystals for anxiety.

Please note: You should always seek medical advice if you suffer from anxiety. While healing stones may help relieve symptoms and boost happiness, they are never a substitute for medical or psychological care.

Which are the Best Stones and Healing Crystals for Anxiety?

Citrine jewel

1. Citrine (The Lucky Merchants Stone)

Colour: Yellow, ranging from pale to honey or even brown
Chakra: Solar Plexus but also activates the Crown Chakra
Origin: Brazil, Russia, France, Madagascar, UK, USA

This warm and sunny crystal has metaphysical powers that can soothe anxiety.

Citrine doesn’t hold or accumulate negative energy, so it’s a wonderful stone for when you’re feeling fearful or need assistance with a problem.

If you’re taking control of your life and could use more optimism, cheerfulness and self-esteem, citrine is a powerful crystal. It can help ease your anxiety symptoms and bring greater life satisfaction.

Note: Natural citrine is rare, so heat-treated amethyst is often used instead.

Tip for Using Citrine: Wear citrine in pieces of jewellery, especially bracelets and necklaces, to keep it close to your body.

Blue Lace Agate

2. Blue Lace Agate (Stone of Articulation)

Colour: Pale Blue
Chakra: Throat
Origin: Morocco, Brazil, India, Czech Republic, USA

Blue lace agate is a light blue stone that calms your mind when it’s full of ‘what may happen.’ Due to its affinity with articulation, this stone helps you speak honestly when feeling anxious in social situations. It also allows you to speak your highest spiritual truths.

If your head is full of worries, or the opinions of others are causing you to feel anxious, blue agate’s positive vibrations can bring relief.

Tip for Using Blue Lace Agate: Meditating with blue lace agate can calm your mind and reduce anxiety.


3. Lepidolite (Stone of Transition, Stone of Peace)

Colour: Purple, Pink
Chakra: Third Eye, Throat, Crown, Heart
Origin: Czech Republic, Brazil, USA, Dominican Republic, Madagascar

Named after the Greek for “scales,” lepidolite’s balancing nature makes it one of the best crystals for anxiety. It contains lithium, which is used for depression and mood swings, and hence has a calming influence.

Additionally, if your anxieties often stem from change, lepidolite (The Stone of Transition) can ease you through the process. It can also allow you to recognise unhelpful behavioural patterns.

Tip for Using Lepidolite: Hold lepidolite in your palms to see a situation from a higher perspective.

Rose Quartz

4. Rose Quartz (Stone of Unconditional Love, Stone of Gentle Love)

Colour: Pink
Chakra: Heart
Origin: USA, Japan, India, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico

Fear can make it impossible to feel compassion for yourself and others. Rose quartz, with its tender essence and gentle energy, can nurture self-acceptance and self-love by installing a sense of calmness and serenity.

Additionally, rose quartz’ healing powers can ease feelings of anger or resentment that develop when you constantly feel stressed. It reminds us to remain heart-centred when faced with difficult situations and negative emotions.

Tip for Using Rose QuartzSleep with rose quartz crystals under your pillow to ease anxiety-related insomnia. You may also want to try blue quartz for anxiety and fear.

Black Tourmaline

5. Black Tourmaline

Colour: Black
Chakra: Root
Origin: Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Black tourmaline is a powerful stone that’s a master at keeping your spirits high during a worrying period.

It’s also known for enhancing well-being and absorbing negative energy. These are all useful properties when you’re under pressure, causing you to feel worried or anxious.

The best way to alleviate worries is to get out of your head for a bit. You can do this by reconnecting to the Root Chakra energy and allowing the negative ions of black tourmaline to work its protective magic.

Tip for Using Black Tourmaline: Wear a black tourmaline bracelet on the left-hand side of your body to benefit from its grounding and protective vibes throughout the day.


6. Danburite

Colour: Pink, Yellow, White or Colourless
Chakra: Heart
Origin: Czech Republic, USA, Russia, Myanmar, Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, Madagascar

Danburite was first found in Danbury, Connecticut. It emits the purest vibration and links to the angelic realms, making it a wonderful stone for releasing the fears associated with change.

As it resonates with the heart chakra,dDanburite also opens the heart and encourages self-love. This is vital when healing anxiety, as these feelings are often caused by a lack of self-care.

Tip for Using Danburite: Wear danburite (or other crystals for anxiety) in jewellery to ensure its positive energy remains close to you.


7. Amethyst (Stone of Spirituality and Contentment)

Colour: Purple to Lavender
Chakra: Crown and Third Eye
Origin: USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Britain, Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia, Africa

Amethyst is a natural de-stressor and one of the most popular healing crystals for anxiety. If you’re feeling over-anxious about an event or situation, it’s a great crystal for bringing a sense of security and safety.

Known for its calming essence and healing properties, amethyst (the all-healing crystal) can bring emotional balance and calm any nerves. It’s also a wonderful stone for gaining clarity when you have a problem and regulating mood swings.

Tip for Using Amethyst: Wear an amethyst necklace to promote relaxation and calmness.


8. Kunzite (Stone of Emotion)

Colour: Pink, Lilac, Clear
Chakra: Heart Chakra
Origin: Madagascar, Brazil, USA, Afghanistan, Myanmar

As Kunzite is the Stone of Emotion, it encourages self-expression and eases anxieties around social situations. It can also release limiting fears, encourage inner peace, and give you the confidence to grasp new opportunities.

Additionally, the natural lithium content in kunzite may help you address the emotional and mental sources of anxiety.

Tip for Using Kunzite: Wear kunzite jewellery for protection if you’re feeling uncertain or vulnerable.

Blue Kyanite

9. Kyanite

Colour: Blue/White
Chakra: All, but especially Throat and Third Eye
Origin: Brazil, USA

Kyanite, with its affiliation to the throat chakra, cuts through fears and blockages by encouraging you to speak honestly. It aids with linear reasoning and brings clarity when making a difficult decision.

Unlike many stones, kyanite doesn’t hold negative energy and never needs to be cleaned. This makes it a brilliant stone for consistently reducing unpleasant feelings, such as anger, stress and frustration.

If you’re stuck in negative thought patterns, or often feel anxious, kyanite has a calming energy that will soothe your symptoms and encourage self-confidence. It can also bring hope when times are hard.

Tip for Using Kyanite: Carry a stick of kyanite in your pocket to boost self-confidence. You may also want to read my guide to the best crystals for confidence here.

Boat on Lake

How to Use Crystal Healing for Relief From Stress and Anxiety

Crystals can be useful as a natural treatment for anxiety, as they don’t cause any side effects. They can also provide comfort and support in a stressful environment.

Here are a few ways to use crystals for anxiety and stress relief:

  • Meditating with calming crystals, either by placing them on your body or holding them in the palms of your hands, can ease mental clutter and promote relaxation. Healing crystal grids can enhance this effect.
  • Placing anti-anxiety crystals in the home or workplace can transform negative energy into positive for everyone in the room.
  • Worry beads and stones are a useful way to ease symptoms of anxiety. Gently rubbing them can relieve tension and release negative thought patterns.
  • Lay a collection of different crystals around your home to maximise their soothing effect.
  • If you struggle with travel anxiety, bring a few small crystals in your luggage. This allows you to benefit from their anxiety-reducing energy field during your journey. You may also want to read my article about the best crystals for safe travel.

Besides using crystals, you may find talking to loved ones about your problems reduces anxiety. It’s said that sharing a problem reduces its intensity – although writing it down can have a similar effect.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated With Anxiety?

The angels I most associate with anxiety are:

  • Archangel Michael – to break the worry cycle.
  • Archangel Chamuel – for when you’re feeling unsettled and needing personal peace.
  • Archangel Raguel – for all problems related to stress and stress management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Are the Best Crystals for Social Anxiety?

All of the crystals above can help with social anxiety, but there are two that stand out.

Blue lace agate, in particular, is one of the best gemstones for social phobia and anxiety. If you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming social occasion, try meditating with blue lace agate to calm your mind. It’s also great to wear as jewellery whenever you go to a party or other social event.

You may also want to try kunzite. This crystal healing stone is brilliant for releasing fears and anxieties that hold us back, including those related to social situations.

Which Calming Stones Relieve Anxiety When Trying to Sleep?

Anxious thoughts are a common cause of sleep problems. The later it gets, the more anxious we get about not sleeping, and the harder sleep becomes – it’s a vicious cycle!

Of course, you should always seek medical help if you have issues with sleep, as it’s essential for your body, mind, and general wellness. But there are certain crystals and stones I’ve found to help with sleep anxiety, such as lepidolite and amethyst. Rose quartz can also have a calming effect on anxiety related to insomnia.

You can read more about crystals for sleep here.

Which Crystals Are Best for Travel Anxiety?

There are many travel crystals that can help with anxiety, but amethyst and yellow jasper are two of my favourites. They both reduce the anxiety associated with new locations and unfamiliar experiences.

Summary and My Favourite Crystals for Anxiety

Anxiety can be a curse to our enjoyment of life. It may strike at any time, and transforms positive experiences into ones filled with stress and negativity. In extreme cases, it can even cause panic attacks.

While severe or prolonged anxiety should be addressed by a medical professional, the power of crystals may help to ease tension, reduce stress and allow you to breathe more deeply.

My favourite crystal for anxiety is blue lace agate. Its natural ability to calm my head from running ‘disaster movies’ is really helpful.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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