Polychrome Jasper: Meanings, Chakras & Healing Properties

By Mary Ancillette |

Polychrome Jasper: Meanings, Chakras & Healing Properties

 Polychrome jasper is a grounding crystal that’s associated with balance and motivation. Keep reading to learn more about polychrome jasper’s healing properties, meanings, and benefits.

Polychrome jasper, also known as desert jasper, is a calming stone that connects with Earth energies through the Root Chakra. This means it’s good for grounding, balance and motivation.

In this article, I’ll discuss polychrome jasper’s healing properties and how best to use it. I’ll also show you the Chakras and zodiac signs it’s closely linked with.

What is Polychrome Jasper?

ColourMulticoloured Including Brown, Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple, Gold, Green, Pink
ChakrasAll, Specifically Root
Zodiac SignsAries, Cancer, Pisces, Leo, Sagittarius
ElementFire, Earth
PlanetSun, Mars
Chemical FormulaSiO2

Polychrome jasper was discovered in northern Madagascar in 2006, while geologists were searching for ocean jasper. It’s found in difficult terrain, so it needs to be mined by hand.

This crystal is an opaque variety of chalcedony (a crystalline form of quartz) that contains up to 20% foreign materials. It’s these inclusions that give polychrome jasper its earthy shades and streaks. 

Polychrome jasper can be highly polished and also breaks along a smooth surface. These properties make it an excellent choice for carving or tumbling. It’s even used as a pick by some guitar players, as it gives a better tone than other materials.

Note: Polychrome jasper is also known as desert jasper or royal savannah jasper.

Is Polychrome Jasper Natural?

Yes, polychrome jasper is a naturally forming stone that gets its colours from impurities. The reddish colour is due to the iron content of hematite, while the yellow is often produced by goethite. 

The Healing Properties of Polychrome Jasper

Healing properties of Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome jasper has a high vibration, but it’s not a fast-activating crystal. So, you’ll need to spend plenty of time with it to fully benefit from its healing properties.

All varieties of jasper align the Chakras and are useful for manifestation, fertility or protection. Polychrome jasper shares these healing properties, but is also great for balance, grounding and motivation.


Polychrome jasper is all about harmony and balance. This is reflected in the stone’s combination of colours, which symbolise the balance of earth and fire energies.

Life feels easy when your mental, emotional and physical aspects are in balance. In contrast, it can be difficult to make decisions when the Chakras are blocked or imbalanced.

Polychrome jasper clears and energises each of the seven Chakras. By bringing all of the areas of your life into harmony, you’ll feel more motivated and focused on your true purpose.


Polychrome jasper is a strong grounding crystal that connects you to Earth energy. It clears blockages and energises the Root Chakra, which is the centre for self-preservation and stability.

By grounding you to the earth, polychrome jasper helps you to become more creative and passionate. Grounding also provides confidence in who you really are, so you can make the best life choices.

Additionally, polychrome jasper is fabulous for easing stress. With a calming energy it grounds you to Earth, helping you to stay in the present moment.

Motivation & Perseverance

Polychrome jasper is a Stone of Courage and Determination. It has a slow-burning power that can gradually increase your passion and motivation for life.

This makes it a useful stone when life seems boring or you want to inject energy into a project. Polychrome jasper is also great for maintaining focus once your creativity is flowing.

Which Chakras Are Associated With Polychrome Jasper?

Polychrome Jasper Chakras

Polychrome jasper opens and balances each of the Chakras, so they can work together in harmony. However, this crystal is most closely associated with the Root Chakra.

Root Chakra

Polychrome jasper is a healing stone for the Root Chakra. This is the first Chakra and is associated with grounding, stability and protection.

With its earthy colours, polychrome jasper burns away blockages within the Root Chakra. This grounds you to Mother Earth, making you feel more confident, secure, and present.

Through energising the Root Chakra, polychrome jasper also helps you to remain centred and empowered to make life changes.

So, whether you’re starting a new job, moving to a new city, or beginning a new relationship, polychrome jasper’s strong link to the Root Chakra makes it a powerful crystal.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Associated With Polychrome Jasper?

Polychrome Jasper Zodiac Signs

As polychrome jasper is a newly discovered stone, it’s not a birthstone for any of the zodiac signs. However, it does resonate with the following zodiac signs.


Aries can sometimes lose motivation during a longer project. Polychrome jasper will ground an Aries through the Root Chakra, helping them to maintain focus.


Cancerians need to feel secure at times of stress. Polychrome jasper has a nurturing nature that supports their need for inner security.


Pisces sometimes struggle to stay grounded during difficult or overwhelming situations. Polychrome jasper grounds a Pisces to Mother Earth, helping them to feel more confident and focused.


Leos can lack self-belief, which may hold them back from achieving their goals. Polychrome jasper strengthens the survival instinct, helping a Leo to feel courageous and determined to succeed.


Sagittarians can sometimes become restless or disconnected from their true selves. Polychrome jasper grounds through the Root Chakra, helping a sagittarian to stay in the present moment. 

How to Care for Polychrome Jasper

Caring for this crystal

Polychrome jasper is a relatively hard mineral that ranks as seven on the Mohs hardness scale.

This makes it less likely to be scratched or damaged by water than softer stones, but also increases the chance of it damaging other crystals. So, to protect the rest of my crystal collection, I wrap polychrome jasper in a soft natural material before storing them.

If you want to clean your polychrome jasper, gently rub it with a soft cloth or brush using soapy water. Once you’ve rinsed the stone, dry it thoroughly.

Tip: Avoid using harsh chemicals, salt, acids, steam cleaners or vinegar on polychrome jasper.

Can Polychrome Jasper Get Wet?

As a general rule, stones with a Mohs hardness rating of less than six should not go in water. Polychrome jasper has a hardness of seven, so it can tolerate exposure to water.

However, polychrome jasper often contains iron impurities. These may rust if the crystal is left in water for long periods, so I don’t advise regularly soaking polychrome jasper.

Another important point is that salt can be corrosive. So, keep polychrome jasper away from sea water, as it may damage the surface of the crystal. 

How to Cleanse Polychrome Jasper

Crystals absorb negative energies from the environment and other people. So, they need to be cleansed regularly to restore their healing potential.

Here’s how I cleanse polychrome jasper:

  1. Find a Location. Polychrome jasper is connected to the sun and earth, so I like to cleanse it using both of these elements. If possible, I also add the water element by standing near a natural water source. But you can choose any location where you can stand barefoot on the earth and be in sunlight.
  2. Hold Your Polychrome Jasper. Hold your polychrome jasper and imagine roots growing out of your feet into the earth below. At the same time, allow your Crown Chakra to open, and imagine sunlight is pouring into you.
  3. Visualise the Earth and Sun Energy. Visualise energy from the earth coming up your roots, through your body, and into the crystal. At the same time, watch the sun’s energy come down from above, through your arms, and meet with the earth energy in your crystal.
  4. Intention and Breath. Maintain your focus as these two powerful energies cleanse and charge your crystal. If you wish, you can blow breaths over your crystal, imagining negative energies dissipating into the fresh air. You’ll intuitively know when the stone is cleansed, but it usually only takes a few minutes. 

An important note is that you shouldn’t leave polychrome jasper in full sunlight for long periods. Over time, it may cause the stone to fade or become brittle.

Here are two other methods for cleansing polychrome jasper:

  • Smudging. Smudging is a traditional cleansing method. It uses smoke from burning dried herbs to remove negativity from your crystal. Using a fire-proof container, let the herbs smoulder as you hold your polychrome jasper in the smoke for 30-60 seconds. It’s important to keep your focus on cleansing while you do this.
  • Selenite. Selenite is a fabulous crystal for cleansing negative energy from other healing stones. Place the polychrome jasper inside a selenite bowl or put it on a selenite plate. Leave it there for six to eight hours. If you have a larger crystal, place the polychrome jasper in the middle of four twisted selenite wands. The points on the selenite wand focus the cleansing energy towards the crystal. This method needs 24 hours to cleanse your stone. 

Can Polychrome Jasper Go in the Sun?

The quick answer is yes, polychrome jasper can go in the sun for short periods. But the crystal may fade or become brittle if it’s left in full sunlight for long.

To prevent this, you should only use sunlight for brief cleansing sessions. It’s also a good idea to use early morning or evening sunlight, as the rays aren’t as strong during these times.

Alternatively, you can cleanse polychrome jasper in a shaded location. Your crystal will still benefit from the sun’s cleansing effects even without direct sunlight.

How Do I Know If My Polychrome Jasper Is Real?

Polychrome jasper is rare and only found in Madagascar. Due to the swirls of colours, it’s also not easy to replicate.

Even so, there’s always a chance that a stone is fake. Here are some tips to help you decide whether a polychrome jasper crystal is real:

  • Polychrome jasper is only found in three mines in Madagascar. If the seller states it comes from another country, it’s a safe bet that the stone isn’t genuine. Always buy from a reputable supplier.
  • Polychrome jasper is a hard stone that will scratch softer crystals, such as calcite or fluorite. If your stone is easily scratched by a penknife or copper coin, it’s not genuine.
  • To perform a streak test, scrape the stone across an unglazed porcelain plate (the plate rates at 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale). If the stone leaves a residue on the plate, it’s not likely to be polychrome jasper. 
  • Polychrome jasper will fluoresce to some degree under a UV light.
  • If your polychrome jasper is brightly coloured, as opposed to soft and muted, it won’t be genuine.
  • Real polychrome jasper is opaque, not semi-transparent.

How to Use Polychrome Jasper Crystals for Best Results

Examples of polychrome jasper

There are many lovely ways to use polychrome jasper. Some of my favourites include:

  • Meditate with polychrome jasper to help manage stress. I like to place it on the Root Chakra during my morning meditation. This helps guide me towards self-control, while finding answers associated with my life path.
  • Polychrome jasper is associated with the Root Chakra. To benefit from this stone’s energy throughout the day, carry a piece in your trouser pocket.
  • The combination of colours within polychrome jasper is very calming. Place this stone around your home to bring harmony to the family. Also, it’s great to have a piece in your workspace to maintain a calm environment.
  • Polychrome jasper makes a great talisman for self-discovery. I like to wear this crystal in jewellery such as bracelets, rings and anklets, so it can sit against my skin. This keeps it in my auric field throughout the day. 
  • Crystal grids are a great way to stimulate your Root Chakra. Place one around your bed, or home, to protect against negativity, while creating a positive and calm environment.
  • Polychrome jasper is an excellent stone for spiritual workers, empaths and therapists. It protects your aura and releases negativity absorbed during a healing session. 

Popular Shapes of Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome jasper is popular with carvers and sculptures. It’s available in a wide range of shapes, including flames, palm stones, and tumble stones. Here are a few other shapes that can affect the stone’s healing properties.

Polychrome Jasper Sphere 

Polychrome jasper spheres represent completion and a sense of oneness. Due to their shape, spheres emit healing energy in every direction, making them great for both work and home environments.

Spheres have traditionally been used in shamanic practices to help people recall memories. They’re also great for scrying, as they allow you to see the whole situation.

Polychrome Jasper Heart

Polychrome jasper hearts emit the energy of love. This can aid with self-love, platonic love, romantic love, or even unconditional love.

Polychrome Jasper Egg

A polychrome jasper egg is a symbol of life, new beginnings, and creation (including fertility). When you use this in your healing practice, the duality of balance, yin-yang, and the male-female energy come together as one.

Use a polychrome jasper egg when you want to start a new phase in your life or for personal transformation.

Can Polychrome Jasper Be Used With Other Crystals?

Yes, polychrome jasper can be used with other jasper crystals. Also, as a type of quartz, it can be combined with most members of the quartz family.

Aside from jasper and quartz crystals, l like to use polychrome jasper with the following stones for a specific intention:

  • Black Obsidian. Black obsidian clears negativity from your auric field. The combination of black obsidian and polychrome jasper makes a formidable team for grounding through the Root Chakra. 
  • Carnelian. Carnelian is associated with the Sacral Chakra. It awakens your passions and inner creative talents. As a Stone of Motivation, Carnelian is a great crystal to use with polychrome jasper. Together, they’ll light up your passionate side and encourage you to take action.  


Is Polychrome Jasper Rare?

Yes, polychrome jasper is rare, as it’s only found in Madagascar. In fact, polychrome jasper is considered to be the rarest type of jasper. 

Polychrome Jasper vs Ocean Jasper

Polychrome jasper and ocean jasper have several similarities. For example, they are both rare, found in Madagascar, and contain swirls of colours. 

There are some significant differences between the two stones though. Ocean jasper is typically green, brown, and white, so it has a different appearance to polychrome jasper. This stone is also associated with the water element, while polychrome jasper is a fire and earth crystal.

I recommend using ocean jasper if you want to think positively or improve your communication skills. It’s also great for surfacing emotions to be released. Polychrome jasper is a better choice for grounding, creativity, or new beginnings.

Note: Polychrome jasper is known as a Lemurian Stone, as ocean jasper is called an Atlantis Stone.

Polychrome Jasper vs Mookaite

Mookaite is a member of the jasper family and is only found in Australia. It gets its name from the Mooka Creek where it was first discovered.

Like polychrome jasper, mookaite contains a combination of earthy colours. But they’re more vibrant, with deep purples and blood reds.

From a crystal healing perspective, both polychrome jasper and mookaite have a deep connection to the earth. They are both associated with the element of fire and the Root Chakra. This makes them useful for grounding, protection, and stability.

Mookaite also clears and balances the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. By doing so it’ll enable you to develop your gut instinct and strengthen self-will. 

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels Are Associated With Polychrome Jasper?

The Angels I most associate with polychrome jasper are:

  • Archangel Uriel – Archangel Uriel is the Angel of Fire. He will help ground your energy through the Root Chakra and open the creative centre. I use polychrome jasper when invoking this Angel.
  • Archangel Gazardial – This is an Angel for new beginnings. Gazardial is also a Sun Angel. I use polychrome jasper to invoke Him when I need an injection of energy and more motivation to embrace changes in my life.
  • Archangel Michael – This Angel’s name means ‘Who is Like God.’ Michael embodies strength, courage and protection. I use polychrome jasper to invoke Him when I want to draw on his strength.


Polychrome jasper is a happy, tranquil stone that has a strong resonance with the Root Chakra. This makes it useful for grounding and balance.

As a Stone of Courage and Determination, polychrome jasper is also great for new beginnings and maintaining motivation.

Do you have any questions about polychrome jasper’s healing properties? Please let me know in the comments section.

Mary Ancillette

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