9 Beautiful Root Chakra Stones and Crystals

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to the best crystals and stones for Root Chakra

If you lack emotional stability or struggle to let things go, your Root Chakra may be the problem. These nine crystals for the Root Chakra can balance, unblock, and activate this vital energy centre.

The Root Chakra, also referred to as the Base Chakra (First Chakra – Muladhara,) is the centre for self-preservation, security and grounding.

It’s situated at the base of the spine, on the perineum, and is red in colour. The Root Chakra is where your primal energy associated with instinct and survival is seated.

Independence, strength of will and health are all part of the Muladhara’s wonderful purpose. It connects with the Earth, reproductive and adrenal glands and has a masculine energy. It’s also where the resting Kundalini is located.

An imbalanced or blocked Root Chakra can make you feel tired or anxious. You may also find that frustration or anger stops you progressing towards your goals. An imbalance can even affect your sex drive.

The unique vibrations of healing crystals are one of the best ways to cleanse, awaken and balance the Root Chakra. The nine crystals below all resonate with the frequency of the Root Chakra and encourage alignment with its natural state.

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Which are the Best Root Chakra Stones & Gemstones?

Red Jasper

1. Red Jasper (The Supreme Nurturer and Stone of Endurance)

Colour: Red
Root, Sacral

Red jasper, which is a Stone of Vibrancy and Endurance, is my go-to crystal for stimulating the Root Chakra.

This nurturing crystal stirs life back into your chi, while boosting your motivation. It’s the perfect crystal when making new plans or dealing with life’s challenges.

As the Base Chakra is also the foundation of spiritual energies, it’s important to keep it balanced. Red jasper carries a spiritually grounding energy that’ll ensure you remain ‘connected with your true power. This will help your meditation and other spiritual practices.

Red jasper is also effective for awakening the Kundalini.

Black Tourmaline

2. Black Tourmaline

Colour: Black
Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Black tourmaline is an empowering gemstone for the Root Chakra. It’s the first stone I choose for protection, as it’s the best for repelling and transmuting lower energetic frequencies. This promotes a more positive attitude, happiness and good luck.

It also acts as a personal bodyguard by enveloping you in a metaphysical force-field. This stops negativity from other people’s unkind thoughts from affecting you.

This makes it a powerful crystal to protect against misfortune, accidents and ill health. It’s also great for removing negativity from the environment and protecting against psychic attacks.


3. Bloodstone (Stone of Courage and Bravery)

Colour: Green with Flecks of Red
Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart
Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Australia, India, Russia

Bloodstone, as the name suggests, is a powerful cleanser and healer that strongly connects with the Root Chakra. The combination of green and red represents a mix of growth, fearlessness and strength, so it provides a barrier to negativity and protects against threats.

Legend claims that bloodstone was formed at the crucifixion, when the blood of Christ fell to the ground and turned to stone. It’s a phenomenal crystal that stimulates resilience and helps you recognise the benefits of going through a difficult situation.

This earthy Root Chakra crystal also keeps you fully in the moment.

Tip for Using Bloodstone: Meditate with bloodstone to stimulate the Root Chakra and discover ways to withdraw from a threatening situation.

Smoky quartz untumbled

4. Smokey Quartz (Stone of Cooperation)

Colour: Light to Dark Smokey Grey/Brown
Root, Crown

Smokey quartz’s strong link with the earth makes it a powerful crystal for grounding and transforming negative energies into positive.

This crystal’s gentle energy dissolves emotional blockages caused by an imbalance in the Root Chakra. The result is a reduction in anger, mistrust, and other negative emotions. It also teaches you to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you and helps you to accept your physical body.

Smokey quartz’s versatile healing energy also re-aligns the Root Chakra, so you can let go of unimportant matters and attachment to material things. This will allow you to be more consciously present.

Tip for Using Smokey Quartz: Place a smokey quartz point away from the Root Chakra for grounding.


5. Carnelian (Stone of Creativity, Motivation, Endurance, Leadership and Courage)

Colour: Orange, Red
Sacral, Root
India, Romania, USA, Peru, Britain, Czech Republic, Iceland, Slovakia, Brazil

Carnelian, particularly in shades of red, is a powerful balancing crystal for the Root Chakra.

If you’re feeling demotivated, carnelian crystals can boost willpower, self-confidence, and give you the courage to make positive life choices.

As the Root Chakra plays an important role in creativity, carnelian is also useful for providing passion and inspiration.


6. Hematite (Stone for the Mind)

Colour: Silver, Black, Red with Metallic Sheen
Italy, Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil

Hematite is one of the best Root Chakra crystals for transforming negativity into a positive state. By drawing negative energy from your aura and filtering it through the Root Chakra, it neutralises any harmful effect. This reduces anxiety and keeps you grounded in reality.

As hematite creates distance between you and drama, it can help you feel more secure. Its lustre also deflects negative energies back to the sender.

Cravings, overspending and over-indulgences, such as smoking, stem from the Root Chakra being out of balance. Hematite has a fantastic ability to help you overcome bad habits by boosting your courage, willpower and survival instincts.

Also, as The Stone for the Mind, hematite’s grounding energy will help develop logical thinking. This will assist with decision making, particularly in business and finances.


7. Jet

Colour: Black

Jet is a mineral formed from fossilised wood. It’s great for both cleansing and balancing the Root Chakra.

This mineral’s powerful structure draws off negativity, absorbing it like a sponge. It’s a hugely important stone for protection, as it’ll guard against violence and poor health.

Don’t be fooled by its lightness though, as it dispels heavy energies, grounding them to earth. So, if you’re a worrier, jet can provide a more balanced perspective.

Jet is also an effective Root Chakra stone for protecting a business and ensuring your finances remain stable.

Note: Jet needs to be cleansed regularly as it absorbs negativity.


8. Garnet (Stone of Health and Commitment)

Colour: Deep Red, Pink, Orange/Brown, Clear Green
Root, and the other chakras dependant on the colour

As the Stone of Health, garnet’s regenerative energy aids recovery on the physical and metaphysical level.

The Root Chakra aligns with this vibration beautifully. By drawing in new restorative energy when your energy levels are low, this crystal will energise you without overstimulating. And it’s great for when you’ve got a hangover!

As well as supporting your health, this crystal helps emotionally. If you’re in a seemingly hopeless situation, through promoting courage and strength, this crystal will help you to move forward again.

Garnet stimulates the controlled rise of the Kundalini. It’ll guide you to explore your sexuality and help remove any inhibitions. This is a stone of lasting love, so will deepen intimacy and commitment.

Use garnet as part of your Root Chakra healing kit, as it fortifies your survival instinct.

9. Poppy Jasper

Colour: Mottled Red
China, USA, South Africa

Poppy jasper is a stunning crystal that takes its name from the poppy-like patterns embedded in the stone. Its energy promotes peace and serenity, which calms an over-stimulated Root Chakra.

When you’re facing unpleasant situations, or are affected by demanding people, self-confidence can get eroded. Poppy jasper’s energising vibration will help you to regain your strength and boost courage to reinstate boundaries.

Combine that with its warm, joyful energy that inspires compassion and a happy outlook, and you’ve got a truly empowering Root Chakra crystal.

Tip for Using Poppy Jasper: Use the nurturing poppy jasper worry stone for grounding when you’re feeling overwhelmed. By keeping it in your pocket, you can connect with its energy during the day.

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Other Crystal Healing Tips for the Muladhara Chakra

Crystals are a beautiful way to cleanse, balance and awaken the Root Chakra.

Here are a few ways you can use a Root Chakra crystal:

  • Meditation is a wonderful way to connect with the energetic footprint of crystals and deepen your practice. Put a crystal on your Root Chakra or place a grid around you before your practice. You can also hold them in your hands.
  • If you wish to create a more powerful effect, place your crystal on the Root Chakra and then lay 4 quartz points pointing at the chakra. This will focus the energy and healing experience.
  • Use a crystal ball to activate the Muladhara. In whatever position is most comfortable for you, hold the ball in both hands and roll it quickly between your palms for about 30 seconds. Then, place it over the Muladhara and with eyes closed, imagine the crystal balls energy pulsing to the vibration of this Chakra. Roll it slowly over this point for one minute. Repeat two more times. You can then continue this up through the other Chakras if you wish.
  • Crystal singing bowls with the frequency of C resonate beautifully with the Root Chakra.
  • If you wish to keep the wonderful energy of your crystal in your auric field throughout the day, jewellery is one of the best ways to do so. You’ll find the crystals mentioned in this article can be found in pieces of jewellery.
  • As anxiety and worry are emotions associated with an out of balance Muladhara, worry stones make perfect companions. Keep them in your pocket so that you can connect with them.
  • An easy and effective way to absorb the healing energies of Root Chakra crystals is through an elixir.
  • A good way to remain influenced by the wonderful healing energies of crystals for your Root Chakra, is to place them around your home and place of work. For example, you could place hematite near doorways or windows, and black tourmaline at your front door. This will purify the energy coming into your home. As Carnelian is uplifting and boosts creativity, place in the kitchen or studio. Bloodstone on your desk will help you to feel less stressed. But crystals look beautiful wherever you display them and the energies will help everyone else who lives there!
  • As the Root Chakra is associated with the earth, walking in nature is highly beneficial. Carry your crystal in your pocket or hold in your hand as you walk.
  • As you are most receptive to the healing nature of crystals as you sleep, place Root Chakra crystals beside your bed or under your pillow. This will enhance your intention. You can also lay a crystal grid around your bed for an amplified interaction.
  • Use affirmations like ‘I am grounded’, ‘I am secure’ whilst holding your chosen Root Chakra crystal. This helps maintain a balanced Root Chakra.
Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated with the Root Chakra?

Angels love to support us to become more balanced. So, I invoke Angels when I am cleansing, balancing and stimulating my Root Chakra to gain health, independence and grounding in the moment.

The Angels I associate with the Root Chakra are:

  • Archangel Uriel – This Angel’s name means ‘Fire of God’. He will assist you with grounding your energy through the Base Chakra. Also, He supports cleansing and recharging the Muladhara, promoting courage in yourself. His colour is red and resonates with hematite and red jasper.
  • Guardian Angel Achaiah – This is the Angel of Nature and is a wonderful Angel to invoke for growth. I love to invoke this Angel to promote patience, confidence and determination when starting something new. This Angel resonates with ruby and yellow crystals.  
  • Archangel Michael – Archangel Michael will help you to cut ties from toxic people. He also gives you courage to face obstacles. Blue kyanite – The Sword of Truth – and sugilite resonate with this Angel.
  • Archangel Sammael – This Angel loves to see you full of self-confidence. So, at times when feelings of hopelessness have gotten the better of you, invoke this Angel to help. Sammael resonates with ruby.
  • Archangel Sandalphon – This Angel is the Guardian Angel of Prayer. I use garnet to invoke Sandalphon to strengthen my sense of security.


If your Root Chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you’ll feel ungrounded and insecure. Feelings of fear, anger, and lethargy may surface.

The crystals and healing stones in this article have a wonderful vibration that aligns with the Root Chakra. They will cleanse, balance and stimulate the Muladhara, which will enhance confidence, courage and stability.

My favourite crystal for the Root Chakra is red jasper. I love the way it fires up my enthusiasm, empowering me to take control of my life. It’s such a gentle calming stone that doesn’t overstimulate and grounds me deeply into the earth’s vibrations.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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