Blue Goldstone: Healing Properties, Chakras, and Uses

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to blue goldstone's healing properties

Blue goldstone is a man-made crystal with a striking appearance. In this article, I’ll discuss blue goldstone’s healing properties, associated Chakras, and how to care for it.

Blue goldstone is an artificial stone, but it still has powerful healing properties. Its components resonate with both the Throat Chakra and Third Eye, making it a great choice for enhancing intuition and ambition.

In this guide, I’ll discuss blue goldstone’s healing benefits, Chakras, and zodiac signs. I’ll also discuss whether artificial stones can really provide healing benefits.

Blue Goldstone Meaning, History and Formation

ChakrasThird Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra
OriginRussia, Canada, USA, China, Norway
Zodiac SignsSagittarius, Scorpio, Pisces
ElementFire, Earth
Gemstone of the Month
RarityEasily Accessible
Chemical FormulaSiO

Blue goldstone is a sparkly stone made from artificial glass. The glittery effect comes from copper filings added during production, while the sand used for the glass includes tiny quartz crystals.

This stone is popular with jewellery makers due to its sparkle and colour. Blue goldstone can be polished, cut, or sanded, making it perfect for necklaces, earrings, or rings. 

Modern blue goldstone is manufactured in China, Canada, Norway, Russia and the USA. 

Is Blue Goldstone Man-Made?

Yes, blue goldstone is a man-made crystal.

There are references to a similar material dating back to the 12th century in Persia, which suggests blue goldstone has existed for a long time. The blue goldstone we know today originated in Italy during the 17th century though.

Italian monks were attempting to make gold, when they accidentally spilled copper shavings into a vat. This created goldstone, which the monks realised could become a valuable man-made crystal.

For a long time, the method of creating goldstone was kept a secret. One of the monks (Vincenzo Miotti of Venice) came from a family of glassmakers, so he was granted exclusive rights to produce goldstone.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that the secret was revealed. Pietro Bagaglia, a filigree glass maker, released the method for creating goldstone to the public.

How is Blue Goldstone Made?

Blue goldstone is made by heating molten glass in a large vat, using low oxygen. Cobalt is added to give the glass a rich deep blue colour. Copper oxide granules are added next, then the mix is allowed to cool slowly. The slower this mix cools, the larger the copper crystals within the stone. 

As well as blue goldstone, there are other colours of goldstone. The colour of the stone is changed by adding a different metal to the glass mix, which also affects the crystal’s healing properties.

ColourMetal Added to Create Glass ColourHealing Strengths
BlueCobaltAmbition, Intuition, Tranquillity, Speaking your Truth
Red/Brown NoneStability and Balance, Energising, Grounding, Protection
GreenChromiumDeep Emotional Healing, Calming, Confidence
PurpleManganesePsychic Communication and Ability, Insight

Does Blue Goldstone Have Healing Properties? 

Blue goldstone is an artificial crystal, but I believe it still provides healing properties.

This is because blue goldstone contains the natural elements of copper, cobalt, and quartz, which all have powerful healing qualities. The combination is what creates blue goldstone’s benefits and metaphysical properties.

Blue Goldstone Healing Properties

Metaphysical healing properties blue goldstone


Blue goldstone is a Stone of Ambition. It inspires you towards achieving the major goals in your life, while also helping you to stay optimistic when problems arise.

The reason for this effect is that the stone resonates with the energy of change. All ambitious goals require self-growth and change, making blue goldstone an excellent choice for high achievers.

Peace and Tranquillity

Blue goldstone induces a deep sense of serenity. It helps to calm your mind, which makes it a wonderful crystal for peace and tranquillity.

This is also a great crystal healing stone for empaths. As a sensitive person, blue goldstone’s soothing energy helps you to remain calm and encourages self-acceptance.

Additionally, blue goldstone cleanses the Throat Chakra, which assists with setting boundaries and preventing stressful relationship issues.

Enhancing Your Intuition

As I mentioned in the introduction, blue goldstone resonates with the Third Eye. This Energy Centre is our doorway to the spiritual self, which makes blue goldstone an excellent choice for improving intuition and self-trust.

Along with helping you to trust yourself, blue goldstone’s link with the Throat Chakra gives you the confidence to speak your innermost truths.


Blue goldstone is a healing stone for protection.

The copper elements deflect negative energy, shielding your aura from unwanted thoughts and attacks.

Quartz sand amplifies this energy, while surrounding you with positivity. The combination of these energies will protect you against jealous or manipulative people. 

Which Chakras Are Associated With Blue Goldstone?

Chakras for blue goldstone

Blue goldstone is linked with two Chakras: Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. Let’s take a closer look at how this affects blue goldstone healing properties.

Throat Chakra

Blue goldstone is associated with the Throat Chakra. This is your centre for communication and the first of the spiritual Chakras.

By connecting with the Throat Chakra, blue goldstone encourages a true and honest voice. This is particularly useful if you’re shy or find it difficult to express your thoughts.

As blue goldstone connects the Throat Chakra with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, it’s also a great stone to use when meditating. 

Third Eye

Blue goldstone is a fabulous stone for the Third Eye.

As the seat of your intuition and intellect, all thoughts and inspiration come from this Chakra. Blue goldstone stimulates the Third Eye, encouraging deeper inner knowing and self-worth.

Blue goldstone’s link with the Third Eye Chakra also protects your psychic sensitivities. This helps you to create strong energetic boundaries, which protect you from psychic attack and negative energies. 

Which Zodiac Signs Are Associated With Blue Goldstone?

Zodiac signs of blue goldstone

Blue goldstone healing properties can benefit all zodiac star signs, but there are three that the stone is closely linked with.


Blue goldstone resonates with a Sagittarian’s compassionate nature. It’s also an energising stone, helping to improve leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Sometimes a Sagittarian’s strong and assertive nature can make other people feel ignored. Blue goldstone is an excellent stone to carry with you to balance this self-confidence with teamwork.


As one of the most intuitive zodiac signs, blue goldstone is a great healing crystal for Scorpio. This is because blue goldstone resonates with your powerful Third Eye, the centre of intuition.

When using this stone, you’ll gain a higher level of clarity, helping you to commune with Angels.


Blue goldstone is a wonderful stone for Pisces, as it supports your intuitive and sensitive side. It encourages you to trust in your own wisdom, while stimulating your intuition.

This stone’s protective and calming properties are also perfect for a Pisces’ sensitive nature. In particular, blue goldstone can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by other people’s problems or dramas.

How to Use Blue Goldstone

There are many ways to gain the healing properties of blue goldstone. Here are a few of my favourite methods.

  • Children are drawn to this stone’s ‘magical’ appearance. Blue goldstone can help to alleviate fear of the dark, so keep it near them when they sleep.
  • Blue goldstone is a stunning stone to wear in jewellery. Its sparkling, uplifting energy will motivate you towards your goals. 
  • As blue goldstone resonates with the Throat Chakra and Third Eye, it’ll bring more passion and truth to your words. Place it on your throat or brow during a meditation.
  • This is a brilliant stone to have close to you at the start of the day. With its motivating, positive energy, it’ll chase away morning blues, leaving you ready for the day ahead.
  • Due to blue goldstone having a calming energy, place stones around your home and work environment. 

How to Care for Blue Goldstone

Caring for blue goldstone

To keep the surface of blue goldstone shiny, you can wash it with warm soapy water. This will remove grime and dust that may detract from its appearance.

Blue goldstone is a relatively hard stone, rating 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. It’ll scratch crystals that are softer than itself, such as calcite and selenite. On the other hand, it will be scratched by harder crystals such as quartz.

To avoid damage, wrap blue goldstone in a soft cloth before you put it away – especially if you’re storing it with other crystals.

Can Blue Goldstone Go in Water?

Yes, as blue goldstone is a form of glass, it’s safe to go in pure water. It won’t dissolve or rust, so it’s suitable for water cleansing.

As a general rule, I recommend avoiding salt water when cleansing crystals. While salt water probably won’t damage the glass of blue goldstone, there are safer cleansing methods you can use.

How to Cleanse Blue Goldstone

All crystals absorb negative energies, even if they are man-made. Cleansing blue goldstone removes negativity and restores the stone’s healing properties.

As blue goldstone is water tolerant, you can use the cleansing power of water to wash away negativity. But my favourite cleansing method for this stone is to use singing bowls:

  1. Choose your singing bowl. You can choose between crystal singing bowls or those made from bronze or brass. I use metal singing bowls for cleansing blue goldstone, as they contain a high ratio of copper. The larger the singing bowl, the deeper the sound.
  2. Place your singing bowl on a cushion. Place the singing bowl on a cushion to enhance the sound. Make sure that you’re resting the cushion on a flat surface.
  3. Put your crystals around the singing bowl. If you put the blue goldstone inside the singing bowl, it’ll deaden the sound. It may also vibrate against the metal which can cause damage.
  4. Strike the baton against the side of the singing bowl. Hold the mallet in your dominant hand and lightly strike the side of the singing bowl. This will emit a rich tone. Let the tone fade before striking again.
  5. Circle the rim of the singing bowl. A way to enhance this method of cleansing is by circling the rim of your singing bowl with the mallet. Do this straight after you have played the note to extend the sound. Circle the rim of the bowl in a clockwise direction 4-5 times.
  6. Focus on your intention. While performing cleansing, ensure you keep focused on your intention to remove negative energy.

Note: Beware of fake singing bowls. Fake bowls sound tinny and resonate for a shorter time. 

Does Blue Goldstone Need Charging?

All crystals and stones need to be charged to restore their vibrancy. Blue goldstone contains several natural materials that benefit from charging.

Here are a few suggestions of how to charge blue goldstone:

  • Hold blue goldstone in your hands and fill it with love.
  • Place goldstone in the sun to recharge it.
  • Charge blue goldstone by letting the energising effect of flowing water wash over it.
  • You can use selenite to recharge blue goldstone crystals. Selenite plates are particularly effective for this.

Which Stones Go Well With Blue Goldstone?

Blue goldstone is a versatile stone. It can be combined with any crystal containing similar properties or associated Chakras. Here are a few combinations that I find work well together:

  • Lapis Lazuli. Lapis lazuli and blue goldstone help you to explore your spirituality. They also encourage honest communication. So, if you want to develop your intuition, and speak from a higher state of consciousness, these two make a good pair.
  • Amber. Amber is a warm, happy stone that’s formed from tree resin. It’s great for absorbing negativity from those around you. Blue goldstone’s protective capacity shields your aura, deflecting negative energies. Together, they make a stunning combination for protection.
  • Azurite. Azurite and blue goldstone both energise the Third Eye. They both contain copper and reflect the deep evening skies. As calming stones, used together they’ll enhance your meditation practice.
Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels Are Associated With Blue Goldstone?

Angels love to support us in all our endeavours. The Angels that I use with blue goldstone are:

  • Archangel Zadkiel – Zadkiel is associated with the Third Eye. He’s also the ruler of Jupiter, which is Sagittarius’ ruling planet. I use blue goldstone when invoking this Angel to help improve my psychic skills. 
  • Archangel Cambiel – Archangel Cambiel is an Angel for ambition and aspirations. He guides you to listen to your intuition. Use blue goldstone when invoking this Angel.


Blue goldstone is a beautiful man-made stone. Due to the minerals used in the production process, the crystal has a strong connection with the Throat Chakra and Third Eye. This means it can provide peace, enhanced intuition, and protection.

As a Stone for Ambition, blue goldstone is also a great stone for helping your dreams to come true.

Do you have any questions about blue goldstone healing properties? Please use the comments form below.

Mary Ancillette

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