9 Healing Crystals for Astral Projection and Travel

By Mary Ancillette |

Crystals for astral projection and travel

Do you want to improve your astral projection and travel skills? Crystals can reinforce your determination, induce relaxation and help you remember the experience when back in the physical body.

We are all energetic beings who journey when we sleep. Unfortunately, we often don’t remember these potentially life-changing experiences upon waking.

Astral projection and travel is the conscious choice to allow your astral body (soul) to leave the physical body and visit other dimensions. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, you must first project onto the astral plane, before being able to travel and explore it.

Inducing a state of astral travel comes naturally for some people, while for others it takes practice. But, however long it takes to master, once you have, you’ll experience a profound shift in spiritual growth.

Healing crystals can help the process. They encourage focus, offer protection, and help you to remember the experience. Here are nine of the best crystals for astral projection and travel.

Which are the Best Crystals for Astral Travel?


1. Iolite (Stone of Exploration and the Muses)

Colour: Clear blue – Deep Violet
Third Eye, Crown
USA, Norway, Africa

Iolite, also known as cordierite, is a powerful healing crystal for astral travelling. It’s highly energetic and resonates beautifully with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

Having been revered over the centuries, it’s no surprise that iolite can increase awareness when travelling. However, it’s the stone’s ability to help you remember the experience once back in the physical body that makes it such a special crystal for astral travel.

This Stone of Exploration can also attract Angels and Spirit Guides to you. Known as The Violet Stone, it’s energetically enabled to strengthen your aura and helps to raise consciousness whilst inner journeying.

Iolite is also favoured by Shamans as medicine to stimulate the imagination and visionary experiences.

Tip for Using Iolite: Keep iolite in your energy field as long as possible to stimulate your imagination. You can do this by either wearing it as jewellery or by keeping a piece in your pocket.


2. Ametrine

Colour: Purple and Yellow
Crown and Solar Plexus

Many people struggle to induce a state of astral projection during their first attempts. For this reason, ametrine’s ability to boost perseverance and relaxation makes it a wonderful stone for astral travel.

As a combination of amethyst and citrine, ametrine combines the benefits of both crystals into a single package. These include amethyst’s relaxing energy, which helps your astral body to leave the physical dimension, and citrine’s anxiety-reducing effects.

Tip for Using Ametrine: If you need extra focus and perseverance to astral travel, place ametrine on your solar plexus for additional spiritual healing.

Blue calcite

3. Blue Calcite (Stone of Inspiration)

Colour: Blue

Blue calcite has a remarkable ability to wrap you in an energetic blanket, easing worries and inducing a sense of deep relaxation. This is so important when astral projecting or travelling.

Once you’re cocooned in this comfort, blue calcite blocks negative energies from interfering with your aura, allowing a smooth transition into astral travel.

Aside from its protection abilities, blue calcite crystals help bring the memory of the mind and body back with you to the physical. This can generate creative ideas and enhance your psychic skills.

Black tourmaline

4. Black Tourmaline (Black Stone for Protection)

Colour: Black
Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

When astral travelling and projecting, you need protection from negative entities. These influences can drain your energy and prevent you from travelling higher.

Black tourmaline is a highly protective gemstone that’s brilliant for protection.

By empowering the Base Chakra and working alongside other astral travel gemstones, black tourmaline can also help to keep your positive energies rising.

Tip for Using Black Tourmaline: When you’re astral travelling, wear a black tourmaline pendant for protection. You might also want to read my page about protection crystals.


5. Moldavite (Extra-Terrestrial Stone)

Colour: Olive green
Czech Republic

Moldavite is an interesting crystal for astral travel, due to its extra-terrestrial origins and the olive colour of receptiveness.

As it’s from space, moldavite’s ability is limitless, taking you beyond boundaries and into dimensions of galactic energies. If you can’t reach the separation required to successfully astral travel, then this may be the crystal to help.

Note: I don’t recommend moldavite for beginners, as it takes experience to harness its unique energy.


6. Labradorite (Stone for Serendipity and Magic)

Colour: Iridescent blue, greyish to black, yellow
Chakra: Third Eye
Origin: Russia, Canada, Scandinavia, Italy

If you can’t imagine anything more adventurous than journeying into the depths of the subconscious, labradorite is the stone for you.

The mysticism that surrounds astral travel is immense and this Stone of Magic can, without effort, glide you through the astral plane.

Labradorite can also shield your aura against psychic attacks and energy leaks. This will strengthen the link between the physical and journeying, increasing your desire to know more. This inter-dimensional stone is a must to include with your astral travel collection.

Tip for Using Labradorite: Combine labradorite with iolite when you astral travel for a powerful boost to your ability.


7. Angelite (Stone of Awareness)

Colour: Blue and White
Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Germany, Poland

Angelite is one of the best stones for astral travel and projection, as it combines all the qualities required into a single stone.

It has an infinite power to heighten skills of telepathy, clairvoyance and astral travel through aligning the physical body with the ethereal. This helps you to develop an instinctive skill for astral journeying.

As the name implies, angelite is masterful at connecting with Angels and otherworldly beings. It’ll also help you to avoid negative entities from draining your energies.

Additionally, angelite will leave you with loving vibrations of peace and serenity when you awake.

Tip for Using Angelite: Make an angelite elixir to provide a shield around your physical body.


8. Clear Quartz (The Master Healer and Stone of Power)

Colour: Clear

I couldn’t go any further without including The Master Healer in our collection of astral projection crystals.

As The Stone of Power, clear quartz is an energy amplifier and an opener of all the chakras. As such, it increases your ability for astral travel and enhances results.

Working specifically through the Crown Chakra, clear quartz opens pathways to your higher self, connecting your human energies with the energies of the universe. This will facilitate ‘speaking’ with Ascended Masters, Teachers and Angels.

Clear quartz will also magnify the effects of other astral projection crystals, making it a useful stone to have.


9. Astrophyllite

Colour: Black, Grey, Brown or Yellow
Canada, USA, Greenland, Russia

Named after the Greek word for star (astron), astrophyllite’s connection with the astral plane is clear.

It’ll have you searching for new levels of self-belief by dismissing self-limitations. As a result, astrophyllite helps crystallise your intention for astral protection and travel. The stone will also guide and protect during your journey.

The only downside is that astrophyllite isn’t a common crystal. So, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your collection, make sure you use it to facilitate astral travel.

BONUS CRYSTAL: Apophyllite

Apophyllite is formed in many colours and can be used to enhance all aspects of inner travelling.

It’s particularly useful for enhancing the connection between the physical and spiritual realms. Apophyllite also improves confidence in the spiritual wisdom that comes through to you.

This isn’t the right gemstone if you’re fearful of exploring the depths of energy though, as it’ll lead you into close proximity with your spirit guides and spirit animals. You may also see emotional wounding.

However, apophyllite will lovingly support you through this and help to restore balance.

Note: Stillbite is often found in apophyllite. It contains the same energetic blueprint as apophyllite, but has the added benefit of acting as a protector and energy booster when required.

Tip for Using Apophyllite: Place an apophyllite pyramid on your third eye to enhance the energy when you’re astral travelling and projecting.

Deep Space

Other Tips for Using Stones for Astral Projection and Travel

There are many ways crystals can be used to strengthen and enhance your astral travel experience. These include:

  • Place an astral travel crystal grid around your bed. By focusing on the grid, feeling the energies that surround you, you’ll glide more easily into journeying and be able to recall the experience.
  • Crystals aligned with astral projection and travel can be placed in the four corners of your room to amplify the energy and provide protection.
  • Meditation is wonderful when you have a specific intention. For astral projection and travel, try focusing your energies through the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakra. Meditating on these chakras will help you open these areas, lifting your levels of consciousness to meld with the angelic realms and masters.
  • Place crystals on each of your chakras to open, balance and stimulate them. All the chakras need to be activated and in alignment for astral projection and travel.
  • It’s always best to practice astral projection or travel when relaxed. If you’re over-tired you are more likely to fall asleep, so try sleeping with crystals to aid a restful night and then start around dawn. You may like to read my article Best Crystals for Sleeping Problems for additional tips on getting a good night’s sleep.
  • The shape of a crystal can help boost the power of a stone. This is particularly useful when astral travelling and connecting with spirit realms. Crystal pyramids, for example, are powerful shapes, as they increase and focus the energy field. Place crystal pyramids on your Third Eye, Throat or Heart Chakra whilst journeying. Obelisks aid the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, so you may wish to use these also. A Merkaba is also another powerful shape for connection with higher realms.
  • Wear jewellery with your chosen astral projection stone to either heighten awareness or to afford protection and grounding.
  • Elixirs are an easy way to absorb the energy of a crystal. Please ensure the crystal you have chosen is suitable to be used for this purpose though.

Note: While astral projection is a similar state to lucid dreaming, the two are not the same. Lucid dreaming is when you can control a dream, while astral travel is when the astral body leaves the physical one.


Astral projection and travel allows you to consciously leave your physical body and connect with your higher self, Angels and Ascended Masters.

Crystals, can guide and protect you through the process, allowing you to reconnect with infinite wisdom and bring the memory back with you.

My favourite crystal for astral projection and travel is ametrine. Its courteous and uplifting energies make it the perfect crystal to improve my determination to succeed. It also brings me closer to the deep relaxed state needed to enter the spirit realm.

Mary Ancillette

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