9 Best Healing Stones and Crystals for Grounding

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to crystals and stones for grounding

If you feel impulsive, clumsy or find it difficult to focus, you may be suffering from a lack of grounding. These nine crystals for grounding can help.

Grounding is the essential connection between us and planet Earth. It allows the healing energy of Earth to flow via the Root Chakra, providing spiritual, emotional and physical balance. It also neutralises negative energy.

The flip-side is that being ungrounded can cause a number of issues, such as insecurity, fear, and negativity. A lack of grounding also makes it difficult to stay in the moment.

Grounding stones can clear blockages and allow positive electrons to flow from the Earth into the Root Chakra. As a result, you’ll feel centred, less reactive, and able to make better decisions.

There are many stones with healing properties that help with grounding, but the healing crystals below are amongst the best for connecting with Earth.

Which are the Best Crystals and Stones for Grounding?

Hematite Gemstone

1. Hematite (Stone for the Mind)

Colour: Silver, Black, Red with Metallic Sheen
Italy, Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil

As one of the most powerful grounding stones, hematite’s energy connects you deep into the Earth. This ensures you remain firmly rooted and able to focus on the current moment.

Being present has a positive effect on many areas of life. If you’re working on a project, for example, hematite will help organise your thoughts for greater mental clarity. It can also prevent impulsive reactions.

As this crystal has a high iron content, it also creates distance between you and emotionally draining people.

This allows you to respond more appropriately to a situation, rather than making snap decisions or judgements. It also makes hematite a wonderful crystal for empaths, along with other gemstones such as lapis lazuli and malachite.

Tip for Using Hematite: Hematite is great for your office desk. It’ll align your energy to provide clarity and focus. Hematite’s healing properties can also protect against negative energy.

Smoky quartz untumbled

2. Smokey Quartz (Stone of Cooperation)

Colour: Light to Dark Smokey Grey/Brown
Root, Crown

Smokey quartz is one of my favourite crystals for grounding, as it has a high vibrational energy that grounds from the Crown to the Root Chakra.

This makes it a more spiritually grounding crystal compared to others, as it stimulates higher awareness. As a result, its vibrations are perfect for staying present when meditating.

Its light, gentle essence also neutralises negative energy and balances the Root Chakra. So, if you’re feeling worried or need to let go of unhelpful thought patterns, smokey quartz will free you from this emotional baggage.

Tip for Using Smokey Quartz: Align a smokey quartz point away from the Root Chakra when meditating to accelerate grounding.

Black tourmaline

3. Black Tourmaline

Colour: Black
Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Black tourmaline is one of my go-to crystals for protection, but it’s also phenomenal for grounding.

By connecting Earth’s energies through your Root Chakra, black tourmaline cleanses negative thought patterns and insecurities. As a result, this stone is great for reducing anxiety and improving confidence.

It can also relieve negative emotions stored in the auric field, which provides a wonderful sense of well-being and positivity. In fact, it’s one of my top recommendations for a positivity crystal, along with others such as chrysocolla and peridot.

Tip: If you suffer from anxiety, crystals such as citrine, kyanite, and amethyst can also help.

Red Jasper

4. Red Jasper (The Supreme Nurturer and Stone of Endurance)

Colour: Red
Root, Sacral

Red jasper is a warm, gentle stone for grounding that brings strength and stamina to the fore.

It’s been used as a talisman for warriors through the ages and empowers self-belief. It’ll ensure you remain ‘connected’ with the real you.

Red jasper is also a stabiliser. This is important during times of stress or when you need emotional balance.

Through the increased flow of chi, which is stimulated by this crystal, you’ll be able to deal with life’s challenges with renewed strength, stamina and perseverance.

Note: You can also use black jasper for grounding. This is a rare form of jasper that’s not always easy to find though.


5. Jet

Colour: Black

Jet isn’t strictly a crystal, as it’s a mineral formed from fossilised wood. Nevertheless, it’s a brilliant stone for grounding.

Throughout history, jet has been used to relieve feelings of indecision. Its black hues also make it highly efficient for absorbing negativity.

So, if heavy energies are weighing on you, jet is a great stone to use.

Note: Jet needs to be cleansed more regularly than many healing stones, as it absorbs negativity.


6. Bloodstone (Stone of Courage and Bravery)

Colour: Green with Flecks of Red
Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart
Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Australia, India, Russia

Bloodstone strongly connects with the Root Chakra and is ideal for grounding. This stone is also one of my favourites for boosting energy levels, along with crystals such as turquoise and carnelian.

Bloodstone was believed to have formed when blood from Christ fell on jasper at the foot of the cross, during His crucifixion.

As it centres and grounds you, bloodstone’s strong vibrating energy helps you reach the root of a problem and move forward.

This loving stone is also wonderful for overcoming relationship worries, especially when the problem stems from a past life or the genetic line. Through grounding, it stimulates resilience and helps you accept the benefits of going through this difficult situation.

Tip for Using Bloodstone: As bloodstone is Heart-Centred, as well as having an earthy energy, you can wear it in jewellery over your Heart Chakra to gain balance in love.

Petrified Wood

7. Petrified Wood (Stone of Transformation)

Colour: Brown, Grey, Black
USA, Australia, Egypt, Argentina

Petrified wood has a strong grounding energy which links your Root Chakra to Earth.

This crystal is particularly good for grounding the energy of change. It ensures a level of acceptance and brings patience through the process.

Known as a Stone of Transformation, petrified wood encourages perseverance whilst you’re adapting. It‘ll support you to take a different path.

So, if you need balance and a strong foundation for future change, petrified wood is the crystal to use.

Note: Petrified wood also appears on my list of the best crystals for patience.

Moss Agate

8. Moss Agate (Stone of Gardening and Balance)

Colour: Green, Blue, Brown, Red
Heart, Base
Australia, India, USA

Moss agate is a lovely grounding crystal that resembles a mossy lawn. With its link to nature, you couldn’t ask for a more earthy crystal to bring harmony to your yin-yang balance.

It resonates with the Heart Chakra, so the energy is very nurturing. However, it vibrates at a lower frequency than most Heart Chakra crystals, which makes it perfect for grounding.

This crystal will ensure you’re well rooted into Earth. It’ll ground excess energy, which will calm a busy life, and boost your ability to manifest so you can reach your potential.

Black obsidian

9. Black Obsidian

Colour: Black
Root Chakra

Black obsidian is formed by the rapid cooling of lava. As it combines the elements of fire, earth and water, obsidian is a truly remarkable crystal for grounding.

It has a strong connection with Mother Earth, and is a great crystal to use after you’ve been doing spiritual work, as it’ll re-ground you.

Excess energy and negativity can store in your auric field, which black obsidian can ground through the Root Chakra. This brings a sense of calmness and serenity if you’re feeling over-reactive.

BONUS CRYSTAL – Shungite (Stone of Transformation and Life)

Shungite is made from carbon and has a lustrous sheen. It makes a fabulous grounding stone and is also useful for protecting against harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). Shungite also resonates beautifully with the Root Chakra.

This gemstone is particularly powerful in the shape of a pyramid. Pyramids are strong geometric shapes that represent foundation, focus and stability.

Tree grounding roots

Grounding Visualisation

A grounding visualisation is a potent exercise that can be performed anywhere. Here’s how to perform this grounding exercise:

  1. While holding a grounding crystal, stand or sit with your feet on the ground. You can also place grounding crystals around your feet.
  2. Close your eyes. If you prefer to keep them open, let your focus soften.
  3. Take a few deep breaths and bring your awareness to your feet.
  4. Notice how warm or cold they feel. Become aware of the weight going down through them onto the floor. If you’re wearing shoes, notice all parts of the shoe that are in contact with your feet. If you’re standing barefoot, allow the sensations of the ground you’re standing on to flood into you.
  5. Now, imagine roots growing down from the soles of your feet. See them going deeper and deeper into the earth beneath you. If it helps, you could have an image of a tree with its root structure placed in front of you.
  6. Once your roots have reached a depth you feel comfortable with, visualise the grounding crystal set deep within the earth. Watch as the roots wrap themselves around it. This will secure you firmly to Earth.
  7. If you wish, you can now draw up the energy of that crystal, through the roots and into yourself.

Once you’ve finished, bathe in this newfound connectedness with Mother Earth and notice how your resonance has lowered, before going on with your day.

Other Tips for Using Crystals for Grounding

Grounding crystals have a unique vibration that resonates with the Earth. They pull our sense of awareness down and ensure we remain balanced.

Here are some other tips for using your grounding crystals effectively:

  • Affirmations are a great way to remain grounded. Hold a grounding crystal and repeat affirmations like ‘I am grounded,’ ‘I am safe.’
  • Weighted blankets are a lovely way to gain the benefit of grounding as you sleep or during meditation. They ground by pressing your body downwards, which reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety. You can buy blankets that contain amethyst and black tourmaline within the lining, or you could sew some in yourself. You can also use weighted pillows and mats.
  • A wonderful way to get in touch with the Planet is to walk barefoot. Holding a grounding crystal in the palm of your hand, perform a walking meditation on grass, sand or pebbles.
  • Gardening is another wonderful way to connect with nature and grounding. Carry grounding crystals in your pocket or wear them in jewellery whilst you do this, you wouldn’t want to lose any!
  • A grounding crystal grid helps you stay in the present moment. Place crystals in an inverted triangle around your prone body – from waist level to below your feet. You could use flint, smokey quartz, hematite, magnesite, charoite or any other grounding crystals. Lay there for up to half an hour and allow yourself to connect with Earth. Pick one of the crystals from your grid and carry it with you afterwards, to help you to remain connected.

Tip: If you’re an empath who often feels overwhelmed, please read my article about crystals for empaths. I’ve also written a guide to crystals that resonate with the Root Chakra.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Grounding Crystals Work?

There are many ways that crystals can help you to become more grounded and at peace.

For example, grounding gemstones can connect your Root Chakra to the Earth’s natural energy. Strengthening this connection helps you to feel more grounded and centred.

Grounding stones can also resolve imbalances in the Root Chakra and neutralise negative energy. Some stones, such as black obsidian, can also remove unwanted energy from your auric field.

Who Should Use Grounding Stones?

Anyone can benefit from grounding crystals, but these gemstones are particularly useful if you feel reactive, lacking in confidence, stressed, negative, or unable to relax. These are common symptoms of being ungrounded.

Where Should I Put Crystals for Grounding?

I like to place crystals for grounding around my home, as this means I benefit from their healing properties throughout the day. You can also wear grounding crystals in jewelry to keep these stones near your body when outside.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated With Grounding?

The angels I most associate with grounding are:

  • Archangel Ariel – Archangel Ariel is considered to have a female energy and is associated with Earth as well as nature. This makes Her the perfect Angel to invoke for grounding. Archangel Ariel resonates with pale pink crystals such as rose quartz.
  • Archangel Uriel – This Angel will help you to ground your energy through the Base Chakra. I use hematite or red jasper when invoking Uriel.
  • Archangel Metatron – This Angel is known as the ‘Angel of Life,’ and is one of the Ascension Angels. He uses an orange cloak to help ground us to our present life. I love to use watermelon tourmaline when invoking this Angel.


Grounding is essential for health and well-being. It allows a positive flow of electrons from Earth to nurture your mental, physical and emotional bodies. Grounding also keeps you in the present moment.

Crystal healing, including the nine gemstones in this article, is a wonderful way to attain a consistent grounding. Crystal healers can use these stones to increase focus, reduce stress, and maintain a true sense of self.

My favourite crystal for grounding is hematite. It has a powerful earth energy that grounds me to the present moment. This helps me to stay focused and stop the head-mind chatter.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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  1. I am just beginning to learn and picked up a kyranite crystal to start with. I went in looking for a brown stone for grounding, thinking that was what I needed, but was drawn to the kyranite. It seems a logical choice for a beginner. I didn’t know until I already had it that it was one of two (or so I read) that doesn’t need cleansing. I didn’t even know that any needed cleansing so I am pleased with my choice. I am researching what I need next.


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