Crystals for Gemini: 9 Best Healing Stones for This Astrological Sign

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to crystals for Gemini

Do you want to enhance your Gemini qualities? Or are negative traits, such as a lack of direction or inconsistency, interfering with your life? These nine crystals for Gemini may help

If you were born between May 21st and June 20th, you fall into the zodiac sign of Gemini, the 3rd sign of the zodiac.

People born under this air sign are adaptable, curious and quick thinking. They tend to be outgoing and love being surrounded by interesting people, making them wonderful friends and partners. Geminis are also intelligent and, with Mercury as a Ruling Planet, are great communicators.

As with all star signs, however, Geminis can have less desirable traits. In particular, they are sometimes prone to gossip, stretch the truth, or even lie.

For this reason, you may benefit from using crystals to enhance positive Gemini aspects and dampen the negative ones. Here are the nine of my favourite crystals for Gemini.

Which are the Best Gemini Stones and Crystals?


1. Agate

Colour: Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown, White, Red, Grey, Purple, Pink, Black
Heart, Base and Others Chakras Depending on Colour

Agate is a birthstone for May and June, as well as the Zodiac sign of Gemini. It’s also associated with Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet. This combination makes agate a potent crystal for Geminis.

People born under this zodiac sign love learning and intelligent conversation. You’re quick to learn and are curious. But on the flip side, Geminis can be a little nosy or get bored easily.

This stone’s magnetism draws you back down to earth, so you can stay focused. It’ll encourage honest communication and, as it has a slower frequency than other crystals, will help to calm your active mind. 


2. Apophyllite (Stone of Truth)

Colour: Clear, Yellow, White, Peach, Green
Crown, Third Eye
India, UK, Australia, Czech Republic, Brazil, Italy

Geminis excel at understanding that there are always two sides to an argument. Apophyllite strengthens this ability, which improves your communication skills even further.

As a moon stone for Gemini, apophyllite also develops intuition and encourages self-introspection. By being honest about the past and your mistakes, you’re less likely to repeat them.

Tip for Using Apophyllite: Apophyllite is a high vibrational crystal that’s wonderful to meditate with. It’ll help you to let go of the past so you can move forward.


3. Celestite

Colour: Blue
Crown, Throat
UK, Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Madagascar, Poland, USA

Celestite is a beautiful Gemini gemstone. It gets its name from the Latin for heavenly, caelestic, and connects you with the angelic realms.

Communication is one of Gemini’s strengths, but people of this star sign can still struggle with indecision, nervousness and a loss for words. The soothing energy of celestite eases worries and promotes mental clarity.

This will give you a deep sense of peace and trust in yourself. It’ll encourage honest communication at times of stress and support you to make the right choices.

Note: Celestite will fade in direct sunlight, so keep it away from windows.


4. Howlite

Colour: Green, White
Heart, Crown

Geminis have an energetic, sociable and fun-loving nature – at least when their spiritual centres are balanced.

But when a Gemini’s Chakras are out of balance, this spontaneity can turn into restlessness or impulsive behaviours. If you find it hard to relax and often experience anger or anxiety, an imbalance could be the root cause.

Through cleansing the aura and re-aligning the Chakras, howlite is a Gemini stone that provides emotional support and calms your mind. This provides a renewed sense of purpose and patience that will help you to achieve your goals.

Tip for Using Howlite: Due to Gemini’s energetic nature, you may find it hard to relax at night. Place a piece of howlite under your pillow to help you sleep.

Green Zoisite

5. Green Zoisite (Stone of Happiness)

Colour: Green
Tanzania, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Kenya, USA, Norway, India

Green zoisite is a slow acting crystal that helps Geminis to release fears and self-criticism. This will encourage you to move forward without feeling weighed down by people’s comments or what society expects.

Also, by embracing your own uniqueness, you’ll energise your creative talents.

As a Heart Centred crystal, zoisite will strengthen love, growth and fertility. This makes it easier to connect with inner happiness and self-worth. Its energy promotes action, and compliments the Gemini’s need for excitement.

Tip for Using Green Zoisite: As green zoisite is a slow acting crystal, wear it against the skin for long periods.


6. Serpentine

Colour: Green, Red, brown-Red, Brown-Yellow, Black, White
Russia, Norway, UK, USA, Italy, Zimbabwe, Australia, South Africa, Brazil

Serpentine is a wonderful birthstone for Gemini. It stimulates the Crown Chakra where intuition, mental and nervous calm originate. Activating this Chakra gives you the confidence to stand up for yourself rather than conforming to outside pressures.

Its name comes from the Latin, Serpentinus, meaning serpent. So, as well as energising the Crown Chakra, it stimulates your Kundalini energy, which rests like a coiled snake at the base of the spine. This potent force balances the Chakras and clears stagnant energy as it rises upwards towards the Crown.

The result is a healthy flow of positive energy throughout your mental, emotional and physical body.

Tip for Using Serpentine: Use serpentine when undergoing spiritual exploration, such as past life memory recall. Place the crystal on your Base Chakra or in a crystal grid to open your psychic ability.

Blue Kyanite

7. Blue Kyanite (Earth Stone)

Colour: Blue/White
All, but especially Throat, Third Eye and Crown
Brazil, USA

Blue kyanite is an ascendant crystal for Gemini. As a stone for the Throat Chakra and Third Eye, it encourages truthful communication (click here to learn more about communication crystals.) It’ll also provide clarity when in an argument.

Due to a Gemini’s changeable nature, they can bend the truth or even gossip when it suits them.

By meditating with this high vibrational crystal, you’ll gain the confidence to speak the truth. This cuts through any superficiality, so you can express your feelings or thoughts honestly.

Note: This blue stone only emits energy, so it doesn’t need cleansing.


8. Phenacite (Phenakite)

Colour: Colourless
Crown, Third Eye
Russia, USA, Madagascar, Brazil, Zimbabwe

Phenacite is one of the highest vibrational crystals and is great for the Gemini mind. It facilitates intuition and meditation, making it one of the best Gemini stones for spiritual learning.

As a powerful stimulator of the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras, this crystal also connects and downloads information from the Akashic records. This is a ‘spiritual library’ where everything we think or do is recorded.

Geminis have a high intellect that resonates with this energy. Phenacite will encourage you to focus on what is important in your life, and speed up your spiritual learning.

Tip for Using Phenacite: Phenacite has a high vibration. So, you may wish to keep yourself grounded by having black tourmaline or hematite near you when you use it. Use stones that come from Zimbabwe or Brazil for achieving higher awareness.

Dalmation stone

9. Dalmatian Stone

Colour: Pale Grey, Cream with Black Spots
Root, Sacral

The colours of dalmatian stone mirror the duality of light and dark that a Gemini often experiences.

Getting its name from the dog breed, Dalmatian, it has a playful, loving energy that resonates with a Gemini’s personality.

If you’re down on your luck or feeling despondent, this crystal’s energy will boost your positivity and inspire motivation to move forward.

As Geminis have a tendency to over complicate or get bored easily, dalmatian stone will also balance your yin/yang energy. This will help you to achieve your goals and reignite your energy.

Note: This stone is sometimes referred to as dalmatian jasper or dalmatine.

Tip for Using Dalmatian Stone: To remain close to the playful energy of this crystal, wear it in jewellery or carry in your pocket throughout the day.

Gemini Star Sign

Other Tips for Using Healing Crystals for Gemini

Crystal healing is a lovely way to encourage Gemini qualities, whilst reducing undesirable traits. Here are some ways that I like to use their healing properties:

  • Geminis ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication, and this zodiac sign is associated with the Throat Chakra. Wear crystals in necklaces and earrings to keep their energetic vibration close to this energy centre.
  • Crystal singing bowls help to energise the aura and balance the Chakras. The crystal singing bowl for the Gemini sun sign resonates with the frequency of D (Sacral Chakra.)
  • Meditation is a wonderful way to quieten a Gemini’s active mind and gain focus. Use Gemini crystals to deepen your practice. Simply holding the crystal is fine, but you can also place a crystal grid around you before starting.
  • Elixirs are a lovely way to stay hydrated while absorbing the energetic resonance of a Gemini crystal. Please note that some crystals are not suitable for this use.
  • Place crystals aligned to the Gemini sun sign under your bed or pillow to calm your mind when sleeping.

Note: I’ve also written a number of other crystals for astrological signs, including crystals for Tauruscrystals for Capricorncrystals for Aries, and crystals for Scorpio. You can also view my full list of crystal healing guides.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated With Gemini?

The Angels I like to invoke when using crystals for Gemini are:

  • Archangel Michael – Archangel Michael is the ruler of Mercury, the ruling Planet of Gemini. His name means ‘Who is Like God’ and I use lapis lazuli, blue kyanite or sugilite when I invoke Him. Michael offers strength and protection while encouraging truthful communication.
  • Angel Ambriel – Ambriel is the ruler of Gemini. I invoke Him when I need to solve a problem or improve communication skills. I use clear quartz, blue agate or sapphire when invoking this Angel.
  • Archangel Ariel – As an Archangel of Air, Geminis element, I use pale pink crystals such as rose quartz when invoking Ariel. This Angel is also associated with nature. He is wonderful for clearing blockages that may be causing indecision or uncertainty.


As a Gemini, your character is influenced by the Sun, Moon, Ruling Planet and Ascendant. Each of these resonates with a particular crystal.

If you wish to enhance your sociable, quick thinking and curious nature, these nine crystals for Gemini will help.

My favourite crystal for Gemini is agate. It draws a Gemini back to Earth when their head is full of intellectual energies.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and therapist from the UK. She’s passionate about helping others improve their lives through harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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