10 Crystals for Self-Love and Self-Worth

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to the best crystals for self-love and self-acceptance

Do you struggle to forgive or accept yourself? Or do you prioritise others above your own needs? These ten crystals for self-love can reinforce your self-worth and give you a greater sense of wellbeing.

Self-love means honouring your true essence through every thought, word and action. Nourishing yourself like this isn’t always easy, but it can have a profound effect on your life and relationships.

This is because loving yourself starts a cascade of positive benefits. Self-love motivates you to take care of your physical and emotional needs, so you make healthy choices and stop self-sabotaging behaviour. This, in turn, gives you more energy, a positive outlook on life, and greater self-respect.

Before long, you’ll notice your relationships and communication are also improving, benefiting everyone around you. Self-love isn’t selfish, it’s empowering!

Crystals are wonderful for encouraging this transformative self-love and emotional healing. They balance, energise and support our Chakras, allowing self-love and self-esteem to blossom. Here are ten of my favourite crystals and stones for self-love.

Which are the Best Stones and Crystals for Self-Love?


1. Rhodochrosite (Stone for Selfless Love and Compassionate Heart, Inner Child Stone)

Colour: Pink, Orange
Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus, Heart
Origin: Russia, Argentina, USA, Uruguay, South Africa

Rhodochrosite is one of my favourite crystals for promoting self-love and happiness. Known as a fertility talisman, rhodochrosite’s powers actually lay in its ability to focus your attention on inner peace, giving you a true sense of self-worth.

Self-love is at the core of your natural being. But it often gets overwhelmed by self-judgements, negative thoughts, heartache and abuse.

This is where rhodochrosite excels. Being the stone of Selfless Love and Compassionate Heart, its gentle energy reconnects you with love of yourself. It emotionally rebalances you while releasing childhood traumas and past wounding.

Rose Quartz

2. Rose Quartz (Stone of Unconditional Love)

Colour: Pink
Chakra: Heart
Origin: USA, Japan, India, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico

Rose quartz is the crystal for love and the heart. And what could be more important than loving yourself?

Past hurts can cause future relationship problems and trust issues. This can lead to feelings of being unloved or unlovable.

Rose quartz can help with this. By inspiring you to see the beauty in yourself and those around you, this crystal’s unique powers will comfort and reassure you. It’ll help you to forgive yourself and feel worthy of love.

Tip for Using Rose Quartz: Use rose quartz Mala beads when repeating a mantra or affirmation for self-love. 

Citrine jewel

3. Citrine (The Lucky Merchant’s Stone)

Colour: Yellow, ranging from pale to honey or even brown
Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra, Crown Chakra
Origin: Brazil, France, Madagascar, Russia, UK, USA

Citrine is a powerful stone that connects you with your spiritual self, while releasing toxic aural energies. By reconnecting with your true essence, you’ll develop a deeper self-respect and understanding of your worth.

This crystal’s sunny energy also eliminates feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness. If you feel unfairly judged or criticised, this change in thinking can improve self-esteem and lead to a happier outlook.

Note: Natural citrine is rare, so heat-treated Amethyst is often sold in its place.

Tip for Using Citrine: Meditate with citrine to open your mind to joy, reduce sensitivity to criticism, and increase receptiveness to honest self-expression and improved self-esteem.


4. Rhodonite (Stone of Self Love and Unconditional Love)

Colour: Pink, Red
Chakra: Heart, Root
Origin: Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Brazil

As the Stone of Self Love, rhodonite, of course, must be included in our collection.

It’s an emotional balancer, showing both sides of a situation without judgement. Through stimulating and clearing the heart chakra, rhodonite gives an immediate response should you be emotionally depleted or suffer scarring from painful memories.

This nurturing Heart Chakra stone can help you to reach your full potential and bring love into every day of your life.

Tip: Click here to learn more about healing crystals that open the heart Chakra.

Red Jasper

5. Red Jasper (The Supreme Nurturer, Stone of Endurance)

Colour: Red
Chakra: Root, Sacral
Origin: Worldwide

Red Jasper can help you to truly value yourself.

By connecting to the Earth through the Base Chakra, this phenomenal crystal gives enormous strength in empowering self-survival and self-love, whilst keeping you grounded.

Emotional pressure and domestic violence can suffocate any feelings of self-worth. The Supreme Nurturer will encourage you to restore boundaries and give you the courage to get your life back as you would like. By prioritising time for yourself and doing the things that you love, self-confidence and self-worth will increase.

This crystal is gentle but fiery, and will let you take things at your own pace.


6. Kunzite (Stone of Emotion)

Colour: Pink, Lilac, Clear
Chakra: Heart
Origin: Madagascar, Brazil, USA, Afghanistan, Myanmar

Kunzite has a high vibrational energy that activates the Heart Chakra. It embodies the spirit of love and shows us how important it is to relate to each other.

Also, if you’re down on luck or lacking in self-belief, you may feel you’re not good enough. This impacts confidence levels, causing you to over-analyse or even self-sabotage.

Kunzite’s gentle, heart-healing energy can act like a magic wand. It’ll help you to hear what your heart is telling you and encourage true expression of emotions.

This stone will envelop you in a new sense of oneness, encouraging loving thoughts and communication with yourself and others.


7. Turquoise (Stone of Communication)

Colour: Green/Blue
Chakra: Throat
Origin: Mexico, China, Peru, Tibet, Afghanistan, Russia, USA, Arabia, Argentina

Our thought patterns have a direct influence on our mental, emotional and spiritual state. We tend to absorb negative comments easily, while ignoring positive thoughts of our own or others.

As the Stone of Communication, turquoise interrupts negative “self-talk” and improves confidence. It also helps you honour yourself by speaking honestly from the heart.


8. Moonstone (Stone of New Beginnings)

Colour: White, Cream, Yellow Milky Sheen
Chakra: Crown
Origin: Sri Lanka, India, Australia

This special crystal has the power to bring your kind nature and nurturing ability to the surface.

It’ll help you recognise the importance of developing a relationship with yourself and, as it aligns with the feminine energy of the moon, will reflect gentleness towards oneself.

Moonstone also excels at stabilising your emotions and will open your heart to self-acceptance.

Tip: If you want to learn about other crystals for new beginnings, click here for my full guide.


9. Malachite (Stone of Transformation)

Colour: Green
Chakra: Heart and throat
Origin: Romania, Zambia, Russia, Germany, Middle East

Malachite has a strong energy that will support you to understand your own needs. The rich green colour encourages new outlooks, getting you back to your roots and what makes your heart sing.

If you’re lacking in self-love and feel that other people’s wishes are more important than your own, then malachite, the Stone of Transformation, can fire up your adventurous spirit. It’ll encourage you to risk putting yourself first and steer you back to loving yourself.

This is also a lovely stone for men to use to attract love within.

Note: As malachite is toxic, do not use in an elixir.

Blue Kyanite

10. Blue Kyanite

Colour: Blue/White
Chakra: All, but especially Throat and Third Eye
Origin: Brazil, USA

Blue kyanite may not be the first crystal you think of when it comes to self-love, but it shouldn’t be overlooked.

When you put other people’s needs above your own, your own self-care and spiritual development gets put aside. You need to prioritise time for yourself and blue kyanite will help you do that.

This crystal works through clearing the aura and Chakras. It also creates a link between the heart and mind, enabling honest communication.

BONUS CRYSTAL: Pink Tourmaline in Lepidolite

Pink tourmaline in lepidolite is a brilliant stone if you don’t truly believe you are “good enough.”

It resonates with the heart chakra and is wonderful for soothing the mind, creating peace and lessening anxiety.

Lepidolite, containing lithium, helps to reduce stress, depression and obsessive thinking. If you feel overwhelmed by a decision, this crystal will help you to see choices get you nearer to understanding yourself.

Pink tourmaline is the heart enhancer. It overcomes self-doubt and gets you back to loving yourself, which is necessary before loving others.

Between them they make a powerful combination. If you’re lucky enough to have a piece of pink tourmaline in lepidolite, as it’s quite rare, keep it close in times of self-doubt.

Woman holding heart on beach

Other Tips for Using Self-Love Crystals and Stones

Whether you need to heal emotional wounds, practice forgiveness, or enhance your self expression, crystal healing can help in all aspects of self love.

There are many ways to use crystals for boosting self-love – and there’s no “wrong” way to do it. You might want to experiment with different methods to find what works best for you.

Here are some examples:

  • My self-love bath ritual is a wonderful way to relax and boost feelings of love, compassion and wellbeing. You can read how to do it here.
  • Elixirs are like a healing tonic. Use rose quartz or amethyst for self-love, awakening a greater sense of inner peace, self-belief and confidence. You may also want to read my guide to crystals for peace.
  • Meditation – especially with meditation crystals – is a lovely way to dedicate time to your own needs. It reduces stress and head-mind chatter, bringing you greater inner awareness and helping to heal emotional wounds. A crystal grid can be useful for enhancing your meditation practice.
  • Mala beads can also strengthen your meditation practice. Starting with the guru bead, count each bead as you repeat your self-love mantra. I love to use any of the pink heart centred stones such as rhodonite or rose quartz.
  • In our money and productivity-obsessed modern world, many people feel guilty when “wasting” time on their passions and creative endeavours. This is a shame, as time spent on creative pursuits is a wonderful form of self-love. Crystals can help by inspiring your talents and encouraging you to take creative risks. Stones and crystals for the Sacral Chakra can also help with this.
  • Setting boundaries and speaking honestly will honour your self-worth. Crystals can balance your Throat Chakra, which will allow you to speak more honestly and be true to your feelings. Click here for my list of crystals for the Throat Chakra.
  • Jewellery is a lovely way to ensure your energy field is continually bathed with the energetic vibration of your self-love crystal. Wear crystals as necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and even cuff-links.
  • Crystal singing bowls can energetically raise your vibration, working deep within your aura to purify and strengthen. Use a crystal singing bowl aligned with self-love such as rose quartz.
  • Surround your desk or office with self-love crystals as a reminder of your intention and to support you through the day. It’s also nice to place larger crystals beside your bed and around the home, to benefit you and anyone else who lives there.
Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated with Self-Love and Self-Worth?

All angels resonate with the powerful healing energy of love, but there are a few whose resonance and purpose are more helpful for self-love.

  • Archangel Haniel – Archangel Haniel is one of my favourite angels to invoke for self-love. As the ruler for Venus and the emerald and magenta ray, this angel will help you focus on love of self and others. I use rose quartz or kunzite when invoking this angel.
  • Archangel Chamuel – Chamuel is one of the angels of love that help you with low self-esteem and self-love. Use red jasper or pink tourmaline when you invoke this angel.
  • Archangel Jophiel – Archangel Jophiel is the angel to invoke if you want help in understanding your true purpose. It resonates with the yellow ray and citrine.
  • Archangel Tzaphkiel – This angel, known as The Knowledge of God, is the angel of compassion and understanding. She will help you to explore your feminine aspects and to open your heart fully so you can learn its lessons.
  • Archangel Uriel – This is the Archangel of Sun and Light and promotes confidence and courage in yourself. This is a wonderful angel to invoke if you’re wishing to explore hidden creative talents. Uriel loves life and will imbue you with a sense of joy, helping you to fill your heart’s desire. Red jasper resonates well with this angel.
  • Archangel Gabriel – This Archangel is wonderful to invoke in times where self-doubt can get the better of you. Known as the Messenger of God, He will empower you to listen to your heart and trust in yourself. Crystals I’d use with this Archangel are moonstone and selenite.
  • Archangel Michael – This is always the angel to invoke when you have confidence issues. Opening yourself to self-love will draw new experiences and changes in behaviour. Allow Archangel Michael to support you through this by using blue kyanite – said to be The Sword of Truth.


Many of us struggle with true self-love and self-esteem.

These crystals will help you to honour your true self. They’ll encourage you to love yourself more deeply, which will lead to greater enjoyment, honest expression of emotions, and more fulfilling relationships and experiences.

My favourite crystal for self-love is Rhodochrosite. I admire its ability to stabilise and heal negative thoughts. I also love that its joyful energy heals my inner child and gives me the courage to move forward.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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