Caribbean Calcite Healing Properties, Chakras & Meanings

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Caribbean Calcite Healing Properties

Caribbean calcite is a calming crystal that promotes spiritual development. Read on to learn more about Caribbean calcite and its healing benefits.

Caribbean calcite is a tranquil stone that resonates with the Crown, Throat and Third Eye Chakras. It encourages clarity and perception, making it a useful stone for new beginnings or spiritual growth.

In this article, you’ll discover Caribbean calcite’s healing properties and some of my favourite ways to use it. I’ve also discussed this crystal’s associated Chakras and zodiac signs.

What is Caribbean Calcite?

ColourPale Blue With White and Tan Inclusions
ChakrasCrown, Third Eye, Throat
Zodiac SignsTaurus, Libra, Sagittarius
PlanetVenus, Earth
Chemical FormulaCaCO3

Despite its growing popularity, Caribbean calcite was only discovered in 2019. The majority of Caribbean calcite is mined by a few families in the Balochistan province of Pakistan, which borders Afghanistan.

Caribbean calcite gets its tropical appearance from a rare combination of blue calcite and aragonite. The pale ocean colour is due to blue calcite, which is contrasted by the white and brown aragonite inclusions.

Both calcite and aragonite are types of calcium carbonate, which often forms in sedimentary rocks. Calcite is stable, while aragonite tends to turn into calcite over time (or when heated).

Most Caribbean calcite stones have a weathered look, due to natural crevices and small fissures. They may even contain small drusy crystals in these crevices. Caribbean calcite has a waxy surface in its raw state.

The Healing Properties of Caribbean Calcite

Healing properties of Caribbean Calcite

All types of calcite have a cleansing energy – and Caribbean calcite is no exception. This stone also provides a range of healing properties, such as inner peace, spiritual awakenings, and new beginnings.

Inner Peace & Calm

Caribbean calcite is known as a Stone of Calm. It’s exceptional for bringing peace when there may be conflict in your life.

The beautiful beach vibe of Caribbean calcite also makes you feel happy and carefree. Suddenly, those long-held grudges or arguments won’t seem so important!

Additionally, Caribbean calcite has a soft energy that soothes worries and fears. It feels like a sea breeze has blown away all your anxieties, leaving a sense of tranquillity and inner knowing. 

Spiritual Awakening

Caribbean calcite is known as the Stone of Inspiration. It’s also associated with the Crown Chakra and Third Eye, which are both linked to spiritual development. 

By resonating with these two Chakras, Caribbean calcite clears distracting thoughts that can interfere with psychic or spiritual goals. Holding it also brings a sense of clarity, which is essential for connecting to your higher self.

As a result, Caribbean calcite is one of the best crystals for enhancing psychic skills, telepathy, and clairvoyance. It can also help you gain a true sense of self.

New Beginnings

Are you struggling to make a big decision in your life? If so, Caribbean calcite is a wonderful crystal for new beginnings.

There are many ways that Caribbean calcite can help with making important decisions. I’ve already discussed how this stone promotes inner peace and calm, but it can also:

  • Renew your strength of purpose
  • Boost your confidence (especially related to making decisions)
  • Break down limiting beliefs that may be holding you back
  • Inspire clarity to ensure you’re not making a decision based on fear or insecurity
  • Help you to hear your inner voice

By combining these healing properties, Caribbean calcite will help you stay true to your chosen path.

Which Chakras Are Associated With Caribbean Calcite?

Caribbean Calcite Chakras

Crown Chakra

Caribbean calcite is a great crystal for the Crown Chakra, which is the home of spiritual connectivity. This crystal opens and activates the Crown Chakra, so your insight and intuition will improve.

A blocked Crown Chakra can disconnect you from your true self. This may cause feelings of stress, sadness, or lack of direction.

Caribbean calcite’s calm energy opens and rebalances the Crown Chakra. This provides a deep sense of peace and encourages you to move forward with your life.

Third Eye

Caribbean calcite is associated with the Third Eye. This Chakra connects the physical world with the spiritual, and is linked to your thoughts and mind.

When the Third Eye Chakra is blocked or unbalanced, it can be hard to concentrate. Your judgement may be clouded by cynicism and negative thoughts. You may even find that you lose your sense of purpose.  

Caribbean calcite, through working with the Third Eye, will give you a completely new perspective. It’ll free you from negative thoughts and behaviours that could be stunting your growth.

The Third Eye is also the centre for psychic gifts. I use Caribbean calcite for enhancing clairvoyance, telepathy, or when astral travelling

Throat Chakra

The blue energy of Caribbean calcite cleanses and energises the Throat Chakra.

A blocked Throat Chakra can cause you to talk too much without listening to others. Caribbean calcite clears this energy centre, helping you to improve your conversational skills and become a better listener.

While activating the Throat Chakra, Caribbean calcite also helps you to listen to your inner-self and speak from a place of honesty.

Note: Due to the aragonite in Caribbean calcite, this crystal is also useful when working with the Heart, Sacral and Root Chakra. Aragonite brings focus, balance and stability. It enables you to see through deception, boosts creativity, and shows problems in a new light.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Associated With Caribbean Calcite?

Caribbean Calcite Zodiac Signs


Caribbean calcite is a Taurus birthstone. Additionally, both Taurus and Caribbean calcite are associated with Earth energy and the planet Venus.

Taureans can be determined and make wonderful friends. Yet jealousy, stress or anxiety can sometimes be an issue for this Zodiac sign.

Caribbean calcite encourages love and patience in Taureans. It’ll soothe anxiety as it gently grounds Taureans to Earth.


Caribbean calcite is a birthstone for the zodiac sign of Libra. Librans are known for their harmonious nature and are one of the more charming star signs.

As a harmonising crystal, Caribbean calcite stimulates the mind while balancing emotions. This helps Librans to make good decisions and move forward.

This crystal’s soothing energy also helps Librans to stay in the moment during stressful periods.


Caribbean calcite is a stone for the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Keeping this crystal close throughout the day can help Sagittarians to speak from a higher state of consciousness. It can also help this zodiac sign to develop a deeper understanding of their true self.

How to Care for Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean calcite is a soft mineral with a rating of three on the Mohs hardness scale. It’s also a fragile stone, due to its natural cracks and fissures.

When storing your Caribbean calcite, always keep it away from other crystals to avoid damage. I like to wrap it in a soft cloth to add extra protection when I’m not using it for crystal healing. 

Here are some other tips for caring for Caribbean calcite:

  • Caribbean calcite is a wonderful stone to keep near you during the day – but always be aware of its fragility.  Avoid carrying Caribbean calcite in your pocket or putting it in a pouch with other stones. 
  • Due to the natural weakness of Caribbean calcite, be careful to not drop it as it may split or chip.
  • Calcite needs to be kept away from household cleaners, acid, salt or vinegar. These can cause permanent damage to the stone’s appearance.
  • Never clean a crystal using a steam cleaner.

Can Caribbean Calcite Get Wet?

Caribbean calcite isn’t suitable for soaking in water or water cleansing. 

The blue calcite element of this crystal is stable and won’t quickly dissolve in water. However, aragonite is more porous, so contact with water may damage the surface and cause it to look dull.

Also, water can get into Caribbean calcite’s crevices and fissures, causing them to weaken. 

Tip: Avoid placing Caribbean calcite in the bathroom or anywhere else with high humidity. 

How to Cleanse Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean calcite absorbs unwanted energies from its environment. You need to cleanse it regularly to get rid of negative energy and restore its healing properties. 

Here are three of my favourite methods for cleansing Caribbean Calcite:

  • Smudging. Smudging is a traditional cleansing method. It uses the smoke from smouldering dried herbs or smudge sticks to remove negativity. Using a fire-proof container, light the dried herbs and let them smoulder. Hold your Caribbean calcite in the smoke for 30-60 seconds. Remember to maintain your focus on the intention of cleansing.
  • Moonlight. Moonlight is a safe and gentle method for cleansing Caribbean calcite. Either place your stone on a windowsill or outside under a glass bowl to protect it from moisture. Leave it to cleanse throughout the night and collect it before the sun rises.
  • Selenite. Selenite has a powerful energy that cleanses negative energy from other crystals. If your Caribbean calcite is small enough, place it inside a selenite bowl or on a selenite plate. Leave it there for six to eight hours. If you have a larger Caribbean calcite crystal, place it in the middle of four selenite points and leave it for 24 hours.

Can Caribbean Calcite Go in the Sun?

I don’t recommend putting Caribbean calcite in direct sunlight. The pale blue will eventually fade and turn white. 

Also, the sun may cause your Caribbean calcite to become brittle and crack. An occasional few minutes in the sunshine probably won’t harm your crystal though.

How Do I Know If My Caribbean Calcite Is Real?

Caribbean calcite hearts

Caribbean calcite is only found in Pakistan, so it’s rare. This crystal is popular at the moment and it’s estimated that reserves will be depleted in a few years. As a result, fakes may become more common.

The good news is that the structure of Caribbean calcite is difficult to replicate. Even so, it’s useful to know some key points to look for when buying your Caribbean calcite to ensure it’s real: 

  • All calcite crystals have a waxy surface when polished.
  • At the time of writing, Caribbean calcite is only sourced from Pakistan. While new sources may be found in the future, you should ask for authentication if the seller states it comes from a country other than Pakistan. Always buy from a reputable supplier.
  • Caribbean calcite rates as 3 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, so it will be scratched by harder minerals.
  • This crystal combines transparent-to-opaque blue calcite with white and tan aragonite. If the stone hasn’t got bandings of aragonite, it’s not Caribbean calcite. 
  • If you really want to ensure your crystal is calcite, you can perform an acid test. Bubbles of carbon dioxide gas should appear when you put a drop of acid on your crystal. These may be very tiny, so have a magnifying glass to hand when you test.
  • Caribbean calcite will glow under a UV light. Fake Caribbean calcite won’t.

How to Use Caribbean Calcite Crystals for the Best Results

There’s no wrong way to use Caribbean calcite for crystal healing, but here are some of my favourite methods:

  • Place Caribbean calcite around your home to benefit the whole family. The crystals absorb negativity, while radiating a calm and heartfelt energy. 
  • Caribbean calcite brings clarity and calmness when you’re having a disagreement. Hold the crystal to your chest and breathe deeply. You’ll quickly gain a new perspective on the argument.
  • As Caribbean calcite captures the essence of the sea, it’s said that this stone will help to conquer fears of water. When travelling over the sea, wear Caribbean calcite against your skin to help you feel calm.
  • Meditate with Caribbean calcite. It brings a beautiful tranquillity to the practice as you listen to your true identity.

How to Use Caribbean Calcite Affirmations 

Affirmations are positive statements that encourage a desired change in your life. You need to repeat them daily to rewire your brain to encourage an optimistic mindset.

Reciting your affirmations while holding a crystal, such as Caribbean calcite, can help to make them more effective. It’s also important to ensure affirmations are in the present tense, achievable, positive, and spoken with confidence.

Here’s how I like to use Caribbean calcite when practising a positive affirmation:

  1. Find a place to do your affirmation. It can be soothing to sit outside in a tranquil spot when doing your affirmation. Another great place is in front of a mirror where you can speak back to yourself. 
  2. Set aside a few minutes each day to practice your Caribbean calcite affirmation. It’s helpful to do this at the same time each day to develop a routine.
  3. Align your affirmation with Caribbean calcite’s healing properties. Caribbean calcite is great for the mind and boosting intuition. It’ll also help open you to new beginnings
  4. Hold Caribbean calcite and allow your Crown Chakra to open to Higher Consciousness. Take three deep breaths as you allow yourself to adjust to this new state of consciousness.
  5. Speak your affirmation confidently several times.

Can Caribbean Calcite Be Used With Other Crystals?

Combining crystals can be a great way to benefit from different healing properties.

For example, Caribbean calcite can be used with any other type of calcite. I also like to combine it with these crystals to enhance a specific intention:

  • Dolomite. Dolomite’s soft, calming vibration focuses your true nature. Caribbean calcite, through connecting with the Crown Chakra and Third Eye, raises your awareness. Together they connect you to your spiritual truth.
  • Larimar. Larimar and Caribbean calcite make a lovely pair for developing Heart Centred emotions. They can increase compassion and love, while freeing you from negative emotions. 
  • Tiger’s Eye. Tiger’s eye is an emotional balancer that protects against negativity. It also gives you the courage to conquer fears. Caribbean calcite opens you to explore new ideas. Together, they’ll keep you grounded and ready for new beginnings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Caribbean Calcite the Same as Caribbean Blue Calcite?

Yes, Caribbean calcite is the same as Caribbean blue calcite. 

Is Caribbean Calcite good for sleep?

Yes, Caribbean calcite is good for sleep. It has a soothing nature that can reduce worries and anxieties at night.

This crystal may also help to reduce the frequency of nightmares, allowing you to get better quality sleep.

You can either place Caribbean calcite on your bedside table or under your pillow. Another effective method is to place a Caribbean calcite grid under or around your bed. 

Tip: Caribbean calcite is also good for enhancing dream sleep.

Caribbean Calcite vs Amazonite

There are some similarities between Caribbean calcite and amazonite, but they have different healing properties and benefits.

Caribbean calcite is pale blue with white and tan inclusions. It’s associated with the higher three Chakras – Crown, Third Eye, and Throat – and encourages spiritual awareness.

In contrast, amazonite is turquoise and connected with the Heart and Throat Chakras. This makes it a great stone for promoting inner strength. It’s also a Stone of Hope, Success, Abundance, and Courage.

Despite these differences, both are calming stones that encourage you to take risks when starting new projects. They also promote relaxation and problem-solving skills.

Caribbean Calcite vs Blue Aragonite

In terms of healing properties, Caribbean calcite and blue aragonite are both associated with the Throat Chakra and Third Eye. Caribbean calcite is also connected with the Crown Chakra, while blue aragonite is a Heart Chakra stone.

Caribbean calcite encourages you to be carefree and rise above unimportant matters. Blue aragonite focuses on forgiveness and compassion. 

Both Caribbean calcite and blue aragonite help with emotional healing. They enhance psychic abilities, boost intuition, and ease stress.

Caribbean Calcite vs Larimar

Caribbean calcite and larimar are both rare crystals. Caribbean crystal is found in Pakistan, while larimar is found in the Dominican Republic.

Both Caribbean calcite and larimar are water crystals. They resonate with the higher Chakras (although they can be used for any Chakra) and are calming. Either crystal will help to reduce stress and anxiety.

The blue in Caribbean calcite has a similar tone to larimar, but it also contains two colours of aragonite. It’s this combination of energies that makes Caribbean calcite a powerful crystal for personal transformation.

Larimar has a milky white vein running through it. It works on the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental planes, raising your vibration to access the higher realms. Larimar is also a favourite for mothers during pregnancy.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels Are Associated With Caribbean Calcite?

The Angels that I associate with Caribbean calcite are:

  • Archangel Gabriel – Gabriel is known as the ‘Messenger of God’. I use Caribbean calcite when invoking Him to help improve my intuition. Gabriel also brings a beautiful sense of peace that complements this crystal.
  • Archangel Haniel – This is an Angel of Joy and the Ruling Angel of Venus. His name means ‘Glory of God.’ I use Caribbean calcite to invoke this Angel when starting new endeavours.  
  • Archangel Raguel – The name Raguel means ‘Friend of God.’ He is known as the sociable peacekeeper and has a pale blue halo. I use Caribbean calcite when I invoke Raguel to rise above an argument or disagreement.


Caribbean calcite is a recently discovered crystal that has many healing properties. It’s associated with the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras, making it a brilliant choice for spiritual development.

As a Stone of Calm, Caribbean calcite is also great for gaining a carefree attitude and being able to look at problems from a higher perspective.

Do you have any questions about Caribbean calcite’s healing properties? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Mary Ancillette

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Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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