9 Best Healing Crystals for Headaches and Migraines

By Mary Ancillette |

Crystals for headaches and migraines

Do you suffer from headaches? Whether you experience nagging pains, cluster headaches or even migraines, these nine crystals may provide relief.

Headaches can seriously affect your life – and medication doesn’t always help. While crystals aren’t a substitute for a doctor’s advice, they are a gentle and non-invasive remedy to complement medication and other treatments.

The great thing about crystals is they can soothe headaches regardless of the underlying cause. Sleep deprivation and stress are amongst the most common reasons for headaches, and using crystals to relax can provide relief. Some crystals may also help head pain caused by sinus pressure, hormonal issues or a metabolic imbalance.

How does crystal healing work though?

Crystals interact with your body at an energetic level. The best crystals for headaches resolve imbalances between the energy in the head and the solar plexus, while clearing energetic blockages and cleansing the aura. This, in turn, may alleviate headaches.

Which are the Best Crystals and Stones for Headaches?


1. Amethyst (Stone of Spirituality, Contentment and Meditation)

Colour: Purple to Lavender
Chakra: Crown and Third Eye
Origin: USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Britain, Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia, Africa

Amethyst is my favourite stone for soothing a headache. It’s a powerful crystal that cleanses the aura of negative energies and shifts energy blocks that may be causing pain.

The crystal’s purple colour, created by iron content, resonates beautifully with the brain and is believed to lessen migraines and headaches. It also soothes nerves and eases stress.

The result is that you sleep better and are more relaxed, whilst also feeling a sense of calm, harmony and a positivity.

Tip: Want to learn about more crystals for sleep? Click here to read my complete guide.

Rose Quartz

2. Rose Quartz (Stone of Unconditional Love)

Colour: Pink
Chakra: Heart
Origin: USA, Japan, India, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico

Rose quartz’s calming, feminine energy is wonderful for transforming negative energy into a loving energy.

As the Stone of Unconditional Love, rose quartz can raise your heart frequency to resonate with feelings of love and affection. This eases fatigue and helps you rise above the small daily challenges of everyday life, easing tension and stress as a result.

Rose quartz is a good crystal to use for headaches caused by the menstrual cycle, tension or hormonal imbalances.

Lapis Lazuli

3. Lapis Lazuli (Stone of Friendship, Truth and Total Awareness)

Colour: Deep Blue
Chakra: Throat, Third Eye
Origin: Afghanistan, Russia, USA, Chile, Egypt, Middle East

If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from nausea, vomiting and vertigo when you’ve got a headache, lapis lazuli is the crystal to use.

Its calming energy opens the Third Eye Chakra and resolves imbalances. As these imbalances may cause headaches and unpleasant associated symptoms, it’s a brilliant crystal for getting relief.

Lapis lazuli is also a great crystal for releasing pain and soothing the nervous system. It’s particularly useful when a headache stems from stress or menstrual cycles, or if you have a migraine. It’s also thought to be effective for sinus headaches.

Tip for Using Lapis Lazuli: As lapis lazuli aligns with the Third Eye Chakra, wear it in your earrings for all-day benefit.


4. Selenite

Colour: Pure White, Translucent
Chakra: Crown
Origin: England, Russia, Greece, Austria, Mexico, France, Germany, USA, Poland

Selenite’s beautiful calming nature is just what you need when you’ve got a headache.

It has a powerful ethereal quality that quickly unblocks stagnant energy, leaving you with a calmer mind and a sense of peace and serenity.

By promoting a positive energy flow, selenite relieves the exhaustion and fatigue that can be linked to migraines.

Headaches also tend to cause the upper chakras to close. Selenite re-opens them, which could ease pain.


5. Clear Quartz (The Master Healer)

Colour: Clear
Chakra: Crown
Origin: Worldwide

Known as The Master Healer, what could be better than using clear quartz to help ease the pain in your head?

It’s a high vibrational crystal that brings balance and harmony to all the chakras. But it specifically works by opening the Crown Chakra at the top of the head, which can ease headaches.

You can even direct negative energy away from the body with a clear quartz point, which may soothe a headache.

Tip for Using Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is an amplifier of energy, so use it with other crystals for headaches to increase their effect.


6. Turquoise

Colour: Turquoise, Green or Blue
Chakra: Throat and Heart
Origin: Egypt, USA, China, Peru, Mexico, Tibet, France, Poland, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Arabia

Probably the oldest stone in history, turquoise is a combination of the heart’s green and the throat’s sky blue.

This gives you a powerful crystal for expressing repressed feelings, thoughts and emotions, which are often the cause of headaches. It does this through opening and balancing the Throat Chakra.

Turquoise’s loving nature and tranquil colour can also help you slow down and reduce stress.


7. Amber

Colour: Golden Brown or Yellow
Chakra: Sacral and Solar Plexus
Origin: Italy, Poland, UK, Russia, Germany, Romania, Dominican Republic, Sweden

Amber isn’t strictly a crystal, as its fossilised tree resin. But it’s a fabulous stone for clearing emotional blockages that may cause a migraine, cluster headache or tension headache.

It contains natural oils that, if worn next to the skin, can penetrate the body and are claimed to soothe headaches. Amber is also great for resolving anxiety and stress, which are common causes of head pain.

Note: Genuine Baltic amber is claimed to be the most powerful.

Tip for Using Amber: If you often get headaches or migraines, wear a genuine Baltic amber necklace to stop them developing.


8. Moonstone (Stone of New Beginnings)

Colour: White, Cream, Yellow Milky Sheen
Chakra: Crown
Origin: Sri Lanka, India, Australia

Moonstone is one of the best stones if your headache is caused by emotional stress or a hormone imbalance.

The crystal’s powerful feminine energy, linked to the lunar cycle, is perfect when you’re feeling burnt-out or overburdened. Headaches often follow under this kind of stress, due to tight muscles in your head and neck.

Moonstone’s link to lunar energies also makes it a great choice when suffering from headaches related to premenstrual tension, hormone imbalance or periods.

Green Aventurine

9. Green Aventurine (Stone of Opportunity)

Colour: Green
Chakra: Heart
Origin: India, Spain, Italy Brazil, China, Russia, Tibet, Nepal

Green aventurine is a useful crystal stabilising emotions and reducing stress.

It’s a heart centred crystal, so it has a soothing, empathetic and nurturing energy. But it can also clear blockages caused by mental or emotional issues, while bringing a sense of inner peace. This helps you relax and feel less stressed, which is vital if you suffer from cluster or chronic headaches.

Green aventurine is also believed to have anti-inflammatory qualities that can relieve pain and inflammation around the eyes. This may help soothe migraines or headaches.


Magnetite, as the name suggest, is naturally magnetic. It can both attract and repel energies, as it has a powerful positive and negative polarity.

It works through your energy meridians and aura, so it can be used to divert, enhance or calm energies.

If you’ve a headache or migraine, magnetite is said to contain the power to draw it out of you!

NOTE: This is not a crystal recommended for complete beginners. If you’re just getting started with crystal healing, check out my beginner’s guide.

woman in a crystal healing session

Other Tips for Using Gemstones for Migraines & Headaches

The energetic vibration of crystals can help the body’s natural healing process. They act as a natural form of pain relief, by correcting imbalances in the chakras, meridians and aura.

Here are some of the ways to use crystals for relieving headaches:

  • Lie down and place a crystal in the centre of your forehead and (if you wish) under your pillow for at least 15 – 20 minutes. Some people find it even more soothing to cool the crystal in the fridge. If your headache is caused by sinus pressure, place two further crystals on your cheek bones just under your eyes.
  • It isn’t always possible to lie down, so you may want to wear crystal jewellery around the neck or ears. This allows you to remain in direct contact with a healing crystal’s energy throughout the day.
  • Drink water charged with the energy of a crystal for headaches. This is called a crystal elixir.
  • Headaches, caused by an imbalance between the head and solar plexus, can sometimes be triggered by unhealthy eating. Dowse your food using a crystal pendulum to help guide your dietary choices.
  • If your headache stems from poor sleep, place a crystal grid around your bed. If you find this energy is too powerful, keep one under your pillow or close by to help calm your mind. You may even be able to place one on your headboard or foot of your bed.
  • To draw out pain-causing energy in your head, hold a crystal in your hand (the same side as the pain in your head) and place your other hand on the painful area. This focuses the crystals energy to the specific area. Hold for up to 30 minutes.
  • Rhodochrosite is thought to be a vasodilator. For this reason, it may not be a good choice for headaches.
  • In some cases, a build-up of emotional energy in the head can cause a headache. This could be due to blockages in the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. To correct this, hold a quartz crystal (point facing upwards) over your Solar Plexus or Sacral Chakra. Put your other hand on your head. Hold for up to 30 minutes.

Note: It’s advisable to cleanse crystals often to prevent them from picking up negative energy from the environment. Charging your crystal can also restore its healing properties.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated With Headaches?

Angels wish to see you in good health and enjoying life. So, if you’re struggling with a headache, call upon them to help ease it.

The ones I most associate with headaches are:

  • Archangel Raphael – Archangel Raphael is the Patron Angel of Healers. He resonates beautifully with clear quartz and enables us to understand how to self-heal.
  • Archangel Haniel – Archangel Haniel is the ruler for Venus and the emerald and magenta ray. This angel’s focus is love of self and others, unconditional love and compassion. The gem to use when invoking Haniel is rose quartz.
  • Angel Mumiah – Angel Mumiah is the Guardian Angel of Wellbeing. Call upon this Angel if you need to recharge life force energy (Chi).


Whether you’re suffering from cluster headaches, tension headaches, migraines or headaches caused from stress or hormonal issues, these crystals may help ease your symptoms.

They’re not a cure and aren’t a replacement for medication or a doctor’s advice. However, by working energetically to restore balance and remove negativity, healing crystals may help reduce head pain.

My favourite healing crystal for headaches is amethyst. This crystal has a wonderful calming energy that eases my tension headaches, leaving me feeling calm and restored.

McGerr, Angela. Harmony Angel Cards. Quadrille. Artwork Richard Rockwood.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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  1. hello Mary, thank you for sharing this infromation. Im thinking about making a mala with many or even all of the stones in your post. How does miving the stones affect the influeince they have on headaches?

    • Hi Gene. Crystals for headaches can require a bit of playing around to see what works best for you. The ones I have chosen are all super crystals for headaches individually or combined. However, if you over-stimulate this area it can sometimes have the opposite effect.

      So, hold each one in your hands and sense how it feels. Once you’ve got a selection, start to add them together until you get the desired effect. That way you’ll have the perfect set for your mala.


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