Blue Quartz Healing Properties, Meaning, and Benefits

By Mary Ancillette |

Blue Quartz Healing Properties, Meaning, and Benefits

Blue quartz is a rare crystal that’s associated with communication and self-expression. Keep reading to learn about blue quartz’s healing properties, chakras, and zodiac signs.

Blue quartz is a calming stone that’s linked with the Throat Chakra. It has a high energy that’s brilliant for communication, releasing fears, and improving spiritual connection. 

In this article, I’ll discuss the healing properties of blue quartz, how to cleanse it, and how best to use this gemstone. I’ll also show you how to identify a genuine blue quartz crystal.

Note: There are many types of blue quartz, with each having different inclusions and enhancements. This article focuses on natural blue quartz.

What is Blue Quartz?

ColourVarious Shades of Blue
OriginAll Continents
Zodiac SignsTaurus, Libra, Gemini
ElementAir (Wind), Water
Chemical FormulaSiO2

Quartz is one of the most common crystals in the world, but it’s rare to find blue quartz.

Despite its rarity, blue quartz can be found in small deposits all over the world. This crystal has six faces, which often form a point. Unfortunately, it’s common for dyed glass to be sold as blue quartz, so it’s important to check that a gemstone is genuine.

Blue quartz ranges from translucent to opaque, and is found in a variety of shades. It’s not yet known how blue quartz gets its colour, but two of the most popular theories are:

  1. Blue quartz may get its colour from mineral inclusions. This would explain the colour variation between stones, as inclusions such as rutile, mica, apatite, and tourmaline could cause different shades.
  2. Blue quartz could get its colour from the Rayleigh scattering effect. This effect occurs when light is scattered as it passes through a material. In the case of blue quartz, the shorter blue wavelengths are scattered more than others, which is why it appears this colour.

Are There Different Blue Quartz Crystals?

There are many shades of blue quartz depending on the mineral inclusions. Some types of blue quartz, such as blue smoke quartz, also have clouding or other interesting visual properties.

Aside from natural blue quartz, here are some other examples you may come across (including a man-made version):

  • Dumortierite – This is a natural and very rare type of quartz. The colour can range from light to dark blue. 
  • Star Blue Quartz – Star blue quartz has a deep colour and is found in a large deposit in Alabama.
  • Indicolite Quartz – This crystal has a deep blue colour due to blue tourmaline inclusions.
  • Blue Smoke Quartz – Blue smoke quartz has recently been discovered in Columbia. The cloudy effect is caused by micro inclusions.
  • Blue Aura Quartz Types – Aura quartz crystals have precious metals bonded to the quartz surface. For example, aqua aura quartz has been coated with a fine vaporised gold, which gives it a bright blue colour. Tanzine aura quartz, also known as indigo quartz, has a surface treatment using indium.
  • Siberian Blue Quartz (Man-Made) – Siberian blue quartz is man-made in a laboratory in Russia. It’s grown with cobalt ions, which gives it a lovely blue colour. This crystal is sometimes confused for a natural stone called Himalayan blue quartz.

Blue Quartz Meaning

Blue quartz is associated with the Throat Chakra and is all about self-expression. 

This is a calming crystal with a high vibration. It protects against negativity, and can alleviate fear or anxiety by helping you to understand what causes it.

As an uplifting stone, it raises your energies so you can commune with your spiritual advisors.

Blue Quartz Healing Properties

Healing properties of Blue Quartz

Quartz is a powerful, high vibrational crystal that amplifies energy. It’s known as “The Master Healer” and can be programmed for any intention.

Blue quartz provides all of these healing properties, while also being useful for communication, spiritual connection, and anxiety.


Blue quartz is associated with the Throat Chakra, which is the centre for communication and self-expression.

This stone improves all aspects of your communication skills. For example, it encourages you to speak your mind, which leads to stronger and more honest relationships.

Blue quartz also teaches you to ask for help when you need it – which is something that many of us struggle with!

Additionally, this stone connects you with your Higher Self. Once this connection is established, it’s much easier to speak your spiritual truth and have confidence in your intuition.

Anxiety And Fear

Blue quartz is a calming stone that protects you from negativity. It also encourages you to face your fears and think positively.

By clearing your mind of negative thoughts, blue quartz allows you to examine the true cause of a fear. It’ll help you uncover whether a fear is rational, or whether it’s caused by an incorrect belief.

Blue quartz also helps you to overcome symptoms of anxiety or stress, making it a wonderful stone to carry with you during the day.

Spiritual Connection 

Blue quartz helps you to understand your spiritual self. It cleanses the aura of negativity and connects you with the higher realms.

This stone is connected to the Throat Chakra. Through this centre, it stimulates self-expression, spiritual honesty, and gratitude.

Some other benefits of blue quartz’s ability to improve spiritual connection include:

  • Assist with developing a life plan that aligns with your true goals.
  • Align your vibration to match this life plan.
  • Open your psychic channels.
  • Help you to remain centred by balancing incoming energies.
  • Teach you the lessons of karma.

Tip: Blue quartz is a popular stone for healers or therapists, due to its profound spiritual energy.

Which Chakras Are Associated With Blue Quartz?

Blue Quartz Chakras

Most forms of blue quartz are associated with the Throat Chakra, so this is the Chakra I’ll focus on.

However, some variations of blue quartz are associated with additional chakras. For example, indigo blue quartz is linked to the Third Eye.

Throat Chakra

Blue quartz is linked with the Throat Chakra. This association helps you to express yourself from a spiritual perspective. 

When the Throat Chakra is blocked or out of balance, communication becomes more difficult. You may struggle to speak honestly or find it hard to listen to others.

Through cleansing and energising the Throat Chakra, blue quartz encourages you to express your emotions honestly. This promotes self-expression and greater confidence when speaking.

Spiritually, blue quartz will enhance communication with guides and angels. This will improve telepathy and tarot reading skills.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Associated With Blue Quartz?

Blue Quartz Zodiac Signs


Taureans can sometimes struggle to find their own voice.

As a high vibrational crystal, blue quartz enhances your spiritual gifts and intuition. It’ll help you to speak up for your beliefs.


Libras tend to avoid confrontation and can sometimes be indecisive.

Blue quartz calms your thoughts, so you can express your feelings clearly. It’ll also release fears associated with change or new projects.


Geminis often love to gossip! Blue quartz is a communication crystal, so it can help you to express your opinions kindly and appropriately.

How to Care for Blue Quartz

A collection of blue quartz gemstones

Blue quartz is a relatively hard mineral that ranks seven on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it more tolerant of water than softer stones.

For this reason, it’s safe to wash blue quartz with soapy water and a soft cloth. Make sure to rinse the stone to get rid of any soapy residue, and dry it thoroughly.

Never clean blue quartz with household cleaners, acid, salt, or vinegar though. These can permanently damage your stone’s appearance.

If you’re planning to store blue quartz with other crystals, wrap it in a natural material. Otherwise the hard surface could damage or scratch softer stones.

Note: Steam cleaners are damaging for crystals, so never use one on your blue quartz.

Can Blue Quartz Get Wet?

Yes, blue quartz can get wet, as it’s a relatively hard gemstone that doesn’t react with water.

Crystals need to be a minimum of six on the Mohs hardness scale to be considered water-safe. Blue quartz has a rating of seven, so water won’t damage it.

How to Cleanse Blue Quartz

Blue quartz absorbs unwanted energies from its environment. You need to cleanse it to get rid of negative energy and restore its healing properties. 

Here are three of my favourite methods for cleansing blue quartz:

  • Water. Water is a great method for cleansing quartz. It neutralises negative energy and grounds it back to Earth. I like to use a spring or stream when cleansing my blue quartz, but a running tap is just as effective. Hold your stone in the running water for 1-2 minutes.
  • Moonlight. Moonlight is a lovely method for cleansing and charging blue quartz. Place your stone on the Earth, or on a natural material, under the moonlight. You can even leave it on the windowsill if you prefer. Let it cleanse throughout the night and collect it in the morning.
  • Selenite. Selenite has a cleansing energy that will clear a blue quartz gemstone of stagnant or negative energy. Place your crystal inside a selenite bowl or on a selenite plate. The more contact your blue quartz has with selenite, the more effective the cleansing. Leave it there for six to eight hours. 

Can Blue Quartz Go in the Sun?

No, blue quartz crystals should be kept out of sunlight.

The inclusions inside blue quartz are affected by the sun’s rays, leading to fading over time. Sunlight can also cause your crystals to become brittle.

How Do I Know If My Blue Quartz Is Real?

Blue quartz is a rare gemstone, so there are many fakes in circulation. For example, blue tinted glass is sometimes sold as blue quartz – and it can be hard to tell the difference.

Here are a few tips for checking that a blue quartz stone is genuine:

  • Blue quartz is a seven on the Mohs hardness scale, which is higher than glass. You can test this by scratching a piece of glass with the quartz.  If you need to use a lot of effort, then the stone is probably not blue quartz.
  • Use a magnifying glass to see if there are bubbles in the crystal’s composition. Quartz may contain imperfections, but these are irregular in shape rather than perfectly round (like bubbles in glass).
  • Glass is lighter than crystal. While it can be hard to judge the weight of a stone without a reference, this is something to keep in mind.
  • If you have a raw piece of blue quartz, its shape will be six-sided with points. 
  • Quartz feels cooler than glass. You can test this by holding the crystal or putting it to your lips. If the stone feels warm, then it’s more likely to be glass.
  • You can use a gem tester to test thermal conductivity. The lower the reading on your gem tester, the more likely it is that you have a piece of glass.

Note: Despite being a common technique, examining writing through a quartz crystal is not a reliable test. Distortion will occur based on the shape of the stone rather than its composition.

How to Use Blue Quartz Crystals for the Best Results

There are many ways to benefit from blue quartz’s healing properties. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Blue quartz is a powerful crystal for the Throat Chakra. Wear blue quartz in a short necklace to ensure the stone sits near this Chakra throughout the day.
  • Place blue quartz in your workspace if you want to think more creatively. It’ll also help you to reach your goals and speak your thoughts with confidence.
  • Meditate with blue quartz. This stone will give you clarity while helping you to reach your higher self. As a stone of communication, it encourages you to listen to your own guidance.
  • Blue quartz is a calming crystal that can release stress. It’s great to use when practising mindfulness.
  • Crystal grids use sacred geometry to transmit energy. Use blue quartz in a grid to aid communication or spiritual insights.
  • Hold blue quartz in your receiving hand to increase your life energy.

Can Blue Quartz Be Used With Other Crystals?

Blue quartz can be used with any other quartz crystal. I also like to use it with the following stones for a specific intention:

  • Turquoise. Turquoise is known as the Stone of Communication. Both turquoise and blue quartz align with the Throat Chakra. Together, they’ll give you confidence to express your thoughts and listen to other people. 
  • Tanzanite. Tanzanite opens the Third Eye and creates a link between the Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras. Combined with the amplification powers of blue quartz, it promotes emotional balance.
  • Moldavite. Moldavite is a unique crystal that comes from meteorites. It’s a Stone of Transformation and, like blue quartz, has a high energy. Together these crystals increase your Third Eye’s ability and accelerate personal growth. They’ll also enhance spiritual gifts and telepathy. 


Is Blue Quartz Natural?

Yes, blue quartz is a natural forming mineral, although its origin is not fully understood. It can form in igneous, metamorphic, or other rock formations. 

What Does a Blue Crystal Mean?

Blue crystals are typically linked to the Throat Chakra, so they promote honest communication and self-expression. Indigo blue crystals are also associated with the Third Eye, which connects you to higher energies and wisdom.

Blue Quartz vs Blue Aura Quartz

Blue quartz and blue aura quartz are both genuine quartz crystals. Yet, these crystals are blue for different chemical reasons.

A blue aura quartz crystal is formed when the surface of clear quartz bonds with metal vapours. These metals give the crystal an artificial blue sheen and iridescent effect, rather than internal inclusions.

In contrast, blue quartz gets its colour from inclusions or the Rayleigh scattering effect.

Both crystals resonate with the Throat Chakra, aiding clear communication. Blue aura quartz also promotes strength and tenacity, while blue quartz relieves fear and anger.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels Are Associated With Blue Quartz?

The Angels I associate with blue quartz are:

  • Archangel Michael – Michael’s name means ‘He who is like God’. He protects against fear and fear-based energies. I use blue quartz when invoking Michael to break a cycle of worry.
  • Archangel Sandalphon – This Angel is the Guardian of Prayer. He helps you to develop a closer relationship with The Divine. I use blue quartz to invoke Him when I want to develop my spirituality.
  • Archangel Ambriel – Ambriel is known as The Communicator and is a protector of psychics. I invoke this Angel using blue quartz to help me communicate positively and effectively. 


Blue quartz is a rare form of quartz that’s associated with communication and spiritual connection. It provides these benefits by opening and balancing the Throat Chakra.

Like all types of quartz, blue quartz also provides cleansing and amplification effects.

Do you have any questions about blue quartz’s healing properties? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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