Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties: Benefits, Meanings & Uses

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Tiger's Eye Healing Properties

Tiger’s eye is an energetic stone that’s associated with grounding, protection, and emotional balance. Read on to learn about tiger’s eye healing properties and benefits.

Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone that resonates with the lower three Chakras. It also combines both the sun and earth energy, making it a wonderful crystal for grounding, boosting courage, and balancing the yin-yang energies.

In this article I’ll discuss the healing benefits of tiger’s eye and the zodiac signs associated with it. I’ll also discuss how to care for and use this confidence-boosting crystal.

Tiger’s Eye Meaning, History and Formation

ColoursGolden Yellow, Brown, Red, Blue, Grey, Black
ChakrasRoot, Solar Plexus
OriginSouth Africa, Mexico, USA, Australia, India, Brazil, Namibia
Zodiac SignsGemini, Capricorn, Leo
Hardness7 (Hard)
ElementEarth, Fire
PlanetSun, Saturn
Gemstone of the MonthNovember, June
RarityRelatively Rare
Chemical FormulaSiO2

Tiger’s eye is an opaque variety of quartz. It’s usually gold to brown in colour, with changeable lustre and stripes. These stripes give the reflective cat’s-eye effect.

The most important deposits of tiger’s eye are in South Africa, but it’s also found in Mexico, USA, Australia, Namibia and India. Tiger’s eye crystal measures 7 on the Mohs hardness scale and is a popular stone for carving and jewellery making.

Types of Tiger’s Eye Stones

The most popular colour for tiger’s eye is brown with golden banding. When referring to colour, however, tiger’s eye is usually categorised as either yellow, red, or blue. A tiger’s eye stone may contain all three colours or just one. 

All tiger’s eye colours hold similar properties, but each brings its own resonance when used for crystal healing. Below is a quick summary of the different types of tiger’s eye crystal.

VarietyChakraHealing Properties
Yellow/GoldRoot Chakra, Solar PlexusYin-yang balance, grounding, manifestation, creativity
RedRoot ChakraEnergy, protection, confidence, sexual drive
Blue-Grey (Hawks Eye)Third Eye, Throat ChakraGrounding, psychic abilities, communication, protection
Gold/Brown (Pietersite)Third EyeWillpower, overcoming fear, access to akashic records

Note: Cat’s eye is often mistaken for a variety of tiger’s eye, but it’s actually a type of chrysoberyl.

How to Tell if a Tiger Eye Stone is Real 

It can be difficult to tell whether a tiger’s eye crystal is fake or real. Here are some things to look out for:

  1. Look for the luminous banding on the stone. This gives it the cat’s eye effect. 
  2. Check the colour bands to ensure that they look real.
  3. Tiger’s eye has a lustre. If it doesn’t resemble glass when you hold it up to the light, then it’s likely to be fake.
  4. When you hold it up to the light you may even see a silver tone on a genuine crystal.
  5. Check the hardness of the stone. Tiger’s eye rates as 7 on the Mohs hardness test, so it should be able to scratch glass.
  6. If your stone is bright green, pink or blue (rather than the natural grey-blue) then it’s been dyed.

The Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye

A guide to tiger's eye metaphysical healing properties

Courage and Confidence

Tiger’s eye crystal will give you the courage to conquer fears, particularly those centred around moving forward. It’ll strengthen your resolve to start a new project, or in times of change give you the courage to accept new opportunities.

As a Stone of the Mind, tiger’s eye will also boost self-confidence. By combining the sun and earth energies, this stone’s powers will guide you through difficult decisions. It’ll help you to step out of your comfort zone with renewed courage and confidence.


Tiger’s eye is a high vibrational crystal that grounds the energy of the sun into the earth. This makes it the perfect crystal to use at times of stress, when feeling bullied, insecure, or not being true to yourself.

Its grounding effect will sooth away anxiety. You’ll feel more in touch with your surroundings as you stay focused on the current moment. By staying grounded you’ll feel empowered to stand up for yourself and be able to make tough decisions.

Stability and Balance

Stability and balance are fundamental for clear decision making. Tiger’s eye, working through the Root Chakra, is a powerful stone of balance.

Tiger’s eye also brings harmony to a family environment. It does this by balancing yin-yang energies, which makes it easier to understand other people’s viewpoints.


Tiger’s eye is a stone of protection. It acts as a personal bodyguard, protecting you from negative energies, emotions, and attitudes as you go about your day. 

Through the centuries, tiger’s eye crystal has been used as a talisman to protect against curses or ill wishing. It’s also a stone for safe travel, as it protects you from negative influences.   

Does Tiger’s Eye Have Any Negative Side Effects?

No, tiger’s eye is energetically a positive crystal, with no side effects when used for crystal healing. It’s safe to wear as jewellery, hold as a tumble stone, or place around your home.

However, tiger’s eye is formed when asbestos (crocidolite) transforms into quartz, so you shouldn’t ingest it or use it in elixirs. Most importantly, you shouldn’t grind or cut up a tiger’s eye stone, as this could release potentially dangerous particles.

Tiger’s Eye Chakras

Tiger's Eye Chakras

Solar Plexus

Tiger’s eye is a lovely crystal for cleansing and energising the Solar Plexus. This is the centre for mastering your personal power.

This crystal increases self-confidence and energy to reach your goals. It helps you to access your inner strength, leaving you feeling empowered.

Root Chakra

Tiger’s eye is a great stone for the Root Chakra.

It opens and energises this Energy Centre. This helps to remove negative energies and help you to think more logically.

By bringing the Root Chakra into balance, tiger’s eye also facilitates the opening of the Chakras above. 

Sacral Chakra

Tiger’s eye crystal harnesses the earth’s and sun’s energies. This has the dual effect of firing up your passion while grounding you to earth, which mimics the energy of the Sacral Chakra.

As this is the Centre of your emotions, tiger’s eye can balance mood swings and make you feel more stable. It achieves this effect by balancing your yin-yang energies.

The Sacral Chakra is also the Centre for creativity. By unblocking the Sacral Chakra, tiger’s eye encourages you to take risks and explore your creative nature.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Associated With Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger's Eye Zodiac Signs


Tiger’s eye is one of my favourite crystals for Gemini.

Geminis love to socialise, but they can be drawn into other people’s negative dramas. Tiger’s eye, as a Stone of Protection, will fend off toxic energies. It’ll also help Gemini’s to overcome their own negative behaviours, like gossiping or stretching the truth.

As a star sign with a dual nature, tiger’s eye will balance your yin-yang energies. This will help you to remain focused and driven to complete a task


Some people don’t recommend tiger’s eye for Capricorn, but I find it can be very beneficial for this zodiac sign.

Capricorns are hardworking and full of ambition. Tiger’s eye supports this drive by keeping you balanced and full of energy.  

This zodiac sign also loves success. Tiger’s eye, as a crystal that attracts money and prosperity, will bring you luck when starting a new business or project.


Tiger’s eye is a birth and moon stone for Leo. It can balance the emotions of this ambitious zodiac sign and bring harmony to relationships.

As a protective stone, tiger’s eye also teaches the importance of self-empowerment and confidence. Many Leos suffer from self-doubt, which makes tiger’s eye an important crystal to add to your collection.

How to Use a Tiger’s Eye Stone

A guide to how to use tiger's eye
  • Tiger’s eye is a great crystal for beginners. It gives you courage to move towards your goals. It also grounds you to the strong earth energies, which boosts self-confidence. Wear it in jewellery to keep tiger’s eye in your energy field all day.
  • If you’re feeling that your energy is scattered, place tiger’s eye between your feet. Hold another piece on your Solar Plexus while standing or sitting. Focus on your Solar Plexus and feel your energy come together and stabilise.
  • Meditate with tiger’s eye to connect to Higher Consciousness. 
  • Keep tiger’s eye near you when making decisions or if you need motivation. Place a piece in your studio, workplace or home to encourage new ideas, luck and abundance into your life.
  • If you have an important interview or meeting, put a tiger’s eye crystal under your pillow the night before. This will ground you and fill you with confidence. Then carry it in your pocket once you wake.

How to Care for Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye rates as 7 on the Mohs Hardness scale. This classifies it as hard and means it will scratch crystals softer than itself.

When storing your crystal, wrap it in a soft cloth to prevent it from scratching other stones. This will also protect it from being damaged by stones harder than itself.

You should avoid using household cleaners on tiger’s eye to prevent damaging the exterior. Instead, use only soap and warm water to clean it. Similarly, don’t wear tiger’s eye while swimming, as the chemicals in the water may damage the crystal’s surface.

For more information about how to store healing crystals, click here.

Is it Safe to Put Tiger’s Eye in Water?

How to care for tiger's eye

Yes, tiger’s eye is safe to get wet. It won’t dissolve in water due to its quartz base.

However, due to the toxin content of this stone, I recommend that you avoid using water when cleaning or cleansing. You also shouldn’t use tiger’s eye for crystal elixirs.

How to Cleanse Tiger’s Eye Crystal

Crystals absorb negative energies from nearby people or the environment. We need to cleanse crystals to restore their highest vibration and remove any negativity.

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal, but I like to use sunlight for cleansing tiger’s eye. This method is revitalising for the crystal and helps to balance the stone’s yin-yang energy.

Here’s how to cleanse tiger’s eye with sunlight:

  1. Decide the time of day to perform your cleansing. I prefer to use the early morning or late afternoon sunlight, when it’s less strong. But you may feel midday is right for you, so follow your instinct on this. 
  2. Find a suitable place to cleanse your crystal. I find a tranquil area in the garden where the stone can sit directly on the earth. This combines the twin effects of connecting with both earth and sun energy. You can also place it on a natural material or on a sunny window sill. 
  3. Do a brief meditation to focus your intention. Focusing on your intention to cleanse the crystal is an important step in the process. Once you’ve completed a brief meditation, place your stone purposefully in its sunny position.
  4. Leave your tiger’s eye crystal to cleanse for an hour.

Sunlight penetrates through cloud cover, so it doesn’t have to be full sunlight for this cleansing method to be effective.

Other Methods for Cleansing Tiger’s Eye

If you don’t wish to use sunlight, here are two other options suitable for tiger’s eye:

  • Sound. I love to use sound for cleansing tiger’s eye, particularly if I don’t have time to use sunlight. You can use tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, chanting or bells. Play the note loudly, so the stone is fully encased within the sound vibration. Do this for around five minutes or until you feel it has been cleansed. 
  • Smudging. This is an age-old method used for cleansing. Using a fireproof dish, light either sage, dried herbs, smudge or incense sticks. Hold the crystal in your dominant hand and move it through the smoke for 20-30 seconds.

Note: If you use water regularly for cleansing tiger’s eye, avoid putting it against your skin. This is because the surface of the stone may get damaged, allowing your skin to come into contact with asbestos.

How to Charge Tiger’s Eye

When you use your tiger’s eye, its energy may become temporarily depleted. This could make it less effective when you next use it for crystal healing.

By charging tiger’s eye stones, you’ll return them to their original energetic frequency.

Here are my two favourite methods for charging tiger’s eye:

  • Sunlight. As a stone that resonates with the energising sun, this is a wonderful way to cleanse and charge tiger’s eye. Place it directly on the earth, or on a sunny window sill for an hour.
  • Larger Crystals. As tiger’s eye is a member of the quartz family, charging it with clear quartz or amethyst is really effective. You can do this by placing it in a geode, or put it on a larger crystal or charging plate. Leave it there for at least 30 minutes.

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Who Should Wear Tiger’s Eye Stones?

As tiger’s eye has a grounding and stabilising energy, anyone can wear it. I recommend it to both complete beginners and experienced crystal healers.

There are a few reasons you may want to use other healing stones though. Some people find the energy of tiger’s eye can disrupt their sleep, for example, so you might need to leave it outside the bedroom.

Tiger’s eye stones also resonate with the Solar Plexus, Root and Sacral Chakras. If you need to heal different Chakras, then another stone is probably a better choice. 

Can Tiger’s Eye Be Used With Other Crystals?

Tiger’s eye has an energy that works well with many other crystals.

As a member of the quartz family, you can combine it with any other quartz crystals. Here are a few other combinations you might want to try:

  • Pyrite. Pyrite and tiger’s eye are both great stones for manifesting. By putting them together, you’ll increase your abundance mindset. 
  • Bloodstone. Bloodstone and tiger’s eye are both stones of courage. They have a strong Root Chakra connection which helps you to remain grounded and focused. These energies together are excellent for encouraging success.
  • Brown Jasper. Brown Jasper and tiger’s eye are both earthy crystals. They reduce stress and remove negative energy, providing security and comfort. This is a powerful combination to use for grounding, or dissipating fear and negative thought patterns. 
Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels Are Associated With Tiger’s Eye?

Angel’s love supporting us with our endeavours. The Angels that I associate with tiger’s eye are:

  • Archangel Gabriel – This Angel is called the Messenger of God. He will help to balance your emotions and boost your creative talents. I use tiger’s eye to invoke this Angel.
  • Archangel Michael – Michael embodies strength. I use tiger’s eye to invoke Michael for courage, confidence and protection. 
  • Archangel Sandalphon – Sandalphon will help to strengthen your sense of security. He is also a guardian Angel of Prayer and Meditation. I use tiger’s eye to invoke him. 


Tiger’s eye is an energetic crystal that’s associated with the lower three Chakras. This means it brings balance to your yin-yang energies and boosts confidence. Tiger’s eye is also a great stone for protection and creativity.

Do you have any questions about tiger’s eye healing properties? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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