9 Best Healing Stones and Crystals for Capricorn

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to crystals for capricorn

Do you want to enhance your Capricorn qualities? Or are you struggling with negative traits, such as being overcautious or a harsh self-critic? These nine crystals for Capricorn may help.

If you were born between December 23rd and January 22nd, you fall into the zodiac sign of Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac.

People born under this Earth star sign are often grounded, confident, practical, thorough and ambitious. You’re adept at making money and reaching long term goals. This makes you a wonderful business partner and a loyal friend.

A Capricorn’s driven nature can sometimes make it hard to balance work with relationships though. Some Capricorns also struggle with self-belief and self-imposed limitations, due to Saturn being the ruling planet.

Crystal healing can re-balance your Capricorn traits. The right Zodiac gemstones can enhance positive attributes, while helping you enjoy the journey to success. Here are nine of my favourite crystals for Capricorn.

Which are the Best Crystals for Capricorn?


1. Garnet (Stone of Health and Commitment)

Colour: Deep Red, Pink, Orange/Brown, Clear Green
Root, Other Chakras Dependant on the Colour

Garnet, a stone for January, is a birth and ascendant stone for Capricorn. This crystal’s light energy sparks optimism and charisma in a pessimistic Capricorn.

Being a Stone of Commitment and Loyalty, this stone’s loving energy inspires devotion in relationships. But it also has an activating energy that strengthens a Capricorn’s survival instinct.

Additionally, garnet enhances natural leadership qualities, giving you an aura of confidence and respect. Its loving energy also encourages you to be kind and patient with others.

Tip for Using Garnet: A square cut garnet is a wonderful choice for your office, as it brings stability to a project.


2. Emerald (Stone of Successful Love)

Colour: Green
Brazil, Egypt, Russia, Columbia, Africa, India, Zimbabwe

Emerald is an ascendant stone for Capricorn and represents inner growth.

As the Stone of Successful Love, this crystal brings balance to relationships by encouraging loyalty and infinite patience. As it’s aligned with the Heart Chakra, this stone will also help Capricorns who struggle with their emotions.

Your logical and cautious nature can sometimes interfere with your determination to succeed. Emerald’s vibration will improve your conviction and inspire you to move towards your goal.

Aragonite cluster

3. Aragonite Star Clusters (The Conservationist’s Stone)

Colour: Pink, Brown, White, Yellow, Blue
Spain, Britain, Namibia, Morocco

Aragonite star cluster is wonderful for hard working Capricorns. It keeps you focused on the current task, even when deadlines are looming, so you can continue to make progress.

Adding a cluster to your workspace can also relieve stress and anger. This allows your creative juices to start flowing again. It’s particularly effective in a team environment, where delegation and teamwork are essential.

Note: Due to aragonite’s delicate structure, it needs to be handled gently.

Tip for Using Aragonite Star Cluster: Meditate with aragonite star cluster when you want to relieve stress.


4. Jet

Colour: Black

Jet is the stone for Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, and is also a Capricorn birthstone. It’s not a crystal, but fossilised wood that resembles coal.

With its grounding energy, jet is wonderful for absorbing negativity. It also transmutes negative energy into positive. As Capricorns can sometimes be defensive, this will help you to see the reason behind a negative experience.

Jet also helps you break negative behaviours or reduce less favoured traits, such as being dogmatic or indecisive.

Note: Jet is also known as black amber or black jewel. It needs to be cleansed regularly as it absorbs negativity.

Tip for Using Jet: If you wish to stabilise your finances or protect your business, place jet next to your bank statements. You can also put jet in the wealth corner of your home or office.


5. Malachite (Stone of Transformation)

Colour: Green
Heart, Throat
Romania, Zambia, Russia, Germany, Middle East

Malachite is a moon stone for Capricorn. It’s linked with risk-taking and fast results, making it a good choice for highly motivated Capricorns.

It also helps develop empathy, by teaching you to understand other people’s feelings or the role you’ve played in an argument

Note: As malachite is toxic, use in polished form.


6. Azurite (Stone of Heaven)

Colour: Blues
Throat, Third Eye
Australia, Chile, Peru, Russia, USA

Azurite is another moon stone for Capricorn. It’s known as the Stone of Heaven and activates the Third Eye.

This will open you to Divine Guidance. By complementing and extending your high principles, you’ll gain improved intuition. You’ll also ‘receive’ inspirational ideas that will help you achieve success.

Through encouraging you to develop your spiritual side, azurite will balance your work ethic and develop better concentration.

Purple fluorite

7. Fluorite (Stone of Discernment and Aptitude)

Colour: Rainbow of Colours
Heart, Throat, Third Eye
Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Norway, USA, Britain, China, Peru

Capricorns often don’t enjoy chaos, preferring neatness and strict boundaries.

Fluorite is one of the best stones for mental focus. It hones your focus on high-value tasks, while protecting you from stress and distractions.

As a Stone of Discernment and Aptitude, fluorite calms a Capricorn’s overactive mind. It encourages organisational skills to bring order to chaos.

This crystal’s light influence also opens your mind to new ideas and viewpoints.

Tip for Using Fluorite: Place fluorite on your desk to encourage focus on your work. You may also want to read my guide to the best healing crystals for focus.


8. Peridot (Study Stone)

Colour: Green
Heart, Solar Plexus
Brazil, USA, Egypt, Russia, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Canary Islands, Afghanistan

Peridot is another favourite of mine for Capricorns, as it facilitates change. This crystal’s light energy shows you that new opportunities are exciting, rather than scary.

As The Release Stone, peridot will help break negative patterns that constrain you. You’ll open your mind to higher consciousness, which will help you control your destiny.

Peridot’s loving energy can shield you from unkind words and encourage self-love. It also allows you to forgive and move on after being wronged, rather than holding a grudge.

Tip: Capricorn is an Earth sign, so peridot’s green color resonates with this Zodiac sign.


9. Turquoise (Stone of Communication)

Colour: Green, Blue
Mexico, China, Peru, Tibet, Afghanistan, Russia, USA, Arabia, Argentina

Turquoise is the stone for December and a lovely companion for Capricorns.

As a Stone of Purification, turquoise balances and aligns the chakras with the auric field. This connection between the spiritual and physical worlds will enhance problem-solving skills. It’ll also give you more confidence when public speaking.

Capricorns prefer to be in charge, which requires decisiveness and quick thinking. Turquoise can promote sharp decision making, whilst helping you to listen to other viewpoints.

Capricorn sign

Other Tips for Using Capricorn Gemstones & Crystals

Crystal healing is a wonderful way to enhance Capricorn qualities, whilst reducing undesirable traits. Here are some tips for using them:

  • Capricorn is associated with the Sacral Chakra. Wearing Capricorn crystals in rings, bracelets or on your belt will keep the energetic vibration close to this energy centre. You can also carry tumbled stones in your trouser pocket.
  • Wear crystal jewellery, such as a necklace and earrings, when you want to promote the higher aspects of Capricorn’s nature. Turquoise, peridot, fluorite or emerald make lovely pieces.
  • Crystal singing bowls help to balance the Chakras and energise the auric field. The crystal singing bowl for Capricorn resonates with the frequency of A (Third Eye Chakra).
  • Elixirs are a wonderful way to stay hydrated and absorb the energetic vibration of a Capricorn crystals. Please note that some crystals for Capricorns are not suitable for elixirs though.
  • Meditation is a wonderful way to gain focus and quieten your mind. Crystals, aligned to Capricorn, will help deepen your practice. Either hold in your hands, place on the relevant chakra or lay a grid around you before starting.
  • Place stones for Capricorn around your home and work space. This will boost your creativity, whilst promoting leadership qualities, loyalty and focus.

Tip: Want to learn more about crystal healing? Read my beginner’s guide or take a look at the full list of Angel Grotto’s crystal section. I’ve also written crystal guides to other star signs, including ScorpioVirgoTaurusSagittarius, and Libra.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated With Capricorns?

Here are some of the Angels that I like to invoke when using crystals for Capricorn:

  • Angel Nadiel – This is the Guardian Angel for Capricorn. He imparts confidence, practicality and determination. Also, Angel Nadiel, who resonates on the green ray, will help you when making important life changes.
  • Guardian Angel Achaiah – This is the Angel of Nature, so makes a wonderful Angel to invoke for growth. I use ruby and yellow crystals when invoking this Angel. Achaiah resonates with Capricorn and is a lovely Angel for when you need patience and determination when starting a new project.
  • Angel Cassiel – Cassiel is the Guardian Angel of Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet. He inspires harmony between extremes, so crystals such as snowflake obsidian, rutilated quartz and black/white agate resonate well with him.

Summary & My Favourite Capricorn Stone

As a Capricorn, your qualities and characteristics are influenced by the sun (birthstone), moon, ascendant and ruling planet. Each of these resonate with different crystals.

The nine Capricorn stones above can help you remain grounded, practical, and enhance your generous nature. Each of them would make a wonderful addition to your crystal healing collection.

My favourite crystal for Capricorn is garnet. The deep red colour encourages loyalty and supports my work ethic.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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