10 Healing Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Signs

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to crystals for cancer zodiac

Do you want to enhance your Cancerian qualities? Or are negative traits, such as insecurity or moodiness, interfering with your life? These crystals for the Cancer zodiac sign can help.

If you were born between June 21st and July 22nd, you fall into the zodiac sign of Cancer, the third sign of the zodiac.

Cancer is a water sign with a crab symbol. You’re a natural homemaker with an enormous capacity to love and care for people around you. With the Moon as your ruling planet, you’re also sensitive, intuitive, and value strong friendships.

Like all star signs, Cancerians sometimes struggle with negative traits. They can be impatient or pessimistic, for example, when things aren’t going their way. Some Cancerians are also overcautious, preferring to take their time to assess a situation before acting.

Healing crystals can be a wonderful way to balance your Cancerian characteristics. Gemstones for Cancer can boost your positive qualities, while reducing the effect of unwanted traits. Here are my favourite crystals for the Cancer zodiac sign.

Disclaimer: This article is about healing crystals and stones for the Cancer zodiac sign, not the group of diseases with the same name.

Which are the Best Stones, Gems and Crystals for the Cancer Sun Sign?


1. Moonstone (Stone of New Beginnings)

Colour: White, Cream, Yellow Milky Sheen
Sri Lanka, India, Australia

Moonstone is a birthstone and Ascendant stone for Cancer. It’s also a crystal for the Moon, the ruling planet of Cancer. This makes it a powerful stone for Cancerians.

With its feminine energy and lunar connection, moonstone helps you to flow with life’s ever-changing rhythms. This is useful for Cancerians who can be reluctant to take risks, even when the odds are in their favour.

Mood swings can also be a nuisance to Cancerians. Moonstone is excellent for stabilising your emotions, so it’s a great choice if your mood often fluctuates. It also boosts self-love, which amplifies your nurturing ability and kindness towards others, while helping to heal emotional wounds.

As a stone associated with the Crown Chakra, this crystal will increase your already active intuition.

Tip for Using Moonstone: Moonstone is linked to the lunar cycle, so it could help reduce emotional stress. Place it on your abdomen when feeling premenstrual tension or during your period.


2. Ruby (Stone of Nobility)

Colour: Red
Heart, Root
Mexico, Madagascar, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Russia, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma

Ruby is an energising birthstone for a Cancer sun sign, and is a stone for the month of July. Its colour reflects the intensity of your emotions and helps to bring balance to your temperament.

Fear or insecurity can interfere with a Cancerian’s ability to move forward with their goals. Ruby’s energy will stimulate passion and motivation. By filling you with courage, it helps you tackle those difficult tasks that may otherwise drain your ambition.

This precious gemstone also connects to higher consciousness and sharpens your mind. Using it improves mental clarity and concentration, while also helping you to communicate more efficiently.

Tips for Using Ruby: As Cancer is a sensitive zodiac sign, you may find ruby a little overbearing. If so, either use it for shorter periods, or choose a different crystal from this article. If you wish to open your Heart Chakra, wear ruby in a pendant. This will keep it close to this Energy Centre through the day.


3. Opal (Stone of Transformation)

Colour: Colourless, White, Pink, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange
Heart, Throat, Crown
Brazil, Australia, Japan, USA, Peru, Mexico, Canada, UK, South America, Slovakia

Opal has a high water content that resonates with the water sign of Cancer. It has an iridescent sheen and is a wonderful stone for promoting emotional balance.

As a stone for the Moon sign in Cancer, opal can help you to explore deep seated emotions and let go of past events. This is particularly useful when holding on to resentment.

By bringing your emotions to the surface, opal, as the Stone of Transformation, will help you to see the truth. You’ll learn from a situation, so you can release the negative energy surrounding it.

Opal also has a high vibration. It helps connect you to the highest form of intelligence, known as intuition. This makes it a good choice for when needing inspiration.

Tip for Using Opal: Opal is a wonderful stone for encouraging creativity in a workspace. It resonates with the Crown Chakra and stimulates mental ability.


4. Emerald (Stone of Successful Love)

Colour: Green
Brazil, Egypt, Russia, Columbia, Africa, India, Zimbabwe

Emerald is a traditional birthstone of Cancer and stone for the month of June. It’s wonderful for strengthening your memory and, as a stone of wisdom, empowers you to be true to yourself.

Known as the Stone of Successful Love, this crystal will deepen your sense of loyalty and unity in relationships. But as Cancerians can be a little short tempered, it makes sense to develop the quality of patience. Emerald brings a calming influence so you can overcome bad moods.

Cancerians have a dignified, kind nature with an abundance of empathy. Emerald aligns with these energies and boosts your nurturing spirit.

Blue calcite

5. Calcite

Colour: Pink, Grey, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Brown, Black, Clear
All, Dependant on Colour
Belgium, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Bulgaria, Iceland

Calcite is a stone for the ruling planet (Moon) and a birthstone for Cancer. With a waxy lustre, calcite is a powerful energy cleanser and amplifier. It removes stagnant energy and encourages growth.

Each colour of calcite resonates with different Chakras and aspects of the Cancerian character. Below are three colours that I find particularly helpful for Cancerians:

  • Green calcite has a soft energy that aligns with the Heart Chakra and induces a sense of peace. It’s brilliant for helping Cancerians let go of limiting beliefs, which are often based on fears and a false sense of security. It also stimulates compassion for yourself and others.
  • Blue calcite (Stone of Inspiration) has a comforting energy and a variety of healing properties. It protects you from negativity and induces a deep relaxing stateAs a Throat Chakra crystal, it also helps to ensure clear, honest, and kind communication.
  • Pink calcite (Stone of Peace) is a tender Heart Chakra stone that connects with the angelic realms. It radiates divine love and promotes forgiveness of yourself and others. By wrapping you in a metaphysical comfort blanket, it’ll also help to release emotional suffering.

Tip for Using Calcite: Place the appropriate colour crystal on the relevant Chakra during meditation. This will help cleanse and activate the Chakra while promoting a deeper practice.


6. Chrysoprase (Stone of Abundance and Truth)

Colour: Yellow Green to Deep Green
Sacral, Heart
Brazil, Russia. USA, Poland, Tanzania. Australia

Chrysoprase is a lovely Heart Chakra stone that resonates with the Cancerian character. As a Cancer Moon sign crystal, it’s wonderful for yin/yang balance and acceptance of self or others.

This is a powerful crystal for emotional healing. Depression, mood swings and anxiety can sometimes dampen a Cancerian’s true nature. Chrysoprase will boost your inner sense of security, filling you with a grace and compassion for others. It’ll lift your spirits when you’re feeling low and help to ease worries.


7. Bornite (Stone of Happiness)

Colour: Red/Brown, Gold, Purple
Canada, Morocco, USA, UK, Australia, Chile, Germany, France, Norway, Czech Republic, Peru

Bornite is a copper iron sulphide mineral with a purple sheen and a playful energy. It’s a wonderful healing stone for the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Cancerians can be harsh self-critics, with a strict work ethic and high expectations of themselves or others. Bornite teaches you to bring joy into everything you do. It’ll help you to understand that we all have a different perspective and encourage you to go with the flow.

This is a lovely stone to have near you when feeling stressed, as it’ll lighten your mood. You often take care of everyone else, so use bornite to bring laughter into your day. This will feel fresh and uplifting, helping you to enjoy every minute.

Note: Bornite is also known as peacock rock or peacock ore.

Tip for Using Bornite: If you’re feeling indecisive, bornite and chalcopyrite make a fabulous combination. These stones can help you gain clarity while promoting action.

Red Jasper

8. Red Jasper (The Supreme Nurturer, Stone of Endurance)

Colour: Red
Root, Sacral

Red jasper is a birthstone of Cancer that resonates with the Root Chakra.

Home and security are important to a Cancerian. You love being around family and the steadiness this provides.

Red jasper’s warm, stabilising energy helps you to feel rooted and secure. Known as The Supreme Nurturer, it loves nothing more than to bring comfort and tranquillity.

If your head is full of worries or negative thoughts, red jasper will reconnect you with the Earth. It’ll also absorb negative energy and relieve anxiety.

Note: As red jasper absorbs negative energy, you must cleanse it. Read my guide to cleansing red jasper to learn more.

Cancer Star Sign

Other Tips for Using Crystals for the Zodiac Sign of Cancer

Healing crystals are a lovely way to enhance Cancerian qualities and reduce the less desirable traits.

Here are a few ways that you can use a Cancer gemstone:

  • The Cancer sun sign is associated with the Third Eye. So, wear crystals, such as blue calcite, in necklaces or earrings to stay close to this Energy Centre.
  • Elixirs are a lovely way to absorb the energetic vibration of a Cancer crystal. Please note that not all crystals are suitable to be used in elixirs.
  • Crystal singing bowls, with the frequency of D# resonate with Cancer. This is a lovely way to introduce the healing frequency of crystals.
  • Place crystals for Cancer around your home or work place. This will inspire your creativity and talent while enhancing your qualities. Also, place relevant stones in your bedroom or under your pillow or bed. This will help to calm and heal your emotions while you sleep.
  • Using healing stones while you meditate will deepen your practice. Crystals aligned to Cancer will promote intuition and help you to focus on spiritual work. You can either place the crystal on the relevant Chakra or hold it in your hand.
  • Carry tumble stones in your pockets. This will keep the crystal’s healing energy close to you through the day.

Tip: I’ve also written guides for the other Zodiac signs, including crystals for Leocrystals for Geminicrystals for Pisces, and crystals for Aries. You can also take a look at my full list of Zodiac crystal guides.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated with the Cancer Zodiac Sign?

These are the Angels that I like to invoke when using crystals for the zodiac sign of Cancer:

  • Archangel Muriel – This is the Angel of the Cancer sun sign and Patron Angel of Empaths. He understands your desire to love and nurture others, but sometimes you suppress your own feelings as a result. Invoke this Angel when you want to be more honest with yourself or to find inner contentment. Use opal or rhodochrosite.
  • Archangel Gabriel – As the Ruler of the Moon, Gabriel is on the healing ray of silver. He develops intuition and the feminine aspect of your character. This Archangel is known as the Messenger of God and resonates with citrine, moonstone and selenite.

Summary and My Favourite Crystal for Cancer Zodiac

As a Cancerian, your qualities and traits are influenced by the Sun, Moon, Ruling Planet and Ascendant. There are different crystals that resonate with each of these.

By using the appropriate Cancer crystals, you can enhance your wonderful characteristics and reduce the effect of negative traits.

My favourite crystal for the Cancer zodiac sign is moonstone. I love the gentle feminine energy that reflects kindness to oneself. It stabilises emotions and is wonderful for helping to see the beauty of a fresh start.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and crystal healing expert from the UK. With over 15 years of crystal healing experience, she’s passionate about helping others improve their lives by harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.

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