Green Calcite Healing Properties, Benefits, and Meanings

By Mary Ancillette |

A guide to green calcite's healing properties

Green calcite is a heart-centred crystal that calms emotions and releases self-limiting beliefs. Read on to learn about green calcite’s healing properties, benefits, and uses.

Green calcite is a wonderful crystal for balancing your emotions. Its soft green energy also resonates with nature and the Heart Chakra, making it a stone for renewal and growth.

In this article, I’ll teach you about green calcite’s healing properties, Chakras, and associated zodiac signs. I’ll also discuss how to care for this heart stone and my favourite ways to use it.

Basic Green Calcite Meaning, History and Formation

ColourEmerald to Pale Green
OriginMexico, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, UK, Iceland, Peru, Russia, USA, Australia
Zodiac SignsAries, Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer
RarityRelatively Rare
Chemical FormulaCaCO3

Green calcite is a rare form of calcite that’s mined in countries such as Mexico and Brazil. It’s a carbonate mineral with a waxy appearance in its raw form. 

Like all types of calcite, this crystal is often found in sedimentary rocks, but there are also deposits in hydrothermal caves, hot springs, and even corals.

Pure calcite is colourless, but green calcite gets its colour from trace amounts of chlorine. The stone can range from emerald green to pale yellow-green, depending on the amount of trace elements trapped inside the crystal structure. 

The Healing Properties of Green Calcite

Healing properties of green calcite

Green calcite provides the same benefits as all healing crystals in the calcite family. Calcite crystals are great for enhancing spiritual abilities, for example, or turning negative energy into positive.

Along with these benefits of calcite, green calcite’s mineral inclusions provide additional benefits. These include renewal, abundance, calm, and improved sleep.

Renewal, Abundance & Growth

Green calcite stimulates renewal and growth. It has a gentle energy that encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and achieve your potential.

This crystal also uncovers negative behaviours, attitudes, or habits that might hold you back. Bringing these to the surface – and letting them go using the ritual below – is essential for both personal growth and abundance.

Letting Go Ritual:

Here’s a simple crystal healing method for using green calcite to release negative or unwanted behaviours:

  1. Set The Space. Choose a place that’s quiet and respectful of the process. If possible, I try to perform this ritual in a garden, but anywhere that’s quiet will work.
  2. Clarity. Decide which trait or attitude you want to release. I find it helpful to write this down before I start. 
  3. Meditation. Place green calcite on your Heart Chakra or hold it in your hand. Breathe deeply as you connect with the energy of the crystal.
  4. Focus. Focus on the attitude or belief that you wish to release. Visualise the behaviour as a colour, and with each breath ‘see’ the colour leaving your body. Let it form a ball or balloon in front of you. Remember to let go of any emotions or feelings that may be associated with it. 
  5. Speak or Think.  “I release this… (fill in the behaviour/attitude/belief that you wish to release) for my highest good.”
  6. Gratitude. Once you’ve released, appreciate the lesson this behaviour has brought you. This is an important step in the process.
  7. Releasing. Allow the ball of negative energy to float away from you. Watch it disappear over the horizon. As you watch, breathe in white light through your Crown Chakra and take it into your heart. If you wrote down your target on paper, burn it.
  8. Don’t look back! Well done! Don’t draw this negative energy back to you by thinking about it. You’ve cleared a space so you can move forward.

Always remember to cleanse green calcite crystal after the ritual.

Calm and Peace

Green calcite’s gentle energy makes it a wonderful stone for promoting a sense of inner peace. By resonating with the Heart Centre, green calcite can calm your emotions and soothe stress.

You can gain these benefits just by holding a piece of green calcite. As you connect to its peaceful energies, you’ll notice that emotions such as anger, resentment, or frustration start to melt away.

Along with calming strong emotions, green calcite may also help with anxiety or panic attacks.


Green calcite is a great stone to keep next to your bed. The calming properties of this stone can ease stress and frustration, making it easier to fall asleep. Green calcite also encourages a deeper sleep, which helps you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Additionally, green calcite is an earth stone that’s strongly connected with nature. By keeping green calcite near your bed, your energy field will be infused by nature’s stress-relieving properties throughout the night.

Which Chakras Are Associated With Green Calcite?

Chakras for green calcite

Heart Chakra

Green calcite has a healing energy that resonates with the Heart Chakra. It cleanses and balances this important Energy Centre, which allows love, joy, and well-being to flourish.

By realigning your Heart Chakra, green calcite can also help to release emotional wounds from past relationships. The soft energy of this stone takes the edge off painful memories and emotions, making it easier to move forward.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Associated With Green Calcite?


Green calcite is a birthstone for Aries. It has a grounding energy that stabilises emotions and encourages patience, which are both useful traits for this fire sign.


People born under the zodiac sign of Taurus can sometimes be reluctant to try new things. Green calcite releases unwanted beliefs, so you can feel more confident and spontaneous.

As green calcite is a moon stone for Taurus, its calm nature will also focus your mind as you step out of your comfort zone.


Green calcite aligns with the Capricorn’s love of success, but it also encourages empathy and forgiveness. This makes it an excellent gemstone for Capricorns who sometimes struggle to understand other people’s viewpoints.


Green calcite encourages people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer to be more optimistic and confident. Its heart-centred energy can also reduce the fear of moving outside your comfort zone.

How to Care for Green Calcite

How to care for green calcite

Green calcite rates as three on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it a soft mineral that can be scratched by harder minerals.

When I’m storing green calcite, I like to wrap it in a soft natural material. This prevents it from being damaged by other gemstones. Due to its softness, this isn’t a stone I recommend carrying in your pocket or storing in a bag with other stones.

Never leave green calcite in the sun (or on a sunny windowsill) for long periods. Sunlight causes the stone to become brittle, as it’s intolerant of heat. Spending time in the sun can also cause green calcite to fade.

Green calcite should be kept away from acids or other harsh cleansing agents that you find in the home. I like to use an air duster or soft cloth to clean this stone.

Can Green Calcite Get Wet?

Crystals that are five or under on the Mohs hardness scale are usually considered unsuitable to get wet. Yet, as green calcite is a carbonate mineral, it’s reasonably stable in water.

This means it can tolerate the occasional splash, but being submerged in water for long periods could cause cracks or other damage. To be safe, I recommend avoiding getting green calcite wet.

How to Cleanse Green Calcite

Green calcite quickly absorbs negativity, so you need to cleanse it after each use.

As green calcite can be damaged by water, you’ll need to use other cleansing methods. Some of my favourites include: 

  • Smudging. This is an ancient technique that uses smoke to remove negative energy. It’s a great cleansing method for green calcite, due to its connection with nature. Burn white sage, smudge sticks, or herbs in a fireproof container. Wave the crystal through the smoke for 30 seconds to clear unwanted energies.
  • Moonlight. Cleansing your crystal with moonlight takes all night, but the benefits are worth it. You can either place green calcite on a natural material (make sure it’s covered if there is a chance of rain) or an indoor windowsill that receives moonlight.
  • Brown Rice. Bury your green calcite in dry brown rice for 24 hours. This will cleanse negative energy while being deeply grounding. Remember to throw the rice away afterwards!

How Do You Charge Green Calcite?

Charging restores a crystal’s energy and energetic frequency, which is important after a healing session.

There are several methods for charging green calcite. These include:

  • Moonlight. This is one of my favourite ways to charge a crystal. It can be done at any point during the lunar calendar, but the full moons are particularly powerful.
  • Soil. As green calcite connects with nature, burying your green calcite in the soil is a beautiful method for charging it. Make sure you place it in a sealed jar and remember where you buried it!  
  • Sound. Sound is a lovely way to charge your green calcite crystal. The vibration of the note will return the crystal to its original frequency. You can use bells, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, or anything that can play a single note.

How to Use Green Calcite Crystals for the Best Results

How to use green calcite

There are many ways you can use a green calcite crystal in your healing practice. Some of my favourites include:

  • Green calcite is a serene crystal to use when meditating. Its soft, calm energy brings peace and clarity to your focus. Place it over your Heart Chakra throughout the practice. As a stone of nature, meditating with green calcite amongst flowers or trees will add grounding.
  • Crystal grids amplify your intention. By placing green calcite in the grid, it’ll help to calm emotions and let go of emotional blocks that interfere with your personal growth. Green calcite grids are also great for clearing negative energy that could otherwise be interrupting your manifesting process. 
  • Children are often drawn to green calcite. It’s heart-centred energy calms overly excited children. So, place it in a classroom, playroom, or around your house so that children can benefit from this effect.
  • Also, as a stone that’s associated with growth, it’s lovely to put green calcite in a child’s bedroom. This will encourage spiritual, mental, and emotional growth.

Can Green Calcite Be Used With Other Crystals?

You can use green calcite with any calcite colour. But there are other crystals that I like to put with green calcite for a specific intention:

  • Rhodonite. Rhodonite and green calcite are both strong heart stones that resonate with unconditional love. I use them together when working on forgiveness and compassion.
  • Blue Chalcedony. Blue chalcedony and green calcite are both gentle, calming crystals that ease stress within the emotional body. Both stones also have a light-hearted energy that absorbs negativity. This makes them a fabulous combination for calming emotions and removing self-doubt.
  • Pyrite. Pyrite and green calcite make a great combination for manifesting abundance. Together they reduce self-imposed limitations so that new opportunities can come to you.


Where Should You Put Green Calcite in a House?

There aren’t any right or wrong places to put green calcite in your home. The best locations often depend on your desired intention.

  • Abundance. Place green calcite in the wealth corner of your home. This is the far left corner when standing at your front door.  
  • Sleep. You can either place green calcite beside your bed, or under your pillow, to induce a restful night’s sleep.
  • Reduce Stress. Green calcite in your lounge, workplace, or bedroom will help to reduce stress and create a calm environment.
  • Gardening. Green calcite is known as a Gardening Stone. Its nurturing energy will benefit your plants. Place a piece in your shed, or around the garden where it won’t get wet.

Green Calcite vs Orange Calcite 

Green calcite and orange calcite are not the same gemstones. They are both calcite crystals, but have different mineral inclusions.

The two crystals share properties that apply to the whole calcite family. These include the ability to transform negative energies and enhance spiritual abilities. The different inclusions mean they also have unique healing properties, however, which I’ve listed in the table below.

Green CalciteOrange Calcite
Mineral InclusionCopper or ChloriteHematite
Associated ChakraHeartSacral, Solar Plexus
Healing PropertiesRenewal, Abundance, Calm and ForgivenessCreativity, Energy Amplifier, Emotional Balancer, Motivation

Is Pistachio Calcite the Same as Green Calcite?

Pistachio calcite and green calcite are the same crystal, but they have slightly different colours.

Pistachio calcite has a bright lime green colour, while green calcite is usually a paler green. The brighter colour of pistachio calcite means it resonates with both the Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra. Green calcite is only associated with the Heart Chakra.

Angel Grotto Angel Icon


Which Angels Are Associated With Green Calcite?

Green calcite is a heart-centred crystal that resonates with Angels. The ones I most associate with this crystal are:

  • Archangel Raphael – Raphael is called The Master Healer and he resonates on the green ray. I use green calcite when invoking Him to release negativity and past emotional wounds. 
  • Archangel Chamuel – Archangel Chamuel brings peace and comfort. As an Angel of love, He also helps raise low self-esteem. I use green calcite when invoking this Angel.
  • Archangel Metatron – This Angel is called the ‘Angel of Life. He helps to raise your vibration, grounding you into the present. This will attract more luck and abundance into your life. I love to use green calcite to invoke this Angel.


Green calcite has a soothing energy that’s associated with the Heart Chakra. It releases unhelpful beliefs and behaviours that may be stunting your personal growth. This crystal will also encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

Do you have any questions about green calcite healing properties? Please let me know in the comments section.

Mary Ancillette

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