9 Best Crystals for Attracting Money, Prosperity and Abundance

Crystals for Money Guide

Crystals can help you overcome emotional, energetic and spiritual blockages that hold you back when seeking wealth, whilst strengthening your intentions for a better financial future. Here are nine of the best crystals for money.

Money and abundance can come to us in many ways. But we are often held back by self-limiting beliefs and the wrong mindset.

The right crystals can eliminate these blockages to greater wealth. Crystals for abundance can also boost your confidence in tackling new and potentially profitable endeavours.

With this in mind, here are nine of the best crystals for money and prosperity. Whether you want to make wiser spending decisions, eliminate debt or earn more money, there's a crystal that could help.

Which are the Best Stones for Wealth and Abundance?


1. Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)

Colour: Yellow/Gold
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Origin: Australia, South Africa, Spain, Japan, Peru, Russia, Greece, Sweden, Czech Republic, UK, North America

Pyrite is an energetic brassy mineral known as ‘Fool’s Gold’. But there’s nothing foolish about it when it comes to manifestation of abundance, as it packs a real punch.

Coming from the Greek word pyr, meaning fire, its cubic structure resonates perfectly with the gold energy for money-attraction. As well as helping you move towards a wealthier future, it ignites the fire of vitality, courage and persistence which is great for energising a workplace.

If you wish to tap into your creative talents, attract clients, or need to shift your mindset from "lack" to "abundance," pyrite is the one to use.

Citrine jewel

2. Citrine (The Lucky Merchant's Stone)

Colour: Yellow, ranging from pale to honey or even brown
Chakra: Solar Plexus but also activates the Crown Chakra
Origin: Brazil, France Madagascar, Russia, UK, USA

Citrine, as The Lucky Merchant's Stone, is often associated with financial success in business - and it's one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting money. It's not just useful for overcoming roadblocks to earning money, but to keeping it too.

This stone will also encourage you to share. By being generous, you can create a circle of wealth, which benefits both you and others.

So, if you’re looking for ways to make, save or spend money wisely, use Citrine to amplify your intention.

Note: Natural Citrine is rare, so heat-treated Amethyst is often sold in its place.

Tip for Using Citrine: Place a piece of Citrine in the wealth corner of your home or business to strengthen your financial intentions.

Green Jade

3. Green Jade (The Lucky Charm and Sovereign for Harmony)

Colour: Green
Chakra: Heart
Origin: Mexico, Russia, Guatemala, Myanmar, USA, China

Green jade’s healing energy can dissolve self-imposed limitations - especially those related to not being worthy enough to receive money.

It has been used by many cultures as a stone for luck and, rather than bringing wealth instantly, boosts your long-term energy and focus when working towards financial goals.

Tip for Using Green Jade: If you want a symbol of prosperity, a jade elephant with its trunk raised is said to bring abundance.

Green Aventurine

4. Green Aventurine (Stone of Opportunity)

Colour: Green
Chakra: Heart
Origin: India, Spain, Italy, Brazil, China, Russia, Tibet, Nepal

Green aventurine is thought to bring back money that may have been spent unwisely. While it can't do this directly - your monetary decisions are always your own responsibility - it can help you to grasp opportunities that otherwise may have slipped away.

It has a big-hearted approach to prosperity and, as a Stone of Opportunity, will combine the security gained from healing the heart with timely opening of doors.

Tip for using Green Aventurine: Hold a green aventurine gemstone over your Heart Chakra when meditating on your intention for abundance.

Tiger's Eye

5. Tiger’s Eye (Stone of the Mind)

Colour: ​​Brown/Yellow/Red
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Root
Origin: Mexico, USA, South Africa, Australia, India, Brazil

Tiger’s eye has an almost all-knowing ability to bring dreams and intentions into reality. This will help you to move your career forward and bring luck if starting a new business.

With its dynamic combination of earth and solar energy, tiger's eye is a great stone for staying grounded and sensible around money. It’ll help you to keep hold of your assets whilst protecting you from becoming too greedy.

It’s also a talisman of luck and good fortune, so don’t underestimate its fortune-flowing ability, particularly when you combine it with some of the other money-attracting crystals.

Tip for Using Tiger’s Eye: Place a piece of tiger’s eye in your pocket when going shopping to deter impulse buying. It will encourage patience to find the right item.


6. Peridot (Study Stone)

Colour: ​​​Green
Chakra: Heart and Solar Plexus
Origin: Brazil, USA, Egypt, Russia, Ireland, Sri Lank, Canary Islands

The light, positive energy of peridot is used to boost a desired outcome. This can be almost anything, but is often related to money.

By clearing blockages in the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, peridot's charming energy helps you feel valuable and worthy of receiving money. Eliminating these negative self-beliefs is vital for attracting greater wealth.

This is also a wonderful crystal to use in a crystal grid for money.


7. Clear Quartz (The Master Healer)

Colour: ​Clear
Chakra: Crown
Origin: Worldwide

Clear quartz is a powerful energy amplifying crystal. It can be attuned to any intention, including money, and also acts as an amplifier when near other crystals.

If you’re setting up a new business, wish to set realistic financial goals, or need to manage some unpaid bills, clear quartz will help keep your intentions strong.

Tip for Using Clear Quartz: Put a bowl containing several money crystals in your wealth corner and amplify with clear quartz.


8. Malachite (Stone of Transformation)

Colour: Green
Chakra: Heart and Throat
Origin: Romania, Zambia, Russia, Germany, Middle East

This beautiful deep green gemstone is powerful for removing negativity. It's also thought to protect against misfortune, which is important when wishing to be wealthy.

It’s an energy magnet and, as money is a form of energy, placing malachite with money can provide the focus needed to solve financial problems.

With its money-like colour and reputation as a Stone for Merchants since ancient times, malachite is a strong contender for one of the best stones for prosperity.

Tip for Using Malachite: Place malachite in your purse or wallet to gain from its positive energy throughout the day.


9. Amazonite (Stone of Hope, Success and Abundance.)

Colour: ​Turquoise Green
Chakra: Heart and Throat
Origin: Brazil, Russia, India, USA, Madagascar

This crystal is as powerful as its name suggests. By dissipating energy blockages, Amazonite can help bring positive feelings and work-ethic to any financial venture.

It reinforces leadership qualities and calms the mind. So, this is a fabulous stone to use for luck and success in business.

Planting money trees

Other Tips for Using Crystals for Prosperity

Crystals respond beautifully to money-related intentions, and there are various ways you can use them:

  • Place a group of money crystals in the left-hand corner of your house or office (known as the wealth corner) to strengthen financial intentions.
  • Carry crystals in your pocket or purse/wallet to help you make better purchasing decisions throughout the day.
  • Sleep with money crystals under your pillow to bring money-making ideas whilst you’re sleeping. 
  • Wear crystals in jewellery to ensure you’re dispelling negative energy whilst projecting an aura of wealth and prosperity.
  • When visualising, place a crystal on the associated Chakra whilst picturing your intention.
  • Place crystals around your home as reminders of the energy you are attracting.
  • Use crystals in your meditations, focusing on wealth and prosperity.
  • Use money crystals in your elixirs to harness their beautiful energies.
  • Crystal grids are a brilliant way to increase the power of money stones.

Tip: For a more general guide to manifesting, you may want to read my guide to crystals for manifestation on this page.

BONUS TIP: New Moon Abundance Cheque

Another useful practice I use is the New Moon Abundance Cheque. You don’t need to believe this will work when you write it, but you might be surprised at the results. 

Within 24 hours of each New Moon, fill in a cheque as follows (either a real cheque or one you create for this purpose):

Date: Leave this blank

Pay: Write your name.

The line beneath your name, write ‘Paid in Full.’

In the little box where you would put the figure amount, write ‘Paid in Full.’

Sign the Cheque: Law of Abundance.

Now place it somewhere out of the way and forget about it. Some people like to place their New Moon cheques under citrine for extra influence.

If you have a business account and a private account, do this for both.

Angel Icon

Which Angels are Associated With Money?

I like to invoke these angels when manifesting money or success in business. They are receptive, just so long as we are asking for the highest good.

  • Archangel Zadkiel – for abundance, success and integrity
  • Archangel Ariel – for removing blockages preventing you from manifesting money
  • Archangel Raziel – for manifesting your dreams through abundance and wealth
  • Archangel Gabriel – for saving money and developing healthy spending habits


If you need extra clarity and stronger intentions when manifesting money, the crystals on this list are a great place to start.

They won't attract money without effort, but can help change your mindset and dissolve self-limiting beliefs - which is vital when pursuing wealth and abundance.

My favourite crystal for money is Amazonite. Its powerful energy helps strengthen my wealth intentions without compromising my integrity.

Mary Ancillette

About the Author: Mary Ancillette

Mary is a spiritual teacher, published author and therapist from the UK. She's passionate about helping others improve their lives through harnessing the power of crystals and spirituality.


  1. This was very help. I already habe many of the stones. I know the new moon for Aug has past, but i will still write the check and place a critine with it. Also the information on the Archangels ia great.

    Thank you

  2. Thank you for this article, I have just learnt about the healing properties of crystals, now about money WOW. I have a few of these money crystals please tell me how to meditate with them. Is carrying them around in your bag still works?

    • Hi Angelica,

      Crystals are a wonderful way to align your energies for wealth and abundance. You can meditate by holding them in your hand or placing them in front of you. Also, a crystal grid amplifies the energetic potency of crystals, so you could place one around you before meditating.

      Carrying your crystals around in your bag, pocket or wearing as jewellery ensures the intention and focus of your meditation remains with you throughout the day.

    • Yes, you can use as many crystals as you wish together. They each have their own energy, so make sure the ones you choose align with your intention.

      Remember, clear quartz is a wonderful amplifier of energy, as is a crystal grid. But you may find that you’re drawn more to one or two specific crystal, in which case I’d listen to this.

  3. Thank you so much Mary for helping people all over the world. I have been shopping for crystal bracelets online and I became curious which crystals are which and I came about your article so thank you for the clarification. Very helpful indeed!

    • Dear Barbi, thank you for your comment.

      When you invoke an angel, hold your chosen crystal and clear your mind from chatter and worries, as you focus on your specific money intention.

      For example, “Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Gabriel, my goal is to develop healthy spending habits, please help me to overcome any weakness and strengthen my ability to save, in love and light, in love and light, in love and light.”

      Don’t forget to thank your angel too.

      Love and blessing,

  4. Dear Mary
    Please Suggest some Crystals that would boost the Memory and Concentration in Studies . Need to enhance the Focus on learning abilities of my children. Also any crystals that would Withdraw the Addiction to TV and Mobile .

    • Dear Bindy, thank you for your comment.

      Fluorite is great for mental clarity and focus. Clear quartz and blue apatite are also good for students, while tiger’s eye boosts determination and helps if self-doubt is holding them back.

      With regards to the TV and phone usage, you could use amethyst, carnelian, hematite, labradorite or charoite.

      Love and blessing,

  5. Hi I have recently bought green jade chips necklace but as I keep it close to me I feel restless kindly suggest some ways to use it

    • Hi Jacquelyne, thank you for your comment.

      We are all unique, so not every crystal resonates with our particular vibration. However, there are a few things you could try.

      Firstly, cleanse it. Please see my article How to Cleanse Healing Crystals and Gemstones. When you take your necklace off, place it in an amethyst geode to release any negativity gathered in the day.

      If you still find green jade makes you feel restless, try grounding yourself every morning before you put it on.

      Love and blessings,

  6. Hi Mary,

    I am so overwhelmed and thankful for your blog. It really help me a lot. Will you please help me on how to call an angel for manifesting abundance and wealth. What should I say? Thank you! I really do hope that you can response to me…


    • Hi Maria, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I’m so pleased that you are enjoying Angel Grotto!

      To invoke an angel, hold your chosen crystal and clear your mind from chatter and worries, as you focus on your specific intention. Then say, for example:

      “Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Gabriel, my goal is to develop healthy spending habits, please help me to overcome any weakness and strengthen my ability to save, in love and light, in love and light, in love and light.”

      Just alter your intention as applicable and don’t forget to thank your angel.

      • Very dear Mary…you are a wondrous inspiration to me, and countless others who embrace the Universe and the Power of Nature. I take all your advice, with a grateful heart. Bless you and yours in 2020 and every year after…I have a large number of crystals–being cleansed right now in the light of the first 2020 Full Moon. Each one speaks to my heart and I will never be without them. With love and prayers, Linda


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