Which Are The Best Healing Stones and Crystals for the Sacral Chakra?

Crystals for the Sacral Chakra

By Mary Ancillette |

The Sacral Chakra (Second Chakra – Svadhisthana) is the centre for creative energies and emotional balance. Situated below the navel in the lower abdomen, and orange in colour, it allows a healthy flow of energy throughout the body. Playfulness, passion, pleasure and sexuality are all part of the Svadhisthana’s sweetness and purpose. It has links … Read more

How to Cleanse Healing Crystals and Gemstones

A guide to cleansing a healing crystal

By Mary Ancillette |

Adding a new crystal to your collection is always exciting. But, before you can harness the healing properties, it’s important to cleanse it to remove negative energy and toxicity. Crystals absorb energy and vibrations when being excavated, shipped and handled before you receive it. So, you’ll need to ensure your stone is free from these … Read more

How to Store Healing Crystals and Stones

A guide to properly storing crystals

By Mary Ancillette |

Crystals are lovely to have around the house. They generate positive feelings and can make wonderful conversation starters. But keeping your crystals on display isn’t always the best idea. Some crystals need careful handling, whilst others need to be kept away from sunlight, water or negative influences. Your home may also have children or animals … Read more

9 Best Crystals and Stones for Boosting Confidence and Self-Worth

A guide to crystals for confidence

By Mary Ancillette |

True confidence comes from within. It’s knowing the value you bring to others, without arrogance, conceit or self-delusion. Most importantly, confidence is the magical ingredient for reaching your goals and fulfilling your truest potential. In contrast, low confidence holds you back from your potential. It stops you being assertive, makes you vulnerable, and causes self-doubt. … Read more

How to Choose a Healing Crystal That’s Right for You

How to choose a crystal for your intentions

By Mary Ancillette |

Searching for a crystal can be overwhelming – especially as a beginner. There are literally thousands of gemstones, each with a unique structure, energy, colour and uses. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to choose the right type of crystal and then select a specific stone that feels right to you. How … Read more

10 Crystals for Fertility & Pregnancy (And How to Use Them)

Crystals for fertility

By Mary Ancillette |

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or medical professional, and this article is not giving medical advice related to fertility or the reproductive system. Fertility problems can have a variety of causes, so you should always seek professional medical care and advice. Healing crystals should only be used as a compliment to regular medical care. Crystals … Read more

10 Best Crystals for Beginners – A Basic Guide to the Essential Healing Stones

A guide to the best crystals for beginners

By Mary Ancillette |

If you’re interested in crystal healing but not sure where to start, I don’t blame you! As a beginner, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the hundreds of crystals. And that’s before we talk about crystal shapes, advanced techniques, and how each crystal interacts with your seven Chakras. To help you get started, I’ve picked … Read more

9 Best Crystals and Gemstones for Courage

A guide to crystals for courage

By Mary Ancillette |

Is fear preventing you from reaching your goals? Or do you find it difficult to be true to your thoughts, feelings and beliefs? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to act in the face of fears and uncertainties. This can make it difficult to achieve personal, spiritual and professional goals. While there are … Read more

Crystals for Virgo: 9 Best Zodiac Gemstones for Virgos

Crystals for Virgo

By Mary Ancillette |

If you were born between August 23rd and September 22nd, you fall into the zodiac sun sign of Virgo. This lovely star sign is centred around helping others and caring for the planet. Many Virgos are hard workers, have endless energy, and excel at supporting friends, colleagues and loved ones. This makes them an asset … Read more

9 Crystals for Creativity: Gemstones for a Creative Boost

A guide to crystals for creativity

By Mary Ancillette |

Whether you want to write a novel, paint beautiful artwork, start a business, or just take a new approach to life, creativity is essential. Creative inspiration can be difficult to access though – which limits our ability to think in new and exciting ways. The sacral chakra is the centre of creativity, as well as … Read more