How to Cleanse Crystals With Selenite

By Mary Ancillette |

How to cleanse crystals with selenite

There are many methods for cleansing crystals, but using the various forms of selenite is amongst the most popular. Here’s my complete guide to cleansing crystals with selenite.

Crystals absorb energy from their surroundings and the people they come into contact with. Unfortunately, this includes negative energies, so it’s important to regularly cleanse your crystals.

Selenite has a powerful energy that cleanses negative or stagnant energy from other crystals. This leaves them fresh, invigorated, and ready to be used again. 

In this article, I’ll show you how to use selenite to cleanse and charge other crystals.

A Brief Summary of Why Selenite is Used for Cleansing Crystals

Selenite is one of the most effective healing crystals for cleansing other stones. This is mainly because of selenite’s angelic resonance, which turns negative energy into positive.

It also has a fine vibration, which purifies and amplifies the energy of other crystals. This makes selenite a strong cleanser and gives it the ability to restore crystals to their natural energetic self.

Tip: You should always cleanse a new crystal before you use it.

7 Methods for Cleansing Crystals With Selenite

Selenite (a form of gypsum) is a soft mineral that can be carved or split into a variety of shapes. Each of these shapes provides a different method for crystal cleansing, although some are more effective than others.

In general, the more contact a crystal has with selenite, the faster it will be cleansed of unwanted energy. Here are seven ways that I like to use selenite for cleansing other crystals. 

Tip: If you’re using selenite to cleanse your crystal outdoors, I recommend covering it to keep the crystal dry. Selenite is water-soluble and may be damaged if it gets wet.

How to Cleanse Crystals With a Selenite Cleansing Bowl

A selenite cleansing bowl is a popular shape for cleansing other crystals. By placing your crystal inside the bowl, it’ll be surrounded with a cleansing resonance. Selenite bowls also maintain continual contact with the stone to ensure a thorough cleansing.

Bowls come in a variety of sizes and are useful for cleansing both crystal jewellery and tumble stones. You can do this indoors or outside, depending on the phase of the moon and the weather.

  • Cleansing a stone indoors using a selenite bowl – Place the crystal inside the selenite bowl. Ensure the bowl is away from pollutants or general household mess, as this could interfere with the energetic effect. A designated area such as an altar makes a lovely spot. Leave your crystal inside the selenite bowl for six to eight hours.
  • Cleansing your stone outdoors with a selenite bowl – Moonlight can provide a more intense cleansing effect. You can either place the selenite bowl on a window sill or directly on the earth. As selenite is porous, make sure the ground is dry. You could even put it on a natural material such as a rock or wood. I like to place the bowl out at dusk and leave it throughout the night. If there is a chance of rain, protect your crystals with a glass bowl.

How to Cleanse Crystals With a Selenite Wand, Stick, Sword or Blade

Selenite wands, sticks, or blades have a pointed end that focuses energy and intensifies the cleansing effect. This makes them a great shape for cleansing other crystals.

Simply lay the wand or blade on its side and place the crystal to be cleansed at the point. The more pointed the wand, the more precise this form of cleansing will be.

Tip: Twisted selenite wands can be even more effective for cleansing. The spiral amplifies and guides the cleansing energy towards the point.

How to Cleanse Crystals With a Selenite Crystal Cleansing Spray

A selenite cleansing spray is useful when crystals are set in a grid and you don’t wish to move them. It’s also convenient to carry selenite spray in your pocket or bag, should a crystal need to be refreshed when travelling.

Before using a spray, make sure that the crystal to be cleansed is suitable for getting wet.

Tune into the crystal’s energy and ask if it would like to be cleansed using this method. Then, spray the crystal with a fine mist from above. You can even spray it over your own head if you like.

How to Make a Selenite Cleansing Spray

Although you can buy a selenite cleansing spray, you can also make your own. Set your intention before you start and ensure you fill the process with love.

I make selenite spray using the following method, as it prevents the selenite from getting wet:

  1. Select your selenite and ensure it’s cleansed and charged in moonlight prior to making the spray.
  2. Half fill a glass bowl with room temperature spring water, deionised water, or distilled water. Do not use tap water.
  3. Place the selenite into a smaller glass bowl. Then carefully place the smaller bowl into the water. Be careful that the water doesn’t spill into the smaller bowl, as you don’t want to get the selenite to get wet. 
  4. Place the bowls in moonlight during a full moon for eight hours or more. Don’t worry if there are clouds, but remember to cover the bowls if there is a chance of rain. The energy of the selenite will infuse into the water during the night.
  5. Remove the smaller bowl and pour the infused water into a glass bottle with a fine spray nozzle, until it’s half full. You may need a funnel to help with this.
  6. At this point you can add a few drops of high-quality essential oil such as sage, palo santo, rosemary, lavender, or frankincense into the bottle.
  7. Top up the bottle with witch hazel or alcohol such as vodka or white rum to preserve it.
  8. Shake the bottle and date it. You can use it straight away or store it in a cool place for a few months.

How to Cleanse Crystals With a Selenite Slab, Bar or Plate

Slabs or plates are my favourite shape for cleansing crystals with selenite.

Having a level surface makes it easy to cleanse most crystals. Slabs are also perfect for placing on windowsills when you’re using the moon for cleansing and charging.

The more contact a crystal has with selenite, the more effectively it unblocks stagnant or negative energy. For this reason, I try to ensure that the plate is as flat as possible. You can also buy selenite charging plates with engravings, making them a beautiful decorative item. 

How to Cleanse Crystals With a Selenite Singing Bowl

Crystals each have their own frequency of vibration, so sound energy is a wonderful way to cleanse them. Cleansing with sound is also fast and means you don’t need to worry about the crystals getting wet or sun damaged.

Selenite singing bowls are a great choice for cleansing. They range in size and pitch, with bigger bowls having a deeper sound.

Here’s how to cleanse a crystal with a selenite singing bowl:

  1. Place the crystal in the bowl.
  2. Hold the singing bowl in the palm of your hand. Gently run the mallet around the outer edge of the rim.
  3. Start slowly and increase the speed. You can also experiment with changing the pressure of the mallet or how firmly you hold the bowl. Keep doing this until you obtain the sound you want.
  4. Play for five minutes or until you feel the stone is cleansed.

You can also use a padded striker and tap the side of the selenite singing bowl. Make sure you don’t hit it too hard though, as you don’t want the bowl to crack!

Other Ways to Use Selenite to Cleanse Crystals

Spheres, Tumble Stones, Towers

You can use a selenite tower to cleanse a group of crystals at the same time. Simply place the tower in the centre and leave it for around 24 hours. If you need to speed things up, make sure each crystal is physically touching the tower.

Selenite tumble stones come in various sizes, which makes them useful when cleansing stones in a jar or glass bowl. Fill your jar or bowl with the selenite and place the crystal to be cleansed amongst them. 

Selenite spheres, by their nature, aren’t an easy shape to lay crystals on. They also radiate their ‘light’ in every direction, rather than focusing it to a sharp point. This makes selenite spheres useful for cleansing a room, but not for cleansing other crystals.

Selenite Cleansing Lamp

A selenite cleansing lamp is a wonderful way to clear unwanted energies from a room. It’s also great for cleansing other crystals.

Drape your crystal jewellery over the lamp overnight to cleanse and recharge them. You don’t need to have the lamp switched on. You can also use the lamp much like a plate or slab, and sit your crystals on it for six to eight hours.

Remember to cleanse the lamp of any stagnant energy from time to time. I like to do this by giving it a lunar bath.

How Long Should You Cleanse Crystals on Selenite?

Example of a selenite slab

Selenite is a naturally fast mineral for cleansing other crystals. In most cases, a crystal in direct contact with selenite should be cleansed in six to 24 hours.

Smaller gemstones need less time, while increasing the amount of physical contact will speed up the process. Using a cleansing method without direct contact, such as placing a selenite tower between a group of crystals, will require more time.

If you’re cleansing a crystal pendulum in a jar of selenite tumble stones, then leave the crystal for at least 24 to 48 hours. I also like to drape my crystal jewellery over a selenite tower when I’m not wearing it, so it’s always cleansed and ready to be worn.

Charging Crystals With Selenite to Restore Their Healing Power

Along with being a stone for cleansing other crystals, selenite is a wonderful conductor of healing energy. This makes it suitable for charging your crystals.

Charging a crystal restores its original vibration after it’s been working hard for us. If we don’t recharge a crystal, it can become dull and less effective.

There are several ways you can use selenite for recharging a crystal and restoring its healing properties:

  • Surround the crystal with three or four selenite crystals. Point them all towards the crystal to focus the effect.
  • Place your crystal in the centre of a selenite grid. This will allow the geometric pattern to provide more emphasis. 
  • The more contact a crystal has with selenite, the quicker the charging effect. Put the crystal on a selenite slab or place it in contact with a selenite tower. 

After six to 24 hours, depending on the size of the stone you wish to charge, it’ll be restored to its original state of power.

Does Selenite Need to be Cleansed?

Selenite is a low maintenance crystal. It doesn’t need cleansing as much as other crystals and is often described as self-cleansing.

However, I still like to occasionally cleanse selenite with a lunar bath. This releases stagnant energy and restores positive energies, so it can continue cleansing other crystals.

Over the three-day period of the full moon, place your selenite crystal on a windowsill. Another option is to put it outside in the moonlight. You can cleanse selenite even when there is cloud cover, but put it under a glass bowl if there’s risk of rain. 


Crystals absorb negative or stagnant energies from their surroundings. Cleansing removes these energies and ensures the crystal is ready to use, so it’s an important part of caring for your crystal.

Selenite is one of the best minerals for cleansing your crystals. It comes in many shapes, such as slabs, bowls, or towers, making it a versatile choice for cleansing your crystal collection.

Want to learn more about cleansing crystals? My full guide to cleansing includes a variety of methods, such as smudging, salt water and sea salt cleansing, brown rice cleansing, white light visualisation, and many more. 

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