How to Cleanse Red Jasper Crystals

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How to cleanse red jasper

Want to learn how to cleanse red jasper? Here are my favourite ways to remove negative energy from this healing stone.

How Can I Cleanse Red Jasper?

You can cleanse red jasper by holding it in running water for 1-5 minutes. Make sure to set an intention to cleanse before starting. Other methods that are suitable for cleansing this crystal include moonlight and amethyst geodes.

Red jasper is a gentle healing crystal that’s linked to both the Root and Sacral Chakras.

I love using red jasper for intentions related to self-growth, such as motivation, confidence, and courage. Its connection with the Earth also makes it a great crystal for grounding and harmony.

Like most crystals, red jasper absorbs negative energy from its surroundings. It’s important to cleanse it to remove this energy and restore the stone’s healing properties. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best cleansing methods for red jasper.

A Quick Intro to Red Jasper’s Structure

Before we can choose the right cleansing method for a crystal, it’s important to understand the basics of its structure and properties.

After all, using the wrong technique can damage a crystal’s surface or even cause it to dissolve!

Fortunately, red jasper is a hard crystal that’s suitable for most cleansing methods. This gemstone rates 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it safe to cleanse in water (for short periods).

Additionally, red jasper is a form of quartz that gets its deep red colour from iron inclusions. These properties make it an opaque stone, so it’s less susceptible to fading in sunlight than translucent gemstones.

How to Cleanse Red Jasper With Water

Running water is my favourite method for cleansing red jasper. Water neutralises negative energy and grounds it back to earth, making this a quick and effective technique.

Any water can be used for crystal cleansing, but I prefer natural water sources (such as streams or lakes) whenever possible.

Here’s how to cleanse red jasper in water:

  1. Set your intention to cleanse the crystal of negative energy. It’s important to maintain your focus on this intention throughout the cleansing process.
  2. Hold the red jasper crystal in running water to remove negative energy. The process can take anywhere from 1-5 minutes depending on how often you cleanse the crystal, but use your intuition to guide you.
  3. Dry the crystal with natural material. It’s important to dry red jasper after it’s been in the water to reduce the risk of gradual damage. Drying is even more important if you store the crystal with other stones that may not be suitable for getting wet.

Other Methods for Cleansing Red Jasper

Water isn’t the only way to cleanse red jasper. There are plenty more methods that can achieve the same results – although usually not as quickly.


If you want a gentle method for cleansing red jasper, then moonlight is one of my favourite options.

Moonlight cleansing takes longer than running water. But it’s also a passive method, so you can leave the crystal to cleanse while you sleep.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Place the crystal where it can receive direct moonlight. Ideally, the red jasper should be placed on a natural surface. You should protect the crystal with a glass bowl if there is a chance of rain.
  2. Leave the crystal overnight. It’s important to allow your crystal time to cleanse, as moonlight is a slow method.
  3. Collect the crystal soon after sunrise. A brief period in the sun probably won’t cause red jasper to fade, but don’t leave your crystal in sunlight for long.

For best results, I like to cleanse red jasper during the three days of the new moon. Don’t worry if there’s cloud cover – this won’t affect the cleansing process.

Amethyst Geodes

Another simple way to cleanse red jasper is by placing the crystal inside an amethyst geode. Amethyst has cleansing properties, so it can remove negative energy from the jasper stone.

Cleansing using amethyst is a slow process. You should leave your red jasper inside the geode for at least 24 hours for the best results.

How to Charge Red Jasper

Once you’ve cleansed a red jasper crystal, it’s a good idea to charge it. Charging restores a crystal’s natural healing vibrations and ensures it continues to be effective.

There are many ways to charge a red jasper crystal. One of the simplest is to recharge a crystal using your own energy field, as this is quick and doesn’t require extra equipment.

To recharge a red jasper crystal using touch, roll it in your palms until it gets warm. Your body’s energy will enter the crystal and help to recharge it.

Once your intuition tells you that the crystal’s energy is starting to rise, blow several short breaths across the surface to increase the effect.

For best results, make sure you focus on your intention to charge the crystal during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Red Jasper Go In Water?

Yes, jasper can go in water. Crystals with a Mohs hardness rating of more than 6 are typically water-safe (depending on their inclusions), and red jasper has a rating of 6.5-7.

I don’t recommend using salt water to cleanse red jasper though. Salt is corrosive and may widen any existing cracks on the surface.

It’s also best to avoid leaving crystals in water for long periods, even if they are water safe. Cleansing with water only takes 2-5 minutes.

Can Red Jasper Go In The Sun?

Red jasper is opaque and can withstand a small amount of sun exposure. But I don’t recommend storing it somewhere that gets regular sun (such as a windowsill). Like most crystals, repeated sun exposure may eventually cause it to fade.


Red jasper is a gentle healing crystal that’s wonderful for self-growth and grounding. However, it needs to be cleansed to remove negative energy that may have accumulated during crystal healing.

As red jasper is water-safe, I like to use running water to cleanse it. Some of my other favourite methods for this crystal include moonlight and amethyst geodes.

Do you have any questions about how to cleanse red jasper? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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