How to Cleanse and Charge Orange Calcite

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How to cleanse orange calcite

Not sure how to cleanse your orange calcite? Here’s a guide to my favourite cleansing and charging methods for this gemstone.

Orange calcite is a wonderful healing crystal with many healing properties. These include creativity, sexuality, and spiritual energy.

As with nearly all crystals, orange calcite needs to be cleansed to get rid of negative energy and restore its healing vibrations. Here are three of my favourite methods for safely cleansing orange calcite.

How Should You Cleanse Orange Calcite?

You can use smudging, selenite, and moonlight to cleanse an orange calcite crystal. Don’t use water to cleanse orange calcite, however, as this may damage your stone.

Three Methods for Cleansing Orange Calcite

How to Use Smudging to Cleanse Orange Calcite

Smudging is an ancient cleansing technique that’s simple and suitable for most crystals – including orange calcite. This method uses the smoke of incense sticks, dried herbs, or smudge sticks to remove negative energy.

Here’s how to use smudging to cleanse an orange calcite stone:

  1. Choose your material. For beginners, I recommend using smudge kits or bundles of tied sage.
  2. Find a fire-proof container. Safety is vital when smudging, so you should always use a fire-proof container that’s placed on a heat-proof surface.
  3. Light the material. The goal is to get the herbs smouldering rather than a full flame. If there’s a flame after lighting the stick, give it a small shake or blow on it.
  4. Hold orange calcite inside the smoke. Once the bundle of herbs is smouldering, hold your orange calcite crystal inside the smoke for around 30 seconds.

How to Cleanse Orange Calcite With Selenite

Selenite is a powerful healing stone that can cleanse other crystals of negative energy. It has both a fine vibration and angelic resonance, which allows it to turn negative energy into positive.

There are many ways to use selenite to cleanse orange calcite. Some of my favourites include:

  • For smaller orange calcite crystals, use a selenite bowl to surround the stone with healing energy. I like to combine this with the moonlight cleansing method below – although I recommend placing the bowl on an indoor windowsill to avoid potential water damage due to rain.
  • A selenite plate is a wonderful tool for cleansing your crystals. The level surface makes it suitable for nearly all shapes of orange calcite.
  • A selenite tower can be useful for cleansing multiple orange calcite crystals at the same time. Place the crystals in a circular shape around the tower, then leave them for at least 24 hours.

If your orange calcite stone has direct contact with selenite, then the cleansing process should take around 6-24 hours. For indirect methods, such as using a selenite tower, you may need to allow 48 hours for a full cleanse.

How to Cleanse Orange Calcite With Moonlight

Moonlight is a gentle way to cleanse and charge an orange calcite crystal. As the moon reflects the sun’s light at a greatly reduced intensity, this method doesn’t risk causing your stone to fade or become brittle.

It’s important to make sure that orange calcite doesn’t get wet, as this can damage the crystal’s structure. For this reason, I like to place my orange calcite on a natural surface on a windowsill that I know will receive direct moonlight throughout the night.

Moonlight cleansing is most effective during the full moon, but it can still work throughout the lunar cycle.

How to Charge Orange Calcite

Crystals have a limited amount of healing energy. When we use an orange calcite stone for healing, this energy is temporarily depleted.

To restore this energy, you can charge your orange calcite using several different methods. These include:

  • Moonlight. One of the great things about using moonlight to cleanse a healing crystal is that it can also recharge it.
  • Plants or Soil. Seal your orange calcite in a waterproof glass jar, then bury it in the earth. Make sure you mark the spot so you don’t lose it! Leave the stone for around a week to ensure it’s fully recharged.
  • Clear quartz. Some crystals can recharge other stones. Clear quartz is one example, as its high vibration can raise the energy of orange calcite. You can also use selenite for this.
  • Visualisation. If you need to quickly charge orange calcite, then visualisation is probably the best method. Hold the stone and, using your Third Eye, imagine a bright white light descending from your Crown Chakra to your Heart Chakra. Then allow the light to radiate out from your body into the orange calcite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sunlight Safe for Cleansing Orange Calcite?

Sunlight is a powerful way to cleanse and charge healing crystals, but it isn’t safe to use on all stones.

Orange calcite fades and becomes brittle in sunlight, so it’s best to use other methods. Spending a few minutes in a sun bath probably won’t damage it though.

Why Can’t Orange Calcite be Cleansed in Water?

Orange calcite is a soft gemstone that only rates as 3 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. This means that orange calcite can be damaged if it gets wet, even though calcite is chemically stable when placed in pure water.

As there are plenty of other safe ways to cleanse a healing crystal, I don’t recommend using water for orange calcite.


It’s important to cleanse and charge orange calcite to maintain its healing properties.

While calcite shouldn’t be placed in water, there are many other cleansing methods that can remove negative energy and recharge your stone. These include smudging, moonlight, selenite, and visualisations.

Do you want to learn more about how to cleanse orange calcite? Please use the comments form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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