How to Cleanse Clear Quartz Crystals

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How to cleanse clear quartz

Does your clear quartz feel dull or lacking energy? Here are four methods for cleansing clear quartz, removing negative energy, and restoring your stone’s healing properties.

Which Methods Should You Use for Cleansing Clear Quartz?

You can use almost any cleansing method for clear quartz, including visualisations, sound waves, smudging with incense or herbs, and running water. However, it’s best to avoid sunlight cleansing, as this can cause the stone to become brittle.

Why Should You Cleanse Clear Quartz?

All healing crystals need to be cleansed to remove negative energy. But cleansing is particularly important for clear quartz.

This is due to clear quartz’s healing properties. Clear quartz is one of the most versatile gemstones, as it can amplify the effects of other stones and can be programmed for any intention.

But a side effect of this impressionability is that clear quartz is a highly absorbent stone.

It quickly soaks up unwanted or negative energy from its surroundings, which can reduce the stone’s healing abilities over time. These energies can also cause clear quartz to feel dull and tired.

Cleansing removes negative energy stored inside a clear quartz crystal and restores the stone’s healing properties.

4 Methods for Cleansing Clear Quartz of Negative Energy

Clear quartz is a relatively hard stone that rates as seven on the Mohs hardness scale, so it’s water-safe and not easily scratched.

For these reasons, there are many potential cleansing methods for clear quartz. Here are four of my favourites.

1. How to Cleanse Clear Quartz With Smudging

Smudging is a traditional method for cleansing a crystal. This technique uses the smoke of incense, herbs, or smudging sticks to clear away negativity from a crystal.

Here’s a simple overview of how to use smudging for cleansing clear quartz:

  1. Put a fireproof container on a heat-proof surface. Safety is essential when using any technique involving fire!
  2. Light the herb or stick. If a flame starts to burn, blow it out so smoke is released without an actual fire.
  3. Put the stick inside the fireproof container.
  4. Hold your clear quartz crystal in the smoke for around 30 seconds. Maintain an intention to cleanse the crystal of negative energy throughout the process.

2. How to Cleanse Clear Quartz With Water

Water is a wonderful tool for cleansing. It grounds negative energy back to Earth, making running water one of the fastest techniques for cleansing.

To cleanse your clear quartz crystal, hold it in running water for 1-2 minutes while maintaining an intention to cleanse. Make sure you dry it with a soft cloth before storing the crystal.

I prefer to use natural water sources for cleansing, such as streams or rivers. A running tap can be just as effective though.

Can Clear Quartz Go In Water?

Many crystals are not safe to be cleansed in water, particularly if they are soft or contain inclusions that can rust. Fortunately, clear quartz is a hard gemstone that can withstand being in the water for short periods. To learn more, read my guide to whether clear quartz can go in water.

3. How to Cleanse Clear Quartz With Sound

Water and smudging are brilliant cleansing methods for smaller stones, but they are less convenient for large clear quartz crystals. For these gemstones, I prefer to use sound waves.

Sound travels as waves of vibration. These vibrations can “shake off” negative energy from inside your crystal, which restores the stone’s healing properties.

You can use any sound for cleansing a clear quartz stone, including tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, or even chanting. The key is your intention to remove negative energy.

Maintain the sound for around 5-10 minutes to make sure the stone is cleansed of all negativity.

4. How to Cleanse Clear Quartz With Visualisations

Visualisations are one of the most convenient methods for cleansing clear quartz crystals. All you need is a few minutes and an intention to clear away negativity.

Here’s how to cleanse a clear quartz crystal using visualisations:

  1. Place the clear quartz crystal on a table. Sit facing the clear quartz.
  2. Begin meditating.
  3. When you feel relaxed and in a meditative state, start to blow breaths over the crystal. As you do so, visualise the stone being enveloped in healing white light.
  4. You can also visualise the negative energy dissipating through a window into the atmosphere.

There’s no set duration for cleansing with visualisations. Continue to visualise the crystal being cleansed with white light until your intuition tells you there’s no negative energy remaining.

Are There Any Methods You Should Avoid When Cleansing Clear Quartz?

Cleansing clear quartz outdoors

Clear quartz is a hard gemstone that isn’t damaged by water, so you can use almost any method to cleanse it.

The only exception is sunlight. The Sun’s intense rays can cause the crystal to become brittle, particularly if the stone is left in sunlight for more than a short time.

Clear quartz is also a transparent (or translucent) crystal that can focus sunlight, in a similar way to a magnifying glass. This can potentially cause fires, so it’s best to avoid placing clear quartz in sunlight.

How Often Should You Cleanse Clear Quartz?

There aren’t any hard rules about when you should cleanse clear quartz, as it depends on how you use the crystal.

However, as clear quartz is quick to absorb negativity from its surroundings, I like to cleanse it more regularly than most other stones.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • You should always cleanse a clear quartz crystal when you first acquire it. Crystals absorb negativity during a journey, so it’s important to make sure you’re starting with a blank slate.
  • It’s also a good idea to cleanse your clear quartz crystal after an intense crystal healing session.
  • If your clear quartz is in storage or on display in your home, then you probably won’t need to cleanse it often. Once every month is probably enough.
  • If you carry your crystal with you throughout the day, then you’ll need to cleanse it more frequently. I usually cleanse the crystals I carry with me every 1-2 weeks.
  • If you’re a crystal healer, then I recommend cleansing clear quartz after every client session.

While these general rules can be useful, it’s best to listen to your intuition when deciding whether clear quartz needs to be cleansed. If the crystal feels dull, lacking in energy, or less effective, then it’s probably time to cleanse it.


Clear quartz is a versatile healing crystal that’s quick to absorb negative energy from its surroundings.

Cleansing removes this negative energy and ensures your crystal remains effective for healing. My favourite methods for cleansing clear quartz are running water, smudging, sound, and visualisations, but you can use almost any technique for this stone (aside from sunlight).

Do you have any questions about how to cleanse a clear quartz crystal? Please use the comments form below to get in touch. You may also want to read my guide to placing clear quartz.

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