Where Should You Place Black Obsidian in the Home?

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Where to place black obsidian in the home

Not sure where to place black obsidian crystals in the home? Here are five of my favourite locations for this powerful stone.

Black obsidian is a protective crystal that’s formed from cooling lava. It can shield against negativity and is a popular stone for feng shui.

This stone’s protective properties make it an excellent choice for almost any home. But where are the best places to put black obsidian? And are there any locations that are unsuitable for this stone? Keep reading to find out.

Where to Place Black Obsidian in the Home?

Place black obsidian by your home’s front entrance to filter negative energy from people or objects. Alternatively, put black obsidian in your bedroom to keep you grounded throughout the night, or in your living room to protect against negativity.

1. Filter Negative Energy at the Front Door

Black obsidian’s protective properties make it an excellent choice for placing by your front door.

Your front door is where most objects and people enter the home. Placing a piece of black obsidian near the entry can filter out the negativity that would otherwise be brought into your living space.

Similarly, you can place small pieces of black obsidian on top of door frames or windowsills to act as extra protective barriers.

Tip: To protect your entire home, place black obsidian in each corner of the house or apartment. Make sure it’s visible, otherwise you may forget to cleanse it.

2. Create an Emotional Filter in Your Living Room

If you sometimes find it emotionally draining to entertain guests, then a piece of black obsidian in the living room may help.

Black obsidian has a fiery energy that’s linked to the Root Chakra. It’s one of the best stones for empaths, as the stone protects against negativity and helps you to stay balanced during social situations.

Selenite is another crystal I like to place in the living room. Selenite has a fine vibration that maintains positivity in the room while also helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

3. Ground Yourself With Black Obsidian in the Bedroom

Black obsidian can provide emotional and spiritual protection in your bedroom. It can also ground you during the night, which may help prevent nightmares and allow for a deeper sleep.

Another benefit of black obsidian is that it can assist in recovering from emotional pain while you sleep. You can even place it under your pillow to enhance this effect, although some people may find the stone’s energy too intense. If that’s the case, try putting it a bit further away from your bed.

For extra protection, you might consider a crystal grid around your bed. Grids can enhance the protective effects of black obsidian.

4. Dispel Negative Energy From Your Home Workspace

Home offices don’t have the gossip associated with other workplaces, but they can still become negative areas if your work is stressful.

I like to place a piece of black obsidian on my desk to keep me grounded and to protect against negativity. This is particularly useful if you often need to deal with unpleasant phone calls, emails, or text messages during your work day.

If you need more focus, then you could also try placing fluorite in your home office. It’s one of the best stones for maintaining mental focus and avoiding distractions.

5. Manifest With Black Obsidian in Your Meditation Space

Manifesting can be interrupted by our own destructive habits and limiting beliefs. If we don’t believe we deserve to receive our desires, then they are unlikely to become a reality.

Black obsidian, as a stone of protection, can guard against negativity that may harm self-belief. It’s also a stone of manifestation, making it one of the best crystals to use during the process of manifesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Anywhere You Shouldn’t Place Black Obsidian?

You can place black obsidian anywhere in the home, so feel free to experiment and find out which locations work best for your chosen intention.

Make sure you regularly cleanse your black obsidian crystals, though. The stone’s protective properties mean that it can quickly absorb negative energy.

Can You Wear Black Obsidian in Jewellery?

Yes, you can wear black obsidian in jewellery. Wearing a black obsidian bracelet or necklace, for example, can provide a protective shield against negativity throughout the day.

Which Other Crystals Can Be Used With Obsidian?

Many crystals can work well with obsidian. For grounding in the home, I like to combine black obsidian with similar stones, such as hematite or black tourmaline.

How Should You Cleanse Black Obsidian?

As I mentioned earlier, black obsidian needs to be cleansed regularly to remove any negative energy that it might be storing.

However, black obsidian is a relatively soft crystal, so you shouldn’t use water to cleanse it.

Moonlight is a better cleansing method, as it gently cleanses and recharges black obsidian without risking damage. You can cleanse at any time during the lunar cycle, but black obsidian is closely linked to the new moon.

Smudging is another excellent method for cleansing black obsidian, as the fire element suits this stone’s energy. For more information, take a look at my guide to cleansing.


Black obsidian is a grounding crystal that can protect against unwanted energies. These properties make it an excellent choice for the home, as the stone acts as a filter to maintain positive energy.

There aren’t any wrong places to put black obsidian, but my favourite location is by the front door. I love knowing that my obsidian is continuously removing negative energy before it enters the home. Just make sure to cleanse it regularly!

Aside from the front entrance, you can also try placing black obsidian in your home office, living room, or bedroom.

Do you have any questions about where to place black obsidian in the home? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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