Where Should You Place Selenite in Your Home?

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Where to put selenite in the home

Not sure where to place your selenite crystal? Here are five of the most effective locations to place this protective and calming gemstone.

Selenite is a powerful stone that absorbs negativity, cleanses other crystals, and amplifies positive energy. This makes it a wonderful crystal to place around your home, as it brings a calming and protective energy to the household.

Where should you place selenite though? Are some locations more effective than others? Keep reading to find out.

Where Should You Place Selenite in the Home?

Selenite can be placed anywhere in the home, but it’s particularly effective when located by the front door, in your bedroom, and in the living room. You may also want to place a selenite tower in your workspace to promote clarity and focus.

5 Powerful Places to Put Selenite Around the Home

As selenite is a cleansing stone with a peaceful energy, there are certain areas of the home that may benefit from its healing properties more than others. Here are five of my favourite places to put selenite.

1. Protect Your Home With Selenite by the Front Door

A selenite crystal by the front door can clear negative energy before it enters your home. This is my favourite place for a selenite crystal, as it’s reassuring to know that stagnant energy is being removed from everyone who enters the house.

All selenite shapes are effective at releasing stagnant or negative energy, so feel free to choose whichever matches your home’s d├ęcor. You may also want to place a protective crystal by the front door, such as black tourmaline.

A Quick Guide to Selenite Shapes

Selenite comes in a variety of shapes, including worry stones, pyramids, plates, towers, wands, and hourglasses.

While all shapes have the same basic healing properties, such as boosting intuition and clearing negative energy, some work best for specific uses.

  • Bowls. Placing another crystal in a selenite bowl surrounds it with cleansing energy.
  • Wands. A selenite wand focuses energy in the direction of the point.
  • Plates. Selenite plates are effective for cleansing other crystals, as the level surface provides plenty of physical contact.
  • Towers. Towers are less focused than wands, but radiate a wider cleansing radius.

2. Improve Sleep By Placing Selenite in Your Bedroom

Selenite brings calm and peace to any room, making it a soothing crystal for your bedroom.

You can place a raw selenite crystal on your bedside table, chest of drawers, or even under your bed. Doing so will allow you to benefit from selenite’s healing properties throughout the night.

You may also want to use a selenite bowl to store your crystal rings in the bedroom. Aside from its attractive appearance, a selenite bowl will cleanse your crystal rings of negative energy.

3. Keep Positive Energy High in Your Living Room

We spend a lot of time in our living rooms, so it’s important to maintain high levels of positive energy in this room.

Selenite’s angelic resonance is perfect for this, as it can turn negative energy into positive vibes. It also eases stress and anxiety, which helps to make the living room somewhere to relax.

You can place selenite anywhere in your living room to benefit from its fine vibration. I enjoy placing selenite on a coffee table or a sideboard, so it sparkles in the reflection of the room’s light sources. As it’s such a beautiful crystal, it makes sense to keep it on display.

4. Enhance Focus in Your Home Office With a Selenite Tower

Negativity and other unwanted energies can interfere with your ability to focus. Placing a selenite crystal in your home office can reduce the effect of these energies, while turning negativity into positive feelings.

I enjoy using a selenite tower for this purpose. Towers are wonderful for cleansing the aura of unwanted energy, and they also provide a protective screen against negativity. Selenite towers also amplify the effects of any other crystals for focus you have in the office.

5. Create a Meditation Corner With Selenite

Selenite helps you to relax and feel at peace. It also opens and balances the Crown Chakra, which reduces feeling of stress and connects you with your true self.

For these reasons, selenite is the perfect crystal to add to your meditation space. Even if you don’t have a dedicated area for meditating, holding a small selenite stone can provide the same benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Use Selenite to Clear a Room of Negativity?

Selenite is a wonderful crystal for clearing negativity in a space. Simply put the crystal in the room and allow some time for the healing properties to take effect.

While any selenite shape will work, a selenite tower or a selenite candle holder are two great options.

Where Should You Place a Selenite Lamp?

Selenite lamps are large pieces with a hollow interior. A light source is then placed inside, which provides warm and diffuse illumination.

You can place selenite lamps anywhere in your home, as these pieces have the same ability to dispel negative energy and make you feel at peace. As lamps are such striking items, it’s a good idea to put them in a living room or somewhere else you spend a lot of time.


Selenite’s ability to clear stagnant energy makes it a great choice for placing around the home.

There are many potential places to put selenite, but my favourites are:

  1. The front door to remove negative energy before it enters the home.
  2. Your bedroom to bring peace and tranquillity to your sleep.
  3. The living room to maintain a positive vibe for your entire household.
  4. A home office to promote clarity and focus.
  5. Your meditation space (if you have one) to help with relaxation and opening the Crown Chakra.

Do you have any questions about placing selenite in your home? Please let me know in the comments section below. You may also want to read my guide to cleansing selenite.

Mary Ancillette

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