How to Cleanse Sodalite Crystal (And Methods to Avoid!)

By Mary Ancillette |

How to cleanse sodalite

Not sure how to cleanse a sodalite gemstone? Here’s my complete guide to cleansing sodalite, including methods, frequency, and mistakes to avoid.

How Can I Cleanse My Sodalite Crystal?

Moonlight is one of the best ways to cleanse a sodalite crystal. You can also use sound, visualisations, smudging, and selenite. Avoid water and sunlight, as these can damage the crystal.

Sodalite is a stunning blue gemstone that’s associated with memory, communication, and focus. I love using sodalite during crystal healing sessions, especially for intentions related to mental clarity.

However, sodalite is not a self-cleansing gemstone. Therefore, it’s important to cleanse it regularly to remove negative energy that might interfere with its healing properties.

Moonlight is my recommended method for cleansing sodalite, but there are plenty of others you can use. Let’s take a closer look at how to cleanse sodalite, along with some methods that should be avoided.

Cleansing Methods You Shouldn’t Use For Sodalite

Before I recommend cleansing methods, it’s important to understand which techniques you shouldn’t use with sodalite.

Not all methods are suitable for every crystal. Using the wrong cleansing technique can cause permanent damage to your stone, so it’s important to be careful.

You should avoid the following cleansing methods for sodalite:

  • Water. Sodalite has a Mohs hardness of 5.5-6, but crystals under 6 are not considered safe for water. Additionally, the white specks in sodalite are calcite, which is a soft mineral. While an accidental splash probably won’t harm your crystal, it’s best to avoid water cleansing with sodalite.
  • Sunlight. Sodalite isn’t as vulnerable to sunlight as some crystals, such as orange calcite. But it can still fade if left in direct sunlight for long periods, so I prefer to use other methods.
  • Salt Water. Salt water is more corrosive than fresh water. You should never use salt water to cleanse a sodalite crystal, as this could cause surface damage or cracks.

How to Cleanse Sodalite With Moonlight

My favourite way to cleanse sodalite is with moonlight.

This is a gentle method that infuses a crystal with the moon’s healing properties, while clearing away negativity.

It’s also a safe cleansing technique that won’t damage your crystal’s surface or cause it to fade.

Here’s a simple method for cleansing sodalite with moonlight:

  1. Place the sodalite gemstone on a natural surface, such as wood or directly on the ground. Sodalite isn’t suitable for getting wet, so if it’s a rainy night make sure to cover the crystal with a glass bowl. Alternatively, place the crystal on an indoor windowsill that will receive moonlight.
  2. Put the crystal outdoors just after sunset. Leave it overnight so the sodalite has plenty of time to benefit from the moon’s cleansing energy.
  3. Bring in the crystal soon after sunrise.

Crystals don’t need direct moonlight, so it’s fine to use this method on a cloudy night. You can cleanse sodalite on any night, but this method works best during the three days of the full moon.

Tip: Don’t confuse sodalite with lapis lazuli. These crystals look similar, but lapis lazuli is usually lighter and contains streaks of gold colouring.

Other Methods for Cleansing Sodalite

Sodalite might not be suitable for water or sunlight cleansing, but there are still plenty of options to remove negative energy from this crystal. Here are a few more of my favourite sodalite cleansing methods.


Smudging is a powerful cleansing technique that’s safe to use with sodalite crystals. It’s an ancient method that uses the healing power of smoke to clear away negativity.

Start by choosing which material you want to use for smudging. Smudge sticks, incense sticks, and dried herbs are all common choices. If this is your first time smudging, I recommend using a pre-made smudging kit.

Next, place a fire-proof container onto a heat-proof surface. Light the smudging stick, but blow it out when a flame appears so you get smoke without the flame.

Hold your sodalite crystal inside the smoke for 30-60 seconds to cleanse it of negativity. Remember to maintain an intention to cleanse during the process, as this helps to make smudging more effective.

Amethyst Geodes

A simple way to cleanse sodalite is to place the crystal inside an amethyst geode. To prevent scratches, it’s a good idea to wrap your crystal in a natural cloth.

You’ll need to leave a crystal for around 24 hours to be fully cleansed using this method.

Tip: Don’t forget to cleanse your amethyst geode too!


Selenite has an angelic resonance that can turn negative energy into positive. We can use this property of selenite to cleanse other crystals, including sodalite.

  • For small sodalite crystals, place the gemstone inside a selenite bowl or on a selenite plate. You’ll need to leave the stone for at least six hours, but ideally up to 24 hours to allow plenty of time for the cleansing process.
  • For larger sodalite crystals, lay a selenite wand with its point towards the stone you want to cleanse. As there is no direct contact between the sodalite and selenite, the cleansing process can take up to 48 hours.


Sound is transmitted as waves of vibrations. These vibrations can remove negative energy from crystals at a molecular level, making sound a wonderful tool for cleansing sodalite.

Any type of sound can cleanse sodalite, but I prefer to use crystal singing bowls for their beautiful tones. While playing the sound, keep your attention and focus on the intention of cleansing.


If you need a quick cleansing method that doesn’t require any equipment, consider using visualisations to remove negative energy from your sodalite gemstone.

This method works best during meditation. Here’s how I like to cleanse using visualisations:

  1. Place the sodalite crystal you want to cleanse on a natural surface. Sit down so you’re facing the crystal.
  2. Start your meditation practice. When you feel relaxed, start to exhale soft breaths towards the sodalite crystal. At the same time, visualise the stone surrounded by white light.
  3. As you breathe in, visualise more white light filling your body. Then, with the out-breath, imagine the cleansing white light leaves your body and enters the crystal.
  4. Continue visualising until your intuition tells you that the sodalite crystal has been completely cleansed.

I like to keep a window open during this cleansing method. As negative energy is removed, I visualise it disappearing outdoors.

How Often Should You Cleanse Sodalite?

Most crystal healers try to cleanse their crystals at least once per month.

However, you may need to cleanse a gemstone more frequently if you use it for regular healing work, have noticed it has heavy energy, or you can intuitively feel that it’s holding negative energy.

Additionally, you should always cleanse a new crystal as soon as you get it. This removes negative energy that might have been absorbed from its previous surroundings.

How to Charge Sodalite

Cleansing removes negative energy from a crystal, but it doesn’t always restore the gemstone’s original frequency and positive vibrations. That’s why you also need to charge a sodalite crystal – especially if it’s being used for regular crystal healing sessions.

How do you know if a crystal needs to be charged? Crystals that need charging typically feel dull or lacking in energy. They may also become less effective for crystal healing.

If your sodalite crystal needs to be charged, I recommend using sound. Just like sound waves can remove negative energy, they can also restore a crystal’s natural energetic state.

Here’s how to charge sodalite using sound:

  1. Choose an instrument. You can use anything that generates sound, such as tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, and bells. If you don’t have an instrument, chanting can also work.
  2. Play a single note loudly. You can use any tone, but it’s most effective to pick a note linked to one of the crystal’s associated chakras. For sodalite, this would be either “G” for the Throat Chakra or “A” for the Third Eye Chakra.
  3. Continue playing the note until your intuition tells you that the crystal has been fully charged.


Sodalite needs regular cleansing to get rid of negative energy. My favourite method for cleansing sodalite is moonlight, but you can also use visualisations, selenite, amethyst clusters, sound, and smudging.

Avoid water or sunlight when cleansing sodalite. These may damage the stone or cause it to fade.

Do you have any questions about how to cleanse sodalite? Please let me know in the comments section.

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