Can Selenite Go in Water?

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Can selenite go in water?

Is selenite safe to get wet? Or will it dissolve? Keep reading to find out.

Selenite is a powerful gemstone that absorbs negativity from other crystals. While it has self-cleansing properties, selenite still needs to be cleansed to remove negative energy.

You shouldn’t use water to cleanse selenite, however, as this crystal is not water safe. Keep reading to find out why.

Can Selenite Go in Water?

Selenite cannot go in water as it’s water soluble. It’s a soft gemstone that will dissolve if left to soak, so you shouldn’t cleanse it in water. Even a short rinse may affect the crystal’s surface appearance.

Why Selenite Shouldn’t Get Wet

Selenite is not water safe. It has a soft chemical structure that dissolves in water, so it should be kept dry and cleansed using non-water methods.

If you soak a selenite crystal in water, you may notice a reduction in the crystal’s size after just a few hours. Sadly, many owners of beautiful selenite towers and wands have found this out the hard way!

Briefly rinsing a selenite crystal in running water probably won’t damage it, although it’s best to avoid water altogether. Even a short amount of time in water can cause the crystal to lose its lustre.

Why Does Selenite Dissolve in Water?

To understand why selenite dissolves in water, it’s important to understand the Mohs Hardness scale.

The Mohs scale rates the hardness of a mineral on a scale of one to ten. Ten is the hardest (diamond), while anything below six is considered to be unsafe for water. This is only a guideline – and there are exceptions – but it applies to most crystals.

Selenite is a form of gypsum, which rates as a two on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This means that the crystal is water soluble and will dissolve if it gets wet.

Additionally, gypsum’s chemical structure contains two molecules of water, making it more susceptible to dissolving in water.

Which Other Crystals Shouldn’t Get Wet?

There are many other crystals that are unsafe for water cleansing. These include fluorite, calcite, kyanite, and malachite. Make sure you check whether a crystal is water safe before you soak it.

What Are Some Other Ways to Cleanse Selenite?

There are many ways to cleanse selenite that don’t use water. I’ve written a complete guide to cleansing selenite which contains detailed instructions, but here’s a quick overview of my favourite methods.

  • Moonlight. You can use the light of a full moon to gently cleanse selenite of negative energy. If there’s a chance of rain or dew, make sure to cover it with a glass bowl so the crystal remains dry. You can also place the crystal on an indoor windowsill.
  • Smudging. Smudging uses the smoke of dried herbs or incense sticks to cleanse a crystal of negative energy. It’s a great option for selenite, as it won’t damage the crystal’s exterior.
  • Visualisations. If you need a quick and convenient cleansing method, then you can use visualisations to clear negative energy. Hold the crystal while meditating, then visualise a white light enveloping the gemstone. Focus on your intention to cleanse throughout the process.
  • Sound. You can remove negative energy from selenite by combining sound with an intention to cleanse. Tuning forks and crystal singing bowls are great options for this.

Selenite Can Cleanse Other Crystals

Selenite absorbs negative energy and clears stagnant vibrations. This makes it an excellent stone for cleansing other crystals.

Read my full guide to cleansing crystals with selenite to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Selenite Go in Salt Water?

No, selenite should not be placed in salt water – even for a short time. Salt water is even worse for selenite than fresh water, as it’s abrasive and will cause the crystal to dissolve faster. Never soak or rinse a selenite crystal in salt water.

Can Selenite Go in Moon Water?

Moon water is regular water that’s infused with the light of a full moon. Selenite should not be placed in moon water, as it’s water soluble and will dissolve.

Can I Use Selenite in a Crystal Elixir?

Selenite should not be used in a direct crystal elixir. As it’s water soluble, some of the selenite molecules will end up in the water, which could be dangerous.

If you still want to use selenite for an elixir, you’ll need to use the “indirect” method to avoid exposing the crystal directly to water.

To do this, place the selenite in a sealed glass jar, then float this jar in a larger bowl of water. Cover the larger bowl to keep the water clean, then allow selenite’s healing energy to infuse the water. It’s vital the the glass jar is always sealed so the water never comes into direct contact with the selenite.

How Long Does it Take for Selenite to Dissolve?

It’s impossible to say how long it would take a selenite crystal to dissolve, as it depends on the stone’s size, any minerals in the water, and existing damage to the crystal. Fully dissolving would take a long time though.

However, a selenite crystal’s appearance could start to change in less than an hour underwater. It’s best to avoid water when cleansing your selenite – especially as you’ll need to cleanse it regularly and the damage will accumulate.

Can Selenite Go in Sun?

A short burst of sunlight won’t damage a selenite crystal. Long exposure to direct sunlight can cause the crystal to look dull and lose its shine though.

That’s why I prefer to store my selenite crystals where they won’t be in sunlight. In particular, avoid windowsills that receive direct sun.

I also prefer to cleanse selenite with moonlight rather than sunlight. The moon’s light is much gentler and won’t affect the crystal’s appearance.

Which Crystals Are Safe for Water Cleansing?

While selenite isn’t safe for water cleansing, there are many crystals that are. Black tourmaline is water safe, for example, although only for short periods. The same is true for rhodonite. Other examples include quartz, amethyst, and citrine.


Selenite is a beautiful stone that absorbs negative energy from its surroundings. It’s not water safe, however, and will start to dissolve if soaked.

For this reason, you shouldn’t cleanse it in water. Instead, use other techniques, such as moonlight, visualisations, and smudging.

Do you have any questions about selenite and whether it’s safe to get wet? Please use the comments form below. You may also want to read my guide to where to place selenite in the home.

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